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AIR JORDAN II The Air Jordan II was released in 1986 as the second sneaker in Michael Jordan’s line with Nike. Like its predecessor the model was led by designers Bruce Kilgore and Peter Moore, this time coming with a much more unique creation that toned down the Swoosh branding quite a bit. The sneakers were famously originally produced in Italy, boasting fine leather construction for a more luxurious feel.

Air Jordan 2 – Joe Johnson Atlanta Hawks PE

October 30, 2013 BY / 3 0 / 5

Joe Johnson finds himself surrounded by the most talented team he’s played for in the NBA, this season with the Brooklyn Nets. The majority of his career came during a period whe...Read More

Sneaker Con Chicago October 2013 – Feet Recap | Part 1 Sneaker Con Chicago October 2013 – Feet Recap | Part 1

October 21, 2013 BY / 14 0 / 5

When you think of sneakers worn in Chicago, Jordans is the first thing that’s likely to come to mind. The Windy City has got diversity well beyond that category though. Proving t...Read More

Air Jordan Retro – Summer 2014 Releases

October 16, 2013 BY / 52 c 0 / 5

The barrage of Retro Jordans doesn’t look to slow down one bit starting in 2014. You’ve already had some advance previews of what’s to come, but now we can reveal som...Read More

 eBay Marketplace Logo "Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue" view all 7038 items on ebay

Air Jordan II 1994 Retro – Look-See Sample

September 26, 2013 BY / 0 0 / 5

1994 was the year in which Nike first saw the merits of bringing back the Air Jordan line in retro form, a decision that would turn into an incredible cash cow as the years progressed....Read More

Complex’s 13 Sneakers That Were Inspired by Air Jordans

September 23, 2013 BY / 1 0 / 5

It isn’t too hard to survey the sneaker world and see the lasting effect that the Air Jordan lineup has had. Throughout the years the shoes have resulted in all sorts of similar ...Read More

Air Jordan II Low – Derek Anderson “Bobcats” PE Air Jordan II Low – Derek Anderson “Bobcats” PE

September 19, 2013 BY / 0 0 / 5

Derek Anderson arrived in Charlotte right as Michael Jordan picked up a big piece of the team, a serendipitous bit of timing that may or may not have helped him in acquiring so many ex...Read More

Marcus Jordan Shows Off Air Jordan “Legends of the Summer” Collection

September 16, 2013 BY / 10 0 / 5

Looks like we can add another name to the short list of people who have their hands on the Air Jordan “Legends of the Summer” collection. That would be Marcus Jordan, an ad...Read More

Carmelo Anthony Shows Off His Air Jordan II “Legends of the Summer”

September 11, 2013 BY / 14 0 / 5

Carmelo Anthony shows us once again why it’s so sweet to be part of the Jordan Brand roster of athletes as he shows off his all-red Air Jordan II Retro while waiting to be chauff...Read More

Air Jordan 1 + II “Legends of the Summer”

September 6, 2013 BY / 12 0 / 5

The Summer is about to expire-so where is that rumored retail release of these all red “Legends of the Summer” Jordans? Still nothing in site, but for what it’s worth...Read More

“Legends of the Summer” Air Jordan II

August 27, 2013 BY / 24 0 / 5

As we get closer to October, we can keep the scintillating topic of all-red sneakers off our minds, although recent revelations have us excited for more than the Red October Yeezy 2s. ...Read More

A Look Back at Memorable Air Jordan Packs A Look Back at Memorable Air Jordan Packs

August 22, 2013 BY / 37 0 / 5

If you were part of the lucky generation that had the privilege of watching Michael Jordan in his prime (or simply, the 90’s), you’d have a sheer overflow of heroic tales ...Read More

Air Jordan Retro “Red” Collection

August 5, 2013 BY / 30 0 / 5

The hunt for red October is on, and we’re not talking about just the Air Yeezy 2. In fact, it’s the all-red Air Jordans that Justin Timberlake has been rocking during his L...Read More

Air Jordan II “Legends of the Summer”

August 1, 2013 BY / 4 0 / 5

The Air Jordan II is a model that’s been cast aside by Jordan Brand in recent years. The sped up retro cycle has ignored this second model in Michael Jordan’s lineage for w...Read More

Air Jordan II – Carmelo Anthony Nuggets Away PE

July 22, 2013 BY / 0 0 / 5

It looks like Carmelo Anthony’s PE style footwear will finally be coming to stores in 2013 thanks to that “Melo” Air Jordan V. Of course once it hits at retail that k...Read More

Air Jordan II – Joe Johnson PE Set on eBay Air Jordan II – Joe Johnson PE Set on eBay

July 10, 2013 BY / 9 0 / 5

What’s wrong with the Air Jordan II? We’d say nothing, but Jordan Brand doesn’t seem to agree, as the model has sort of been thrown under the bus as far as retros go ...Read More

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