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Browsing the "Air Jordan V ‘Grape’" Tag

AIR JORDAN V “GRAPE” The Air Jordan V “Grape” is an original Air Jordan V colorway. The sneaker has been retrod once in 2006, and will be coming back again in 2013. The Air Jordan V “Grape” release date is Saturday, May 5th, 2013. Click through for Air Jordan V “Grape” photos, release dates, and new information.

Rip Hamilton Shows Off Latest Air Jordan Pick-Ups

April 17, 2013 BY / 11 0 / 5

Richard Hamilton is one of a few players left in the NBA active during Michael Jordan’s tenure with the Washington Wizards, and one of only three to have played with him there (...Read More

Air Jordan V “Grape” – Official Images

April 11, 2013 BY / 26 0 / 5

A strange fact about the Air Jordan V “Grape” is that it’s so widely popular despite MJ never wearing them in a game. It has no special dunk or game-winner tied to it...Read More

Air Jordan V Retro “Grape”

April 10, 2013 BY / 54 c 0 / 5

Previous “Grape” vs. “Black Grape” comparisons resulted in our readers choosing the OG over the newer Retro version, but that results is really no surprise, is ...Read More

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Air Jordan V “Grape” vs. “Black Grape” Comparison

April 2, 2013 BY / 58 c 0 / 5

So you’re presented with a choice of the Air Jordan V “Grape”, and its newly formed counterpart, the Air Jordan V “Black Grape”. Which do you choose? Do y...Read More

Air Jordan V Retro “Grape” – Available on eBay

March 26, 2013 BY / 0 0 / 5

So…what is it fellas – original “Grape” or the new “Black Grape”? The detailed gallery of the latter definitely brought on some new fans, with some ...Read More

Air Jordan V “Grape” GS

February 13, 2013 BY / 0 0 / 5

Is this Air Jordan V the most anticipated retro of 2013? The recent Air Jordan III ’88 release may have crept up and claimed that crown, but that sneaker aside we’d say tha...Read More

Air Jordan V “Grape” – Detailed Images

January 31, 2013 BY / 80 0 / 5

It can be a supreme test of patience waiting for your grails to return.  In the case of the Air Jordan V Retro ‘Grape’, we’re talking about a universally heralded d...Read More

“Grape” Air Jordan V Retro

January 14, 2013 BY / 53 0 / 5

Just two weekends into the New Year and the OG Air Jordan re-issue channel is wildly impressive. Jordan Brand has another original Air Jordan ripe for the picking this May 4th when the...Read More

Air Jordan V “Grape” 1990 OG

January 12, 2013 BY / 44 0 / 5

The Air Jordan V ‘Grape’ is one sneaker that’s not been around the block too many times. In fact, the original 1990 pair is the only chance you have at a version spor...Read More

Sneaker-Inspired Stickers by Laced Loosely

January 7, 2013 BY / 6 0 / 5

Looking to sticker-bomb your lap-top, snowboard, mini-fridge, or pet turtle? Here’s a look at some sneaker-inspired stickers by Laced Loosely, featuring some of the most classic ...Read More

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