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Unreleased Air Jordan Samples Through The Years

May 8th, 2013 by | 45 comments

air jordan unreleased samples through the years Unreleased Air Jordan Samples Through The Years

Over the years we’ve seen some amazing (and questionable) colorways of Air Jordans and Air Jordan Retros surface on the web. In fact, there might be as many unreleased mock-ups as there are produced versions, but who knows what’s really stowed in the deep dark vaults inside the Jordan Brand headquarters and overseas factories? We’ve compiled a fairly thorough gallery of some notable Air Jordan sample colorways that have never seen the light of day at retail; some of these already have noted legends behind them, like the Air Jordan VI “Infrared” Retro with the flipped midsole and the Air Jordan V “Gold” that may or may not have been made for an employee, but some of the stuff we’ve come across cause us to question why the shoes were never released, or why they were created in the first place! Of course, this gallery isn’t a complete list of every unreleased sample, but take a moment to skim through the gallery below and let us know which unreleased Air Jordan sample catches your eyes the most.

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Air Jordan #XX8DaysOfFlight Winners

April 15th, 2013 by | 31 comments

air jordan xx8daysofflight winners Air Jordan #XX8DaysOfFlight Winners

It appears that the massive “XX8 Days of Flight” set of Air Jordans given away by Jordan Brand has finally begun to make its way into the hands of the winners. You’ll recall that entry involved snapping a pic of yourself on Instagram using #XX8DaysofFlight wearing the Air Jordan model corresponding to that day. The black and green sneakers have popped up across Instagram, as the lucky Air Jordan enthusiasts who received their pairs have been eager to show them off (and it looks like Jordan Brand unknowingly selected one user to receive two pairs). Now that the pairs are out there, it will be a test of will power to see who ends up keeping these one of a kind sneakers in their personal collection and who ends up taking the “other” route to cash out, although the 1-of-1 factor might be to tough to let go! Check out most of the Air Jordan “XX8 Days of Flight” pairs that have been doled out right after the jump and tell us in the comments which pair is your favorite.

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Air Jordan 2009 “Black/Neon Green” Collection

February 13th, 2013 by | 13 comments

air jordan 2009 xx8 days of flight 570x425 Air Jordan 2009 Black/Neon Green Collection

For the model following up the all important 23rd sneaker in the legacy lineup, the folks at Jordan Brand saw it fit to end the numbering system right there and switch to a yearly designation (A decision that has been overturned with this year’s Air Jordan XX8). Thus was born the Air Jordan 2009, a sleek model that integrated Articulated Propulsion technology for the sake of lateral responsiveness. Let us know what you think of this take on the sneaker for the Air Jordan ‘Black/Neon Green’ collection and stay tuned to Sneaker News for the upcoming culmination of the #XX8DaysofFlight lineup.

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Air Jordan 2009 “Rainbow Pack”

July 30th, 2012 by | No comments

air jordan 2009 rainbow 0 Air Jordan 2009 Rainbow Pack

If you had the opportunity to be the divine maker of Air Jordans and took control of the helm at the Jordan Brand factory, what sort of colorways would you cook up? The Air Jordan Rainbow Pack is a good start, don’t you think? That set of samples (intended for display only) featured the first twenty-five Air Jordans built up in a tonal uppers and white outsoles, making for a color-blasted legacy of Air Jordan mania that certainly stirred up a wide range of opinions. Simply put, some liked it, others did not, but let’s be real here – anytime a new colorway of an Air Jordan pops up, we can’t help but be excited at the prospects of a release. Unfortunately, the Rainbow Pack won’t ever release, but of course there are the select individuals who somehow come into possession of these artifacts, so check out the Air Jordan 2009 of the Rainbow Pack below and head on to the complete listing from brokeonjordans on eBay.

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Air Jordan ‘Rainbow Pack’

May 22nd, 2012 by | 76 comments

air jordan rainbow pack1 Air Jordan Rainbow Pack

It all started with that Air Jordan IV, showing up with the monochrome blocking on top that was unlike any Air Jordan colorway we’d seen before. After that the Air Jordan XVI and Air Jordan XII did the same, suggesting that the super colorful pairs were part of some over-arching theme never to make it to retail, sort of in the same vein as the ‘History of Flight’ or ‘Pantone’ series. Well folks, Pandora’s box has officially been opened-it turns out the set spans quite the range, starting at the Air Jordan 1 and reaching all the way up to last year’s Air Jordan 2011, created strictly for display purposes in the Spring 2011 season just like the aforementioned collections. Every two pairs along the way sports a slightly different shade, with the 25 separate models included pretty much spanning what the rainbow has to offer. Hit the jump with us to check out the crazy Air Jordan ‘Rainbow Pack’ courtesy of brokeonjordans on eBay and let us know which pair among them you like the most. Photos: brokeonjordans

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Air Jordan XX1 & 2009 – UNC Player Exclusives

February 22nd, 2011 by | 21 comments

air jordan xx1 2009 unc pes 02 Air Jordan XX1 & 2009 – UNC Player Exclusives

While the Jordan Brand influence has spread to a number of colleges that participate in Division-1 play, the University of North Carolina will always be recognized as the college-level representative of Michael Jordan. His Airness was a former student and NCAA Championship winning player and Jordan Brand has been the official outfitter of the schools for years. Here’s a look at two Player Exclusive colorways of the Air Jordan XX1 and Air Jordan 2009 made just for the Tar Heels; it features the trademark white and university blue colorway with UNC logoing – lasered on the 2009 and stitched on the XX1. Both of these versions were made exclusively for the Tar Heels basketball players of those years and were never released to the public, but here’s your chance to own both pairs in a package deal. Continue reading for a detailed look and check out the auction from sole_supreme on eBay.

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WWE Champ John Cena in the Air Jordan 2009

March 9th, 2009 by | 10 comments

john cena air jordan 2009 WWE Champ John Cena in the Air Jordan 2009

It’s not often that fresh kicks and the wrestling world have anything in common, but it seems that WWE superstar, John Cena, is doing his best to change that. The WWE champ has recently been seen rocking the white Air Jordan 2009 in the ring during his matches. Based on his current popularity, it is reasonable to anticipate that other wrestlers will follow suit and begin going with the more contemporary sneaker look. If you are a wrestling fan, you might want to keep an eye on Cena’s feet to see if he keeps up his shoe game.

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