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CLASSICS REVISITED Our Classics Revisited feature is a retrospective column on some of the best sneaker releases of yesteryear. Click through for photos, release dates, and information on classic sneakers.

Classics Revisited: Nike Mac Attack (1984)

October 23rd, 2012 by | 1 comment

nike mac attack original grey black Classics Revisited: Nike Mac Attack (1984)


The Nike Mac Attack of 1984 is less about the actual sneaker and more about the man who wore the shoe;  by some definition, it is the ultimate signature shoe. The Mac Attack was a slap in the face of the conventional all-white designs that made up the bulk of tennis footwear, opting for a grim Light Silver/Black colorway and the checkerboard tongue label in a unique mid-cut design and complicated forefoot design. It was released in just one colorway, so like you would perceive McEnroe the player, you were either going to love or hate the shoe. As we all remember, Jon McEnroe’s top level of play was overshadowed  by his temper tantrums, whiny attitude, and unfiltered vocabulary, but it was his jerk-like attitude that sorta paved the way for Nike’s direction of picking out its signature athletes – the Andre Agassis, Charles Barkleys, and the Dennis Rodmans of the pro-sports world.

McEnroe was a refreshing jolt of energy in a star-studded yet relatively well-behaved sport; the earliest ad posters for McEnroe depicted him as a “Rebel With A Cause”, donning dark trench coats or brown leather jackets with collars popped firmly. Since ’84, ‘The Mac’ was never re-issued in its original form, with the recent Nike Sportswear Manor being the closest of kin (it didn’t have a Swoosh and went with a simpler midsole/outsole). More of this incredible Classics Revisited piece below, so take a look and stay tuned for more as we’ll serve up some more Nike Tennis aces later this week.

Nike Mac Attack
Light Silver/Black

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Classics Revisited: Nike Air Tech Challenge III (1990)

October 22nd, 2012 by | 2 comments

nike air tech challenge iii 1990 Classics Revisited: Nike Air Tech Challenge III (1990)


Tennis shoes have been the same boring white leather-based designs – it’s not wonder that sneakers in general are referred to as “tennis shoes”. To up-end the conventions of bland tennis shoes, Nike flipped on a switch with tennis fashion and created the most out-of-the-box line of tennis sport footwear in history, rebelling against convention of decades-long design. Of course, the right athlete was needed to fit the fresh bill, and Andre Agassi with his cut-off shorts, long and curly locks, and colorful headbands was the perfect man to introduce the Air Tech Challenge series and the wild colors and logos.

In 1990, Nike unveiled this outstanding White/Black-Hot Lime-Neon Teal colorway of Air Tech Challenge for Andre Agassi, spawning the Challenge Court line of matching athletic apparel that signified Agassi’s specific style as more than just shoes and basic apparel, but a complete package of distinct fashion sense. In fact, Agassi himself took his own style seriously and chose to sit out Wimbledon in 1990 as the tournament enforced a strict all-white dress code. The Air Tech Challenge III was among several models that gave away to a slew of other unique Tennis designs built around Nike’s innovations, like the Huarache and neoprene bootie construction. Kick off Classics Revisited: Nike Tennis week with arguably the most significant Nike Tennis signature shoe of all-time!

Nike Air Tech Challenge III
White/Black-Hot Lime-Neon Teal

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Classics Revisited: Nike SB Dunk Low “Avengers” (2005)

October 19th, 2012 by | No comments

avengers nike sb dunk Classics Revisited: Nike SB Dunk Low Avengers (2005)


While the superhero core “Avengers” is a trendy topic at the moment, these SB Dunks aren’t what you’d think. This 2005 release of the Nike SB Dunk was actually inspired by business attire and released in two varieties – a smooth leather version in June, and much more limited patent leather version (seen above). The ‘Avengers’ also stands as one of the first Nike SB capsules that released matching apparel – most notably a blazer/sportcoat with the pinstriped inner lining. Four shoes in total (two colorways multiplied by the two leather options) were available, and all four stand as one of the standouts of the massive 2005 year of Nike SB. Check out all four below and let us know which of these Classics Revisited goodies you’ve got in your Nike SB stash!

Nike SB Dunk Low 
White/Midnight Navy-Blue Reef
304292 143

304292 101

White/Midnight Navy (Blue Patent)

White/Black (Purple Patent)

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Classics Revisited: Nike SB Dunk Low “J-Pack” (2005)

October 18th, 2012 by | 1 comment

sb dunk jpack blue Classics Revisited: Nike SB Dunk Low J Pack (2005)


Two-toned colorways of SB Dunks make up the bulk of the first few seasons of Nike SB, and not surprisingly, those are among the most coveted as ‘daily beater’ Dunks. The 2005 release of the J-Pack is certainly among the best of that category, and despite this pink-box release not having any cool ties to any artist or skateshop, these continue to be a standout among the powerful 2005 line-up of releases. These were dubbed the ‘J-Pack’, or ‘Jordan Pack’, for its resemblance to the original Black/Royal Air Jordan 1 as well as ‘Cookie Monster’ for obvious reasons, but ‘J-Pack’ has become the accepted moniker as future SB Dunk releases color-blocked in similar manner would commonly be connect with the 2005 release as ‘Neon J-Pack’ and ‘Tiffany J-Pack’. The ‘J-Pack’ proves that not every hot release is a limited affair or an artist collaboration, so enjoy this Classics Revisited and let us know if you’ve got the J-Packs stashed in your closet.

Nike SB Dunk Low
Black/Royal Blue

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Classics Revisited: Nike SB Dunk Low “Slam City” (2005)

October 17th, 2012 by | No comments

sb dunk slam city Classics Revisited: Nike SB Dunk Low Slam City (2005)


Partnerships with skate-shops comprised the original and most popular collaborations of Nike SB’s first season (Supreme, Zoo York, etc.), and the ‘Slam City’ is no exception. Designed by Slam City Skates of the United Kingdom, this great release  was widely popular for the quality materials and unique color-combination and details – namely the caricature of Jesus on the tongue and the map detail on the insole. Another overlooked note is that the more you skate in the Slam City Dunks, the colors change; the Swoosh has a funky material that changes with wear and tear, giving true skaters that distinct look from those who merely keep their kicks on ice. We’ll end this week’s Classics Revisited feature of 2005 SB Dunk Lows here, so let us know if you liked our selections and stay tuned for more next week!

Nike SB Dunk Low
Light Taupe/Black

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Classics Revisited: Nike SB Dunk Low “Raygun” (2005)

October 16th, 2012 by | 1 comment

rayguns Classics Revisited: Nike SB Dunk Low Raygun (2005)


One of the most popular SB Dunk releases of 2005 was the tribute to the Roswell Rayguns – the fictional semi-pro basketball team that was featured as part of Nike Basketball’s advertisement campaigns of 2005. It features the signature Yellow/Orange colors on the center and heel panels with the Rayguns logo embroidered on the heel. Aside from being one of the more coveted SB Dunk drops of the year, there are some interesting facts about the Rayguns that are often overlooked. For one, the Black pair was considered the ‘Home’ version and the White was referred to as the ‘Away’ (an unusual exception from what’s become accepted as Home and Away colors). Secondly, the Rayguns were one of the very few SB Dunk releases that released in Toddler sizes. And finally, the Rayguns were designed by custom sneaker extraordinaire Methamphibian, who would go on and create his own SB Dunk representing his SBTG label. More of tonight’s Classics Revisited is just ahead, so check out both colors and let us know if you have either one in your stash.

Nike SB Dunk Low
Orange Flash/Black-Black

Orange Flash/White-White

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Classics Revisited: Nike SB Dunk Low “Tiffany” (2005)

October 15th, 2012 by | 5 comments

tiffany sb dunk Classics Revisited: Nike SB Dunk Low Tiffany (2005)


The landscape of Nike Skateboarding has changed quite a bit since it first opened up in 2002. Today, it’s the series of pro-models in the name of Koston, Janoski, Rodriguez that dominatesthe scene, but for the first four years SB’s existence, it was all about the SB Dunk. The Dunk experienced an easy transition into the skate scene because the Dunk was already a popular skate-shoe option in the 80′s and 90′s, but in the 2000′s the SB Dunk was the object of sever desire for sneaker collectors around the world. Artistic collaborations with Supreme, Pushead, Zoo York, and transformed the SB Dunk into a rehashed skate shoe to a legend and firestarter of the sneaker culture today, so we’ll focus this week on five notable SB Dunk Lows that paved the way.

Starting off, we’ll take a look at this August 2005 release of the Nike SB Dunk Low, designed by Nick Diamond of Diamond Supply Co. as part of the ‘Team Manager’ series. The Team Manager series included this SB Dunk as well the Zoom Team Edition, the Zoom FC, the Blazer, and another pair of Dunks (by Stussy). There’s no question that the pink-box Diamond Supply Co. design was the most coveted of the bunch, as it borrowed the iconic colors of Tiffany & Co. to create this luxurious pair – unquestionably one of the most popular SB Dunk Lows of all-time. More of this Classics Revisited below, so take a look and stay tuned for more SB Dunk Low goodness as the week rolls along.

Nike SB Dunk Low
Aqua/Cool Grey

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