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Rip Hamilton Shows Off Latest Air Jordan Pick-Ups

April 17th, 2013 by | 11 comments

rip hamilton shows off latest air jordan pick ups 1 Rip Hamilton Shows Off Latest Air Jordan Pick Ups

Richard Hamilton is one of a few players left in the NBA active during Michael Jordan’s tenure with the Washington Wizards, and one of only three to have played with him there (winning NCAA and NBA championships is also quite rare).  Rip’s Jumpman connection goes back even further to his days at UConn (and presumably all the way back to Coatesville).  So while it might be a bit easier for him to pull a few strings, he’s still just like us in being proud of new pairs.  Here we see the Chicago sharpshooter showing off two fresh Air Jordan 1 Retro High OGs, the forthcoming ‘Grape’ Vs and a new color of the Retro 1 ’93 that despite photo filters appears to be an orange-laced silvery style.  Hamilton also got playful in matching a slightly older release in the ‘Chicago’ Xs to the Bulls logo, so check out all these shots below and let us know which of these you also copped.

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Nate Robinson’s Air Jordan Collection

April 16th, 2013 by | 23 comments

nate robinson air jordan collection 20 Nate Robinsons Air Jordan Collection

Nate Robinson’s love for Air Jordans was a perfect match for the Bulls’ acquisition of the entertaining backcourt player. Of course no Bulls player will ever wear Jays quite like Michael did, but Nate is indeed the only player since Jordan to consistently wear Air Jordans in his rotation. His in-game rotation was impressive to say the least, with some nice gems like the Air Jordan VII “Miro” and “Hare”, which makes total sense because he tells ESPN that his favorite model of all-time is the Air Jordan VII. We know Nate’s got a nice collection of Jays, but take a look at just a portion of his 150+ pair stash below and let us know what pairs you have in common with him.

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Kenyon Martin Shows Off His Air Jordan Collection

April 15th, 2013 by | 19 comments

kenyon martin shows off air jordan collection 2 Kenyon Martin Shows Off His Air Jordan Collection

Kenyon Martin‘s return to the NBA was huge for the Knicks, as he provided some much-needed low-post presence for the ailing big-men on the New York roster. In his first few games back in the league, he showed up in some nice Air Jordan Retros, and although he’s reverted back to basic Nike Basketball kicks, there’s no knowing what K-Mart might bring out for the Playoffs because he’s just given us a taste of his Air Jordan Collection. No boxes, no closets, no vaults – just a simple and neat floor lay-out of some notable Retro releases over the last year with some other specialties sprinkled in. This is probably just a portion of his overall collection, so check out his Air Jordans below and let us know what you’re impressed with the most!

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Collections: Jon Hundreds

April 3rd, 2013 by | 45 comments

jon hundreds sneaker collection Collections: Jon Hundreds

There comes a point where one’s sneaker collection begins to take up an unwieldy amount of space. Once you get up to a couple hundred, close space is definitely out of the question, and whole rooms become occupied with footwear relics of years past. Coming in with one of the most Hoarders-scale collections we’ve seen in a while is Jon Hundreds, associate of West Coast streetwear powerhouse The Hundreds and an alumni of the old WDYWT section here on Sneaker News. If you spent any time on that sub-section of our site then you know what Jon’s working with. There are Air Jordans, Air Maxes, Dunks, Foamposites, most of which are worn to some extent-reflecting the man’s passion for actually lacing up his favorite footwear instead of just staring at it. Continue reading for a peek at the massive collection of Jon Hundreds and go ahead and act like you’re not impressed down in the comments section.

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Joe Haden Shows Off His Sneaker Collection

April 2nd, 2013 by | 54 comments

joe haden sneakers 1 Joe Haden Shows Off His Sneaker Collection

We see you, Joe. Cleveland Browns defensive extraordinaire has a pretty serious sneaker game and quite the neat and tidy arrangement of kicks, with the dominant forces being Air Jordans and LeBrons (the Cleveland connection), but he’s got plenty of other joints like the KD, Kobe, and Foamposite. The highlights have to be on his sneaker “throne”, which boasts a sick stash of Air Yeezys, South Beach LeBrons, Corks, and two of the most hard-to-get Air Jordan VIIs in the Bin 23 and Miro, but who knows what else he’s got in his closet? Think you got a sneaker collection that can rival that of Joe Haden? Better come correct because he’s ready to defend his own. Check out a full shot below and let us know what you think!

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Collections: Baby Air Jordans by henry071

March 24th, 2013 by | 5 comments

baby air jordans by henry071 Collections: Baby Air Jordans by henry071

The art of sneaker collecting can get a bit obsessive to the point where one starts to hoard sneakers that aren’t his/her side. Of course, if you a have future sneakerhead tike on the way, amassing some Baby Air Jordans wouldn’t be a bad idea. Air Jordans have been a “full family size” thing for a while, with Sneaker News giving you a nice showcase of Baby Air Jordans and Nikes a few years back, but one collector who goes by the handle henry071 has a pretty impressive stash of his own. Air Jordans in OG and Retro form are all waiting to be rocked by his future child, so check out the highlights below and let us know if you’d rock your future little ones in heat!

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Chris Paul’s Sneaker Room

March 22nd, 2013 by | 28 comments

chris paul sneaker room Chris Pauls Sneaker Room

There’s no doubt that Jordan Brand athlete Chris Paul’s sneaker rotation is on point. Whatever he wants, he’s got, and with the Clippers point guard being a bit more on the sharing side with his on-feet heat these days, we’ve been wondering just how deep his closet it. We’re finally given just a taste of Chris Paul’s sneaker closet courtesy of his wife Jada, who took this photo and informs us this s “only a portion” of what he’s really got. Air Jordan Retros galore, plus a slew of unreleased Air Jordan IV colorways like the recently seen Purple PEs and the Grey joints, but looks like CP3′s got a golf swing based on the TW ’13 sitting at the very end of the table-top (note the Air Jordan XIII PE in the far left shelf). A full shot is below, so take a look and see if you can find some of your favorites.

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