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Classics Revisited: Nike Air Foamposite Pro – Varsity Royal – Black (2001)

June 15th, 2012 by | 13 comments

nike air foamposite pro varsity royal black Classics Revisited: Nike Air Foamposite Pro   Varsity Royal   Black (2001)


Not even considering this week’s Classics Revisited features, it’s been a crazy week for the Foamposite Pro! Detailed looks at the upcoming ‘Gym Green’ gems, some great customs, and a throwback to those Chocolate Brown samples from 2005 were definite headline-makers, and sadly our five-pronged attack of the greatest Foamposite Pros come to end tonight with a look at perhaps the definitive Foamposite colorway. The Varsity Royal, we should remind you, was not an original release of the Foamposite Pro (it was, however, the original Foamposite One colorway), but instead a ‘Retro’ release in 2001. It featured the same majestic blue upper, but with the Pro-exclusive Swoosh on the upper and the solid black outsole – a rare feature of the Foamposite that is consistently a ‘want’ in the Foam-crazed community.

So, where does the Foamposite Pro go from here? It’s at an immense height in popularity at the moment and the basic laws of physics states that whatever goes up must fall down, but Foamposites don’t appear to be finished with its rise. Colorways like the upcoming “Gym Green” and last year’s Electric Green and Retro Blue will continue to be sought-after objects, but do you feel a re-release of the Varsity Royal is due, or should Nike Sportswear let this legendary colorway maintain its ‘OG’ status and continue experimenting with newer colorways and graphic details? Holler at us if you’ve got some thoughts on the matter and let us know if you’ve got the Royal Foam Pros sitting in your closet!

Nike Air Foamposite Pro
Varsity Royal/Black

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Classics Revisited: Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Dr. Doom” (2006)

June 14th, 2012 by | 19 comments

doom foams Classics Revisited: Nike Air Foamposite Pro Dr. Doom (2006)


The Air Foamposite has been the ‘lone wolf’ of sneaker history. From an outsiders point of view, the Air Foamposite One/Pro was a relatively weird-looking shoe, and with the $170 (and now $220) price-tags, it was merely something to gawk at while browsing around for White-on-White Air Force 1s. Of course, times have changed, and Foams are now the BMOC (big man on campus), so this week’s focus on the Air Foamposite Pro for our Classics Revisited feature has been a refreshing validation for those who were on Foams years before the current mainstream hype. The Air Foamposite always stood alone, but in 2006, Nike Sportswear decided to include it in a special-edition ‘Pack’ or releases known as the Fantastic Four Pack (roughly one year after the the release of the feature film). Which character would it represent? One would guess that a Foamposite would take on the persona of Ben Grimm/Thing considering both share that bulky build, but sadly, the Foamposite stood on its own – again.

The Fantastic Four Pack was comprised of the Nike Air Max 90 (Mr. Fantastic), Nike Air Force 1 Low (Invisible Woman), Nike Dunk High (The Thing), and the Nike Air Max 95 (Human Torch), and collectively the ‘Pack’ opposed the Four’s long-standing rival Victor von Doom, otherwise known as Dr. Doom. The earliest Dr. Doom illustrations in 1962 pictured Dr. Doom with a silver mask and green cape, but the Nike’s take on the classic Marvel villain was a simple Black/White colorway on the Air Foamposite Pro; it featured a solid black upper with a matte finish with a white outsole, swoosh, interior, and detail on the tongue and heel. The ‘Doom Foams’ released in July of 2006 at select markets (NYC, DC, MD, VA, and a few other spots) and – not surprisingly – weren’t an instant hit, although today they are rather tough to find and demand a steep price once located. Of course, the Dooms were appreciated by true Foamposite fans, although many will attest that the white interior lining was a troublesome feature as it got dirtied up rather easily. Regardless, the Dr. Doom Foams are the only Foamposite Pros with a true nickname, but we’re certain NSW’s got some other concepts in mind for future Pro releases. Who’s got the Doom Foams in their rotation? Let us know!

Nike Air Foamposite Pro ‘Dr. Doom’

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Classics Revisited: Nike Air Foamposite Pro – University Blue – White – Midnight Navy (2003)

June 13th, 2012 by | 17 comments

carolina blue foamposites Classics Revisited: Nike Air Foamposite Pro   University Blue   White   Midnight Navy (2003)


It’s like we hit Air Foamposite Pro Week at just the right time. Aside from our featurettes of Foam Pros of the past, we got a nice look at some unreleased samples from the mid-decade as well as some fashionable custom versions in the ‘Miami Hurricanes’ and ‘Miami Nights’. But nothing comes close to an original version, and there certainly is no Foamposite Pro or One like 2003′s release of the University Blue colorway. It was the first Foamposite Pro to feature a solid white outsole as well as leather uppers (on the lace collar), and brought in an unmatched contrast with the white interior lining. Is this the best Air Foamposite Pro ever? There are arguments for and against that statement, but before we come to a definitive answer, let’s take a closer look.

The Nike Air Foamposite Pro ‘University Blue’ arrived in 2003 as the lone Foamposite release of the year. Of course it’s much easier to appreciate the shoe now, but like many of the Foamposite releases back in the day, these were nothing more than a visual spectacle, sitting untouched on store shelves and waiting for markdowns before being picked clean. As mentioned before, this University Blue Foamposite Pro was a bit different from previous releases as it used the crisp white as its base while using leather materials – something never done on a Foamposite. So, are these the best Foamposite Pros ever, or just a middle-of-the-pack gem? Check out the gallery of this ’03 classic below and stay tuned because we’ve got more coming in the following days for Classics Revisited.

Nike Air Foamposite Pro
University Blue/White-Midnight Navy

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Classics Revisited: Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Voltage” (1997)

June 12th, 2012 by | 11 comments

nike air foamposite pro black voltage yellow Classics Revisited: Nike Air Foamposite Pro Voltage (1997)


Nike Sportswear re-introduced the Nike Air Foamposite Pro in 2011 in a variety of energetic colorways like ‘Retro Blue’ and ‘Electric Green’, but did you know the idea of a high-intensity colorway on a Foamposite first came from the sneaker’s original run? Sneaker News kicked off a week full-o-Foams with 2002′s Varsity Red/Black Air Foamposite Pro, but we can’t call it a complete revisitation if we don’t pay homage to one of the originals – the ‘Voltage Yellow’ colorway of 1997. We don’t need to further discuss how out-of-left-field the Foamposite when it debuted in 1997 and how it has gained a cult-to-mainstream following, but looking back at the Voltage Foams reveals that there’s still a lot Foamposite possibilities to be explored.

The Voltage Foams were simply a black upper with a dark gum rubber outsole and the perfect spark of Voltage Yellow on the Swoosh and trime on the pull-tabs. When thinking of recent Foam Pro releases, the Voltage joints point out that Nike Sportswear hasn’t done a non-black Swoosh colorway in quite some time – in fact, the 2006 Dr. Doom release was the last time an Air Foamposite Pro featured the reverse format. Maybe Nike Sportswear should keep things simple by opting for a less imposing upper and experimenting with different-colored Swoosh colors? Who knows what NSW has in store for the Air Foamposite Pro, but it’s safe to say that there’s a lot left to be done. Take a look back at this OG classic and let us know if you have a pair in your stash, and be sure to check back tomorrow as we continue our Classics Revisited feature on the Air Foamposite Pro.

Nike Air Foamposite Pro
Black/Voltage Yellow-Black

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Classics Revisited: Nike Air Foamposite Pro – Varsity Red – Black (2002)

June 11th, 2012 by | 15 comments

2002 varsity red foams Classics Revisited: Nike Air Foamposite Pro   Varsity Red   Black (2002)


We already spent a full week reminiscing over that groovy model that got the whole Foamposite ball rolling-the Nike Air Foamposite One. This week we’re dedicating the Classics Revisited column to its younger brother, soonest successor, and no doubt most direct descendant of the Foam throne after the One’s themselves. That model is the Nike Air Foamposite Pro, one that debuted in the same year as the Foamposite One (1997) and for a long time was the go-to Retro model in the series, seeing the light of day as early as 2000 in the ‘Blackout’ colorway, whereas the Nike Air Foamposite One had a ten year wait before the first re-release. From the get-go, the Nike Air Foamposite Pro was considered to be a bit of a ‘takedown’ model, stripped of the Penny logos and shunning the One’s minimalist branding by featuring a bulbous Swoosh on the upper.

Kicking off the Nike Air Foamposite Pro’s residence in Classics Revisited for the week is this black and red banger, the spiritual predecessor of sorts to the ‘Metallic Red’ Foam One from this very year. Back then, there was no metallic sheen necessary in this 2002 release, with the pair sporting the straight up Varsity Red look along with black showing for the lining and that side Swoosh breaking apart the Foam upper. Like most of the Foamposites of the earlier generation, the Varsity Reds were a merely a regional hit and weren’t best-sellers, but the market value for these has risen to impressive numbers – that is, if a deadstock pair can even be found. Hit the jump with us to see some extra angles of the Nike Air Foamposite Pro in varsity red/black from a decade ago and let us know in the comments below if you’ve got a pair of these stashed away. Also, keep it locked on Sneaker News as we roll out the rest of Nike Air Foamposite Pro week.

Nike Air Foamposite Pro
Varsity Red/Black

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