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Classics Revisited: Nike SB Dunk Low “Cali” (2004)

November 30th, 2012 by | No comments

cali nike sb dunk low 2004 Classics Revisited: Nike SB Dunk Low Cali (2004)


Closing out this stretch of 2004 SB Dunk Lows is the limited July ’04 release known as ‘Cali’. It was designed after the state flag of California, with the White/Brown/Green/Red colorway and the signature red star below the uppermost lace eyelets of the shoes. Paul Rodriguez, a California native, loved the shoes so much that the he recycled the colorway for a P-Rod 2.5 release in early 2011. The Cali SB Dunks were rumored to be limited to 444 units, but that figure has been disputed without confirmation. In addition to the Cali and the four other SB Dunks we’ve reviewed this week, there were plenty of other releases that deserve note, like the Medicom Toy collaboration, the two Carharrt models, the three Hemps, and many more! Check out tonight’s Classics Revisited and stay tuned for an all-new topic next week.

Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Cali’

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Classics Revisited: Nike SB Dunk Low “Shanghai” (2004)

November 29th, 2012 by | No comments

304292 112 Classics Revisited: Nike SB Dunk Low Shanghai (2004)


With the buzz around Nike SB Dunks firmly established after the legendary first season, Nike tapped some other in-house sources to dictate some fresh colorways of the upcoming line. This November 2004 release was designed for Chinese rap artist Deng Ke Chow, using the color red for good luck and a regal gold on the Swoosh. The tongue features Chinese characters that translates to ‘Shanghai’, while the debossed texture on the suede represents historic architecture of temples. The Nike SB Dunk Low “Shanghai” was followed up by a Part 2 in 2005. Are you a proud owner of tonight’s pair of Classics Revisited?

Nike SB Dunk Low “Shanghai”
White/Metallic Gold-Redwood

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Classics Revisited: Nike SB Dunk Low “Homer” (2004)

November 28th, 2012 by | 1 comment

homer sb dunk 2004 Classics Revisited: Nike SB Dunk Low Homer (2004)


If you missed out on these 2004 gems, chances are you probably muttered a ‘D’Oh’ to yourself here and there. Much like its fellow ’04 releases like the Jedi and Buck, these had no direct affiliations with the entity it was intended to commemorate, but these are universally referred to as the ‘Homer’ for donning the same colorway as Homer’s quarter-century long unchanging outfit. This silver-box Nike SB Dunk release arrived at accounts in March, donning a slimmed-down tongue that was used on a small handful of other SB Dunks of that era (the slim-tongue would return five years later to little praise). The ‘Homer’, of course, was somewhat followed up by the ‘Marge’ SB Dunk High in 2008 (also never an official collaboration with The Simpsons or FOX). Re-live these Dunk legends with tonight’s Classics Revisited below and stay tuned for more the rest of the week!

Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Homer’
White/Medium Yellow-University Blue

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Classics Revisited: Nike SB Dunk Low “Hunter Forbes” (2004)

November 27th, 2012 by | No comments

hunter forbes Classics Revisited: Nike SB Dunk Low Hunter Forbes (2004)


The earliest SB Dunks were designed by the members of the Nike skate team. Reese Forbes is one of the original members of that squad, but it’s his 2004 release of the ‘Hunter’ that is the most memorable of the bunch. He used a woodland camouflage print on the upper and combined it with a beige burlap material and a weave-stitched inner lining in orange to complete that big-game hunter appeal. The ‘Hunter Forbes’ was one of the more-sought after releases of that year, and last year’s Realtree Camo on the Mid helped SB fans recall that nearly decade-old release. More on this classic SB Dunk of 2004 is just below, so check out Classics Revisited below and let us know if you have these in your stash.

Nike SB Dunk Low
Natural Burlap/Orange Blaze

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Classics Revisited: Nike SB Dunk Low “Jedi” (2004)

November 26th, 2012 by | 1 comment

nike sb dunk jedi Classics Revisited: Nike SB Dunk Low Jedi (2004)


Continuing our Retrospective of classic sneaker releases of the past is this focus on perhaps one of Nike SB’s best years in history. The 2004 set of releases marked a major change for SB, going from those clean darkened silver boxes to the far more eccentric light-pink version. In addition, the ‘fat tongue’ made a come-back after a few slimmer version were released. Kicking of 2004′s most prized SB Dunks is this ‘Jedi’ version inspired by the iconic Star Wars character. No official ties to the movie franchise were ever made (copyright issues), but the notion was clear, given the green/khaki/brown upper. The fat bright volt laces were a coveted accessory and point to the growth of shoe-lace manufactures recreating the popular thick shoelaces, and the Jedi itself was one of the more ‘counterfeited’ shoes out in the market. More of tonight’s Classics Revisited of the Jedi Dunks is right below, so take a look and stay tuned for a further exploration of the best of ’04 SB Dunks!

Nike SB Dunk Low “Jedi”
Khaki/Baroque Brown-Safari

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Classics Revisited: Nike SB Dunk Low “Avengers” (2005)

October 19th, 2012 by | No comments

avengers nike sb dunk Classics Revisited: Nike SB Dunk Low Avengers (2005)


While the superhero core “Avengers” is a trendy topic at the moment, these SB Dunks aren’t what you’d think. This 2005 release of the Nike SB Dunk was actually inspired by business attire and released in two varieties – a smooth leather version in June, and much more limited patent leather version (seen above). The ‘Avengers’ also stands as one of the first Nike SB capsules that released matching apparel – most notably a blazer/sportcoat with the pinstriped inner lining. Four shoes in total (two colorways multiplied by the two leather options) were available, and all four stand as one of the standouts of the massive 2005 year of Nike SB. Check out all four below and let us know which of these Classics Revisited goodies you’ve got in your Nike SB stash!

Nike SB Dunk Low 
White/Midnight Navy-Blue Reef
304292 143

304292 101

White/Midnight Navy (Blue Patent)

White/Black (Purple Patent)

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Classics Revisited: Nike SB Dunk Low “J-Pack” (2005)

October 18th, 2012 by | 1 comment

sb dunk jpack blue Classics Revisited: Nike SB Dunk Low J Pack (2005)


Two-toned colorways of SB Dunks make up the bulk of the first few seasons of Nike SB, and not surprisingly, those are among the most coveted as ‘daily beater’ Dunks. The 2005 release of the J-Pack is certainly among the best of that category, and despite this pink-box release not having any cool ties to any artist or skateshop, these continue to be a standout among the powerful 2005 line-up of releases. These were dubbed the ‘J-Pack’, or ‘Jordan Pack’, for its resemblance to the original Black/Royal Air Jordan 1 as well as ‘Cookie Monster’ for obvious reasons, but ‘J-Pack’ has become the accepted moniker as future SB Dunk releases color-blocked in similar manner would commonly be connect with the 2005 release as ‘Neon J-Pack’ and ‘Tiffany J-Pack’. The ‘J-Pack’ proves that not every hot release is a limited affair or an artist collaboration, so enjoy this Classics Revisited and let us know if you’ve got the J-Packs stashed in your closet.

Nike SB Dunk Low
Black/Royal Blue

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