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Complex’s The Most Underrated Sneakers of the Summer

September 12th, 2013 by | No comments

underrated summer sneakers Complexs The Most Underrated Sneakers of the Summer

Now that the Summer is pretty much out of the way, are there any pairs you regret not picking up? Complex just put together this quick compilation, which just might induce some of those feelings in people who peep the list. Included are their most underrated sneakers of the summer, a group that eludes your typical RSVP-only, collab fare and the like. There’s representatives from a good range of brands-a clean Nike Roshe Run Mid here, a European born Saucony set there. Continue reading for a sampling of their choices and then see the rest over at Complex.

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Complex’s Complete Sneaker History of Entourage

September 11th, 2013 by | 6 comments

entourage sneakers Complexs Complete Sneaker History of Entourage

Obviously you remember the episode in which Turtle grabs that lasered pair of Nike Air Force 1s from Fukijama, but do you remember the more covert sneaker moments from HBO’s Entourage? Helping you out with that is this new Complex compilation, one which chronicles Turtle’s love affair with Air Force 1s as well as it does the other models trotted out in the show. Remember Vince in the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star? Or Drama in a pair of the Nike Air Force 1 High? Continue reading for a couple of the more notable sightings and then get in touch with Complex for the full feature on Entourage sneakers.

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Complex’s 25 Most Under-Appreciated Sneaker Silhouettes of All Time

September 10th, 2013 by | 2 comments

complex underappreciated silhouettes Complexs 25 Most Under Appreciated Sneaker Silhouettes of All Time

It’s a given once you spend any significant amount of time collecting sneakers that you’ll come across a model you seem to uniquely resonate with that everyone else is sleeping on.  The latest Complex list seeks to shine a spotlight on some of these underrated classics, and given the nature of this compendium, it’s bound to both hit on some of your cult favorites and leave some of them covered in dust.  One great thing about this particular moment in sneaker history is that several of these were recently, are currently or will soon be available, so let us know which is your all time most underrated shoe, then see if it made the full list over at Complex.

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A Complete History of Nike LeBron Sneakers Worn by King James

September 5th, 2013 by | 12 comments

lebron james complete history A Complete History of Nike LeBron Sneakers Worn by King James

Can you name every sneaker from the Nike LeBron line that King James himself has actually worn? Probably not, that is unless you study this latest list from Complex. The group of photos is quite an undertaking, boasting a complete history of the various sneakers from his own line that LeBron James has worn ever since he first stepped into the spotlight during his rookie year. Pairs that you may not remember included the Nike LeBron IV in that subtle white/chrome look, the lasered version of the first LeBron Solider model, the “Red Carpet” Nike Air Max LeBron VII and more. Continue reading for some hits from the list and then head to Complex for the full piece.

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Complex’s The 10 Craziest Sneaker “What-ifs”

September 4th, 2013 by | 1 comment

sneaker what ifs 02 Complexs The 10 Craziest Sneaker What ifs

Can you imagine the Butterfly Effect that would have resulted from a few slightly different decisions in sneaker history? Complex certainly can, as they’ve just dished out their “10 Craziest Sneaker What-Ifs”. The list ponders the outcomes of certain signing agreements (Michael Jordan to adidas and LeBron to Reebok among them) as well as retro decisions down the line. Whatever the case, we’re glad that these never went down given how they would have altered the sneaker scene as we know it. Continue reading to get a glimpse of their speculations and then head to Complex for the rest of em.

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Air Jordans Renderings for Every NBA Team Michael Jordan Didn’t Play For

August 30th, 2013 by | 9 comments

air jordans for teams jordan didnt play for 570x367 Air Jordans Renderings for Every NBA Team Michael Jordan Didnt Play For

The Air Jordan line is one that dips into other teams’ colors every once and a while be it via player exclusive pairs or less direct tributes like this year’s series of Air Jordan 1 releases featuring Boston, New York, and Atlanta looking combinations. Taking things much further is this Complex joint, which imagines 28 new Air Jordan colorways as a means of filling in the gaps of all the teams that he never played for. Continue reading to see some of the results, including a “Spurs” Air Jordan III and a “Kings” Air Jordan XX3 and then give us a heads up in the comments if you’d purchase any of the pairs pictured at retail.

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Complex Discusses the Reality of Sneaker Collecting with 20 Sneakerheads

August 29th, 2013 by | 2 comments

complex sneaker collectors Complex Discusses the Reality of Sneaker Collecting with 20 Sneakerheads

Complex’s collectors week continues as they sit down with 20 sneakerheads from all walks of life to discuss “the game”. Each of the collectors was given the same form to respond to, with questions touching on things like the longevity of the sneaker game to the lifetime value of currently coveted pairs like the “Galaxy” Nike Air Foamposite One. Amongst the names in the group are Khalil Vegas and Phase2, heavy hitters who have both had their collections captured in our Sneaker News Select feature. Continue reading to see some of the people who contributed to Complex Sneakers’ list and then get with them for the rest of it.

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