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AIR JORDAN XIII The Air Jordan XIII was first released in 1997, coming in as the thirteenth sneaker in the Air Jordan legacy series. Along with the standard string of Chicago Bulls colorways the original run of the Air Jordan XIII also featured the likes of the 'Flint' and 'Chutney'. Click in for the most up to date Air Jordan XIII release dates, information, and colorways.

Air Jordan #XX8DaysOfFlight Winners

April 15th, 2013 by | 31 comments

air jordan xx8daysofflight winners Air Jordan #XX8DaysOfFlight Winners

It appears that the massive “XX8 Days of Flight” set of Air Jordans given away by Jordan Brand has finally begun to make its way into the hands of the winners. You’ll recall that entry involved snapping a pic of yourself on Instagram using #XX8DaysofFlight wearing the Air Jordan model corresponding to that day. The black and green sneakers have popped up across Instagram, as the lucky Air Jordan enthusiasts who received their pairs have been eager to show them off (and it looks like Jordan Brand unknowingly selected one user to receive two pairs). Now that the pairs are out there, it will be a test of will power to see who ends up keeping these one of a kind sneakers in their personal collection and who ends up taking the “other” route to cash out, although the 1-of-1 factor might be to tough to let go! Check out most of the Air Jordan “XX8 Days of Flight” pairs that have been doled out right after the jump and tell us in the comments which pair is your favorite.

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Nate Robinson’s Air Jordan Customs by Mache

April 11th, 2013 by | 9 comments

nate robinsons air jordan customs by mache 1 Nate Robinsons Air Jordan Customs by Mache

Nate Robinson‘s shoe game for the 2012-2013 NBA Season might be enough to garner him some MVP votes for #NBAFeet 2013, but only if he brought in these customs by Mache into the mix sooner, he might be the favorite to win. Mache Customs’ latest NBA client is none other than Chicago Bulls guard Nate Robinson, who has provided a serious spark for the Chi-Town Bulls in place of the injured Derrick Rose, and as the Bulls approach the Playoffs without their star guard, Nate Robinson will rotate these remixed Bulls colorways on the Air Jordan VI, XIII, and XI. We have individual shots of each below so check them out and let us know which of the four you like best!

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History of Air Jordan Retro Cards

April 9th, 2013 by | 4 comments

air jordan retro card history History of Air Jordan Retro Cards

The deep stories and events that shadow every Air Jordan in history is what made the Retro such a booming success, and as far back as 1994, Nike made sure that we were reminded of the message behind each design. Since the first Air Jordan Retros in 1994 during MJ’s first retirement to all OG and Retro colorways that hit stores in the late 90′s and 2000′s, a tw0-sided post-card detailing a brief history of the shoe as well as an iconic flashback image of the times came included with the shoes; these cards have been referred to as Retro Cards, and while some may have not given them much though, some sneaker collectors did their best to gather them all. With the Air Jordan Retro Card making a surprising come-back with the upcoming Air Jordan VIII Retros and the possibility of more Retro Cards with future Retro releases, it’s about time we took a look back at every single Retro Card that Nike ever put out – from the first ones in 1994, to the latest ones that came accompanied with a Doernbecher release. Enjoy this throwback piece below and let us know which you’re missing from your set!

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Collections: Baby Air Jordans by henry071

March 24th, 2013 by | 5 comments

baby air jordans by henry071 Collections: Baby Air Jordans by henry071

The art of sneaker collecting can get a bit obsessive to the point where one starts to hoard sneakers that aren’t his/her side. Of course, if you a have future sneakerhead tike on the way, amassing some Baby Air Jordans wouldn’t be a bad idea. Air Jordans have been a “full family size” thing for a while, with Sneaker News giving you a nice showcase of Baby Air Jordans and Nikes a few years back, but one collector who goes by the handle henry071 has a pretty impressive stash of his own. Air Jordans in OG and Retro form are all waiting to be rocked by his future child, so check out the highlights below and let us know if you’d rock your future little ones in heat!

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Chris Paul’s Sneaker Room

March 22nd, 2013 by | 28 comments

chris paul sneaker room Chris Pauls Sneaker Room

There’s no doubt that Jordan Brand athlete Chris Paul’s sneaker rotation is on point. Whatever he wants, he’s got, and with the Clippers point guard being a bit more on the sharing side with his on-feet heat these days, we’ve been wondering just how deep his closet it. We’re finally given just a taste of Chris Paul’s sneaker closet courtesy of his wife Jada, who took this photo and informs us this s “only a portion” of what he’s really got. Air Jordan Retros galore, plus a slew of unreleased Air Jordan IV colorways like the recently seen Purple PEs and the Grey joints, but looks like CP3′s got a golf swing based on the TW ’13 sitting at the very end of the table-top (note the Air Jordan XIII PE in the far left shelf). A full shot is below, so take a look and see if you can find some of your favorites.

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Air Jordan XIII – Eddie Jones Miami Heat PE

March 17th, 2013 by | No comments

air jordan xiii eddie jones miami heat pe Air Jordan XIII – Eddie Jones Miami Heat PE

There’s no doubt that Ray Allen is the current king of player exclusives as far as the Miami Heat squad is concerned, but there have plenty of folks over the years down in South Beach getting hooked up with special red and white versions. Eddie Jones is one of those folks, as evidenced yet again by this Air Jordan XIII with a ‘home’ scheme to it that was produced back in 2004. See the game-worn Air Jordan XIII ‘Heat’ exclusive right below and tell us if you’re think they’re worth the asking price from trenchkicks on eBay.

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Air Jordan XIII – Michael Finley Autographed Mavs PE

March 16th, 2013 by | 1 comment

air jordan xiii michael finley autographed mavs pe Air Jordan XIII   Michael Finley Autographed Mavs PE

The Air Jordan XIII is a sneaker that’s actually flirted with bringing player exclusive pairs to the retail realm via that immediate sellout Air Jordan XIII ‘Ray Allen’ pair that hit limited shelves in 2011. One that’s staying on the exclusive side for now, and probably forever as we can’t imagine the Jordan Brand team bringing out a random pair from nearly a decade ago back out, is this Air Jordan XIII for Michael Finley. Fortunately you can still own the sneakers, and a game-worn, autographed pair at that. See the Air Jordan XIII Michael Finley Mavs PE after the jump and then buy yours from trenchkicks on eBay.

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