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Classics Revisited: Bobbito Garcia x Nike Air Force 1 High “Mac ‘N Cheese” (2007)

July 27th, 2012 by | 1 comment

nike air force 1 high bobbito garcia wheat Classics Revisited: Bobbito Garcia x Nike Air Force 1 High Mac N Cheese (2007)


Following up on Monday’s Classics Revisited feature of Bobbito Garcia’s ‘Beef ‘N Broccoli’ is the ‘Mac ‘N Cheese’ Air Force 1 High; these were also designed by Bobbito as part of his personal ‘Winter’ Pack of December 2007, drawing inspiration from two significant pieces of NYC-popularized footwear. The ‘Beef ‘N Broccoli’ was a reference to the Timberland Field Boot, but the ‘Mac ‘N Cheese’ (also referred to plainly as the ‘Wheat’) was a tribute to the Timberland Classic 6″ Work Boot – perhaps one of the most popular footwear selections in history. For decades, the work-boot aesthetic spoke to the rugged horizon of the NYC streets, alluding not only to the weather, but to the lifestyle and culture of the city’s urban plateau – no surprise that these iconic boots, despite the ever-changing landscape of trends, continue to hold a firm place in fashion. The ‘Winter Pack’ was truly a treat for New Yorkers designed by one of the truest inhabitants in the culture, so there’s no question that Bobbito’s personal take on Air Force 1s should be a treasured classic!

Bobbito Garcia x Nike Air Force 1 High
Sanded Gold/Sanded Gold-Wheat

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Classics Revisited: Nike Air Force 1 High “Sheed” (2006)

July 26th, 2012 by | 4 comments

sheed air force 1 high all star pe Classics Revisited: Nike Air Force 1 High Sheed (2006)


Nike’s made a number of significant advancements in nasketball design in the 21st Century. Born out of the 00′s were a number of memorable Shox, Posite, and Huarache designs, but one eccentric player and Nike athlete grabbed hold of an early 80′s model so tightly that Nike had no choice but to concede to his demands and give him what he wanted. That player, of course, is Rasheed Wallace – the UNC standout who started his bright career with the Washington Bullets, became the noted leader of the troublesome mod-squad in Portland, and became a world champion in Detroit. Sheed loved to play ball in the Air Force 1 High over any other model, so eventually Nike acquiesced to his penchant for old-school over new and a number of Air Force 1 High ‘Sheed’ colorways released with one of the dopest PE silhouette logos in Nike history. Rasheed’s unorthodox style made him a serious offensive threat around the league, but it was his Tech-friendly babbling and post- and in-game commentary that made him one of most colorful players of all-time; he mastered the art of the post-game interview with “Both teams played hard” and brought the streetball rules to game by shouting “the ball don’t lie!” while the player who he allegedly fouled missed both free-threw attempts.

Tonight’s particular model for Classics Revisited is the 2006 release of the Sheed’s All-Star colorway; 2006 was a special year for Rasheed and the Detroit Pistons, as he was one of four Pistons starters named to the 2006 NBA All-Star team. During that game, Rasheed wore a slightly different colorway of this Air Force 1 High PE, although this version did release to the public in extremely limited quantities; it featured an ostrich-skin forefoot with a unique two-toned patent leather heel (using the tail-end of the Swoosh as a border), and is considered by many Air Force 1 collectors as one of the best High-tops to have ever become available. The ’06 All-Star Game was one of his four All-Star Game Air Force 1 appearances, as he wore his own shoes in 2000, 2001, and 2008. In addition, the term ‘Sheed’ has become common verbage in Air Force 1 discussions as well, and no Air Force 1 collection is complete without at least one pair of the ‘Sheed-away’ Forces stashed away. More of this rare Air Force 1 High below, so take a look and let us know what Air Force 1 ‘Sheeds you have in your collection!

Nike Air Force 1 High
White/Neutral Grey-Varsity Royal-Varsity Red

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Classics Revisited: Head Automatica x Nike Air Force 1 High (2004)

July 25th, 2012 by | 2 comments

nike air force 1 headauto 2004 Classics Revisited: Head Automatica x Nike Air Force 1 High (2004)


There’s no hiding the fact that the ‘Low’ of the Air Force 1 siblings gets all the love. In fact, it’s almost no contest: Air Force 1 Lows have been the go-to model for a ton of earlier collaborations, and even the ubiquitous White-on-White Low quietly yet assuredly continues to be one of Nike’s top sellers every year. But among the greatest Forces in history are a few High-Tops, like the super-limited Nike Air Force 1 High Headauto Hyperstrike made for rock band Head Automatica. Just 48 pairs are alleged to be in existence, and were distributed only to Friends & Family of the band – note the band’s name embroidered onto the ankle-strap of the shoe. It can be argued that the Air Force 1 High ‘Head Automatica’ is one of the two best Air Force 1 Highs in history (the other being the previous Classics Revisited feature of Stash’s ‘Spray Nozzle’ release of 2003) so finding a pair will prove to be extremely tough because it is likely that all available pairs are either in the possession of the bandmates or in the personal collections of the biggest Air Force 1 fiends on the planet.

Head Automatica x Nike Air Force 1 High
Desert Clay/Baroque Brown

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Classics Revisited: Stash x Nike Air Force 1 High (2003)

July 24th, 2012 by | 9 comments

nike air force 1 high stash Classics Revisited: Stash x Nike Air Force 1 High (2003)


Classics Revisited continues to touch on the Nike Air Force 1 High for the week, this time with a look at one of the most significant sneaker collaborations in the history of the ‘sneakerhead era’ done by a true legend in the game – Josh ‘Stash’ Franklin. We’ve focused on another one of Stash’s Nike Air Force 1 works before, but before he transferred the BW-born sublime ‘blue’ colorway, he delved into his personal life by revealing this unique story of the spray nozzle head; Stash rich history in the graffiti/street-art scene was retold in this grey/white graphic print on the upper comprised of a wild scattering of nozzles.

The Stash x Nike Air Force 1 High was limited to just 1,000 pairs and distributed in three cities – New York City, London, and Tokyo. NYC and London received just 250 pairs each, while Tokyo had a larger crop of 500. In addition, each regional release was distinct from one another, as each city featured a different colored suitcase box with matching colors on the outsole graphic seen through the translucent sole. What makes the Stash x Nike Air Force 1 High much more interesting is that this collaboration was ‘Retro’ed’ in a sense, as a limited run of 231 pairs were made available in late 2007 during the Nike Air Force 1 25th Anniversary celebration. Stash is duly credited as a true pioneer of the sneaker-led madness of the early 2000′s, with the ‘spray nozzle’ Air Force 1 Highs being just one of his many ground-breaking partnerships with Nike. More of this classic below, so take a look and stay tuned for more high-top Force treasures tomorrow!

Stash x Nike Air Force 1 High
Light Neutral Grey/Magnet

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Classics Revisited: Bobbito Garcia x Nike Air Force 1 High “Beef ‘N Broccoli” (2007)

July 23rd, 2012 by | 5 comments

air force 1 high bobbito beef n broc Classics Revisited: Bobbito Garcia x Nike Air Force 1 High Beef N Broccoli (2007)


While the population of ‘celebrity sneakerheads’ has skyrocketed over the last few years, the number legit influencers and tastemakers in the basketball and sneaker culture is rather small, as it includes an exclusive set of individuals who continue to be noble voices in the game. One such member of that group is Bobbito Garcia aka Kool Bob Love, a life-long New Yorker who made a respectable name not only for his verity as a sneaker connoisseur, but a curator of hip-hop music, streetball, b-boy culture, and anything that gave the urban New York City landscape true meaning. He’s authored a must-read book titled ‘Where’d You Get Those?’ and hosted a television program on ESPN2 called ‘It’s The Shoes’, where he explored the sneaker game through dope collections and stories from fellow sneaker connoisseurs.

In 2007, he continued his partnership with Nike Sportswear for a quartet of Air Force 1 Highs; the Air Force 1 High is another quintessential ‘NYC’ sneaker and a sure-fire staple of the fashion scene, but he brought in another local element and staple of the harsh NYC winter – the Timberland Field Boot in the famous ‘Beef ‘N Broc’ colorway. He adopted the Brown/Olive Green combination onto the equally rugged Air Force 1 High, complete with a leather square hang-tag (typically accompanied by Timberland footwear products) and identical suede and canvas materials. The final touches is his personal logo that depicts a hand over a spinning record, the pressed-leather mold of ‘LOVE’ on the tongue. This colorway was part of the ‘Winter Pack’, which also featured another Bobbito-designed Air Force 1 High designed after another significant footwear icon of NYC, and both released in December of 2007. More of this Air Force 1 High that definitely deserves its spot in Classics Revisited below, so take a look and let us know what you think!

Bobbito Garcia x Nike Air Force 1 High
Army Olive/Baroque Brown-Soft Grey

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