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Nike Sportswear Retro 2013 Preview

October 30th, 2012 by | 2 comments

nike sportswear 2013 preview1 Nike Sportswear Retro 2013 Preview

With 2012 rapidly wrapping up it’s about time to start looking ahead to the next year, Sneaker News helping you to do just that with this pretty sizable preview from Nike Sportswear featuring a gang of choice retro models. What’s included? The Nike Air Max 90 (the likes of Premium and that EM ‘City Pack’), the Nike Air Max 97 EM, a continued treatment for the Nike Air Safari, the Nike Air Flight ’89, some all new Nike Pre Montreal mock-ups, and more. Click through with us to check out this extended preview of what to expect come next year from Nike Sportswear and let us know which of these myriad retro models you’re feeling the most.

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Nike Air Classic BW – Obsidian – White

October 20th, 2012 by | 1 comment

nike air classic bw obsidian white 7 Nike Air Classic BW   Obsidian   White

Entirely overshadowed by notable veterans in their 25th and 30th years, the Nike Air Classic BW‘s 21st anniversary has gone all but unnoticed.  The Big Window has always had that dubious distinction as one of those ‘follow-up’ styles that never got the same due as its immediate predecessor, but with the Air Max 90 enjoying so much attention and different versions at retail, the ol’ Air Max IV has quietly chugged along with some solid understated builds for 2012.  This Obsidian and white getup isn’t enough to save the Bronx Bombers’ crash and burn but it’s most definitely a potential workhorse for your everyday rotation and you’ll find them available exclusively (how ironic is this for a Yankees colorway) at England’s JD Sports.

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Nike Air Classic BW “Baroque Brown”

October 3rd, 2012 by | No comments

nike air classic bw baroque brown Nike Air Classic BW Baroque Brown

It was Nike Sportswear’s first canvas upon which to experiment with the apparently now defunct Torch layered mesh, but the former Air Max IV has been conspicuous by its absence in the Hyperfuse update collection. Instead, the Nike Air Classic BW stays true to its name with new colorups honoring the time-tested Big Window design, like this new dark chocolate affair whose careful blocking reveals a whole world of gradient possibilities in the 1991 Air Max running flagship. These are ready for 2012′s cold months and beyond with a mix of grainy leather and suede, and they’ll arrive at select NSW retailers next month.

Nike Air Classic BW
Baroque Brown/Baroque Brown-Baroque Brown-Filbert

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Sneaker News Sneakerpedia Editor’s Crates: John Kim’s Top 20 Sneakers

October 2nd, 2012 by | 6 comments

sneakerpedia JK top 20 Sneaker News Sneakerpedia Editor’s Crates: John Kims Top 20 Sneakers

The Sneaker News staff teamed up with Sneakerpedia to give you, our loyal readers, a taste of the type of kicks that got the Sneaker News staff in the game. We’re a behind-the-scenes kind of group, but after seeing Aaron’s Top 20 stash yesterday, we hope you’ve got a better idea of who and what runs the Sneaker News machine. Moving forward with this week-long exploration of Sneaker News staff kicks, we’ll take a look at my Top 20 with a backstory behind each selection – some sentimental, others a bit embarrassing. Summarizing nearly three decades of sneakers into 20 selections is a tougher task than it seems, but I’m confident the sneakers I chose will give you a better idea of who I am and why Sneaker News and the culture is important to me. Check out my Sneakerpedia Top 20 below and make sure you start your own personal Sneakerpedia Crate now!

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Sneaker News Sneakerpedia Editor’s Crates: Aaron Kr’s Top 20 Sneakers

October 1st, 2012 by | 6 comments

sneakerpedia SN top 20 aaron kr Sneaker News Sneakerpedia Editors Crates: Aaron Krs Top 20 Sneakers

This week, SN is teaming up with online sneaker haven, Sneakerpedia, to give our readers a look into some of our staff’s all-time favorite shoes. We’ll each be doing a Top 20 list counting down some of the most beloved treasures in our personal collections. I’m up first and I admit, I’m not sure that I can really say that these are my 20 favorite sneakers ever, but this is definitely somewhere in the ballpark. If I sat down to make this list in a month or a year, it might look a little different, but these are twenty that I feel particularly strong about right now and fit the criteria of being either out in the current rotation or at least easily accessible.

You won’t find Yeezy’s or the latest Foamposite heat on my list. There are no PE’s, scarce SB Dunks and not even too many Jordans or basketball shoes for that matter, so if that turns you off, you should probably stop reading. You aren’t about to see the 20 rarest, most expensive or most envy-provoking shoes that I own, because as Jay-Z once said, “When I rock jewels, it ain’t to impress you.” These are 20 shoes that I unconditionally cherish for whatever the reason, all hoopla and hypebeastery aside. As a lifelong sneaker connoisseur, my philosophy has always been simple and I’d encourage it to one and all:  I wear what I like and I don’t worry what anyone else thinks about it. And for me, what I like are the classics. For the most part, I like my sneakers how I like my music and movies – from the late 80′s and early 90′s – a theme that will unsubtly play out in the selections found below with no apologies.

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Nike Air Classic BW – White – Obsidian – Orange

September 15th, 2012 by | No comments

nike air classic bw white obsidian orange Nike Air Classic BW   White   Obsidian   Orange

A mid-’00s mainstay that releases mostly in Europe these days, Nike Sportswear brings us a new colorway of the Air Max 90′s immediate successor. Debuting in 1991 as the Air Max IV, the Nike Air Classic BW has evolved into one of NSW’s cult favorites thanks to a unique build whose midfoot arc can be seen to foreshadow the bold Air Max 97. But unlike that iconic futuristic design, the Big Window’s silo hearkens back to the golden era, as does this simple white leather design with scant Obsidian and orange accents. Have a closer look after the jump and pre-order from Titolo so yours ship ASAP in October.

Nike Air Classic BW
White/White-White-Dark Obsidian

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Nike Air Classic BW – Black – Wolf Grey – University Red

September 9th, 2012 by | 1 comment

nike air classic bw black wolf grey university red Nike Air Classic BW   Black   Wolf Grey   University Red

It’s been so long since a new Big Window release that our Classics Revisited look into the 2003 Stash collabo was the last entry here on Sneaker News. Nike Sportswear rectifies that in time for the holiday shopping season with a new colorway familiar to all sneakerheads, as the Nike Air Classic BW returns in a bred getup along with just the right amount of Wolf Grey. This colorup and the inclusion of a patent leather Swoosh makes for some serious Air Jordan overtones, and you can examine this latest Air Classic BW after the jump before pre-ordering from Titolo.

Nike Air Classic BW
Black/Black-Wolf Grey-University Red

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