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Classics Revisited: Footpatrol x Nike Air Max 90 (2006)

June 22nd, 2012 by | 4 comments

footpatrol air max 90 Classics Revisited: Footpatrol x Nike Air Max 90 (2006)


Closing out this week’s string of Air Max 90 classics is yet another collaboration – this one in particular with Foot Patrol of the UK. Footpatrol first opened its doors in 2002 and quickly became the UK-equivalent of the Lower Manhattan sneaker boutique (the original Footpatrol was, coincidentally, located in the Soho district in London), and over the last decade Footpatrol has maintained that next-level aura shared with a select number of other stores in the continent. Perhaps the highlight of Footpatrol’s partnership with Nike came in 2005, when the store designed its own take on the Air Stab (right when the model made its long-awaited return) as well as the Air Max 90; the Air Max 90 was originally slated for a late-2005 release, but was actually postponed to a date in January of 2006.

For the design, Footpatrol drew upon trendy designs of the time, opting for the playful polka dots made trendy by Head Porter and Idiom, but not many understood the concept and criticized the shoe for being ‘too simple’ for a collaboration-style release. In addition, the first Baroque Brown release was originally intended to be a ‘Friends & Family’ Hyperstrike release, but Nike opted to release the sneaker as a Tier 0, becoming available at select retailers (Footpatrol, colette, oquim, Nort, etc.). Not much later, the Black/White pair hit stores as well. Perhaps the best part of the release was the special in-store event set up by Footpatrol;¬†for those who were lucky enough to get the special edition tea mug from the Footpatrol x Air Stab release, an Air Max 90 cake was served up. You heard right – an actual edible pastry shaped and colored after the Baroque Brown version. The Air Max 90, like the Air Max 1, is a sneaker that is popular regardless of the collaborative roots or ‘general release’ nature, so there’s a mass library of other hot gems that deserve attention, but the five pairs featured this week are ones you should definitely have slotted in your internal sneaker archives. Check out more of the Footpatrol x Nike Air Max 90 below, and stay tuned for another collection of Classics Revisited next week!

Footpatrol x Nike Air Max 90
Baroque Brown/Black-Pearl White-Light Bone


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Classics Revisited: DQM x Nike Air Max 90 “Bacon” (2004)

June 21st, 2012 by | 2 comments

air max 90 bacon Classics Revisited: DQM x Nike Air Max 90 Bacon (2004)


Bacon makes everything better, doesn’t it? In 2005, Nike teamed up with Dave Ortiz of Dave’s Quality Meats to design a pair of the uber-comfortable Nike Air Max 90. If you’ve ever been inside DQM in downtown Manhattan, you’ll notice that the store’s got a butcher’s shop theme running from wall to wall, with apparel hanging from meathooks and other items stored inside refrigerator cases – although none of the items for sale can actually be grilled and consumed. It’s this distinct store layout and concept that made DQM such a major standout in the lower-Manhattan sneaker boutique community that by 2005 started to become just a tad crowded, but even today DQM maintain’s its title as one of the go-to spots for sneakerheads and skaters and even recently teamed up with Vans to open up the DQM x Vans General Store in SoHo.

The use of ‘bacon’ is how Ortiz arrived at the carnal colorway of fatty beige and tender red, and Ortiz noted that it took just a day to complete (the guy just really loves bacon)! A limited-edition Hyperstrike version, which features the Dave’s Quality Meats tongue label, a chicken bone inside the heel of the sock bed, and even scuff marks on the toe box to mark dry spots usually found on strips of the cured pork belly, was released in-store (another version with a regular Nike tongue label and box was also released in wider distribution). The DQM x Air Max 90 is indeed a playful take on the store’s lighthearted ‘theme-park’ nature, but the colorway is strictly considered to be one of the greatest of all-time and has served as the inspiration for other Air Max releases like the Air Max 95/360 of the One Time Only Pack and the Air Max 90 Current Huarache. In addition, like the three previous Air Max 90s featured prior to tonight, the Bacon 90s are considered to be one of the most memorable sneaker collaborations of all-time and is quite often near the top of ‘best-of’ lists for those who reveled in collaboration-driven sneakerhead era, and continues to be a coveted item for sneaker collectors today and hence an easy choice for a spot in Classics Revisited.

DQM x Nike Air Max 90 ‘Bacon’
Sail/Sheen-Straw-Medium Brown

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Classics Revisited: Dave White x Nike Air Max 90 (2005)

June 20th, 2012 by | 3 comments

dave white nike air max 90 12 Classics Revisited: Dave White x Nike Air Max 90 (2005)


Nike is rather selective when choosing their ‘freelancers’ for these sneaker collaborations, but if there ever was a ‘no-brainer’, it has to be Dave White, who has been credited for pioneering the ‘sneaker art’ movement. Much of his critically acclaimed artwork has been displayed in art exhibits worldwide (both as solo and group exhibits), and some of his Nike sneaker art done in his signature wet-paint style actually hangs in the personal collections of Nike, Inc.. It’s no wonder why White’s hands are continually called upon for work, but for sneakerheads, the true Nike x Dave White saga began with the ‘Neon Pack’ in 2005, when White paid his respects to the original Air Max 95 ‘Neon’ colorway for its 10th Anniversary.

The Air Max 90 of the ‘Neon Pack’ (also referred to as the ‘Wet Paint’ Pack) featured the classic silhouette with the ‘Neon’ colorway transferred over, using key details like the grey/black gradient on the upper, the solid black outsole, and even the roped laces. Just 240 pairs of the Dave White x Nike Air Max 90 was released and were available only in Europe with a special in-store event at Size? with Dave White; a special edition Neon Air Max box pack was available only at Size? and came with a special edition jacket and postcard artwork. More of this awesome classic below, so check out the detailed gallery and stay tuned for tomorrow’s Classics Revisited feature!

Dave White x Nike Air Max 90
Medium Grey/White-Neutral Grey-Light Graphite

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Classics Revisited: Staple x Nike Air Max 90 “Navigation Pack” (2004)

June 19th, 2012 by | 4 comments

air max 90 navigation pack staple Classics Revisited: Staple x Nike Air Max 90 Navigation Pack (2004)


If ‘Sneaker History 101′ was ever an available collegiate-level course – and perhaps it is in some accredited schools as an elective – the topic of Jeff Ng would be week-long feature of lectures and PowerPoint slideshows (coincidentally, Jeff now teaches courses at NYU and Parsons). For those not familiar with the name Jeff Ng, we’ll use his adopted nickname of Jeff Staple, which is derived from his own clothing label of the same name that has blossomed into Staple Design and the Reed Space of the Lower East Side. Outside of his legendary sneaker collaborations, Jeff was a beast in the urban scene, working as a designer, writer, artist, blogger, DJ, and entrepreneur, but let’s limit this feature to simply sneakers because, we’ll, there isn’t enough space and time to cover all that Staple’s done. We’ll continue to narrow it down by focusing just on Nike, particularly the mid-2000′s era when he played a role in a number of projects like the Considered Series, the legendary Pigeon SB Dunk, and today’s Classics Revisited feature, the Air Max 90 of the ‘Navigation Pack’.

The ‘Navigation Pack’ arrived in 2004 when Nike focused on New York City, London, and Tokyo and tapped local resources to re-work classic Air Max models with their respective city in mind. Jeff, representing New York City, created a men’s and women’s colorway of the Air Max 90 using distinct colorways and details, most notably the laser-etched print of an aerial view of New York City on the upper. The concept of the design revolved around the idea of “walking around New York City”, and quickly became a coveted item in the area where sneaker collaborations were a hot item. Both the men’s and women’s colorways also featured hiking-style laces and speckled granite midsoles to further accentuate the ‘navigation’ themes. Of course, one year later, Jeff would be asked by Nike once again to represent NYC with an SB Dunk, therefore solidifying his name among the ‘Who’s Who’ of sneaker history. More shots of both Air Max 90 ‘Navigation Pack’ releases below, so take a look and stay tuned for more of Air Max 90 Week here on Classics Revisited!

Staple x Nike Air Max 90 ‘Navigation Pack’
Jetstream/Boulder-Stealth-Dark Copper (WMNS)

Olive Grey/Dark Blue Grey-Sable Green (Mens)

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Classics Revisited: Patta x Nike Air Max 90 “Homegrown” (2006)

June 18th, 2012 by | 2 comments

air max 90 homegrown Classics Revisited: Patta x Nike Air Max 90 Homegrown (2006)


Is the Air Max 90 the greatest Air Max of all-time? Sneakerheads will argue for and against that heady statement to no end, but the five 90s we’re about to feature this week for Sneaker News Classics Revisited make a strong case for the Air Max 90 being among the greatest in history. There’s no doubt that the original ‘Infrared’ colorway is the undisputed champion of 90′s, but aside from all the sick GRs that dropped along the way, the Air Max 90 was a serious player in the collab game – and we’re about the list five of the best ever. While the Air Max 90 Homegrown isn’t the first AM90 collaboration, we’re kicing things off with a name that’s been floating in and out of the sneaker headline newswire more often than any other of this group – Patta of Amsterdam.

After opening its doors in 2004, it didn’t take long for Dutch boutique Patta to gain a serious reputation as one of the most respected purveyors of streetwear in the world. In late 2006, Patta was given the honorable opportunity to design a Nike sneaker, giving their own spin on a classic by incorporating the Dutch streetwear and hip-hop culture. The selection was the Air Max 90 and the colorway was a solid green tone that was an obvious reflection of a certain regionally-legal recreational activity, but the choice of materials (the true underrated feature of the Homegrowns) – suede, a tree-leaf detailed leather, and perforated nubuck – set these alongside some of the greatest artist/store collabs of that era. The sneaker was also released in conjunction with the launch of State Magazine, but perhaps the most notorious aspect of this sticky release was the promo made by Habbekrats Reclame, an Amsterdam-based ad agency (shown below). From the colorway down to the concept, the Homegrowns were simply a masterful hit, and today stands as one of the most desirable Air Maxes in history.

Patta x Nike Air Max 90 ‘Homegrown’
Grass/Grass-Orange Blaze

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