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DWYANE WADE Dwyane Wade is a Jordan Brand athlete. He has his own signature line of sneakers called the Jordan Fly Wade. Dwyane Wade currently plays for the Miami Heat and played college basketball at Marquette.

A Look Back at Dwyane Wade’s Time With Jordan Brand

October 9th, 2012 by | 10 comments

jordan brand dwyane wade history A Look Back at Dwyane Wades Time With Jordan Brand

In 2009, Jordan Brand signed on Dwyane Wade to its exclusive roster of top-shelf athletes – a potential industry-shattering power-move that had the makings of an interesting shake-up in the signature basketball athlete plateau. Wade was quickly employed as the leader of the Jordan Brand pack (already boasting Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul) as he was given the head-turning role as the first pitchman since Michael Jordan himself to rock the Air Jordan flagship sneaker on the NBA floor. Jordan Brand, known for its series of inspiring advertisement campaigns, pulled out all the stops and built up the hype with the ‘Nightmares Never Sleep’ and ‘Agent D3′ series to promote the Air Jordan 2010 and 2011 respectively, knowing full well that the two sides could team up to create a new generation of Jordan followers. It was a match made in heaven – a dream sequence realized thanks to Jordan Brand and Dwyane Wade’s efforts.

In May of 2011, Jordan Brand introduced the Jordan Fly Wade signature series and priced the first model, the Fly Wade, above the Melo and CP3 models. This elevated price indirectly affirmed that the Wade was the top-shelf Jordan Brand model, and JB worked quickly to put forth a sequel in the Jordan Fly Wade 2, arriving in December of that same year. However, what appeared to be a flourishing partnership between Wade and the brand built by his idol never really got beyond the neophytic stages; three years of cultivating this outstanding duo resulted in not much more than mediocre sales numbers, a lawsuit involving Wade’s logo that resulted in a logo re-design for the sequel, Wade openly deferring to teammate (and perhaps his counterpart at Nike) LeBron James, and most importantly, a general lack of enthusiasm by the group that mattered most – the consumers.

Since the Wade 2 launch in last December, not much more came out from the Fly Wade channels (save the energetic colorway release here and there) and by late August 2012, rumors of Wade’s departure at the end of his Jordan Brand contract, which officially terminated on September 30th), and an impending jump to Li-Ning began circulating. All three parties (Wade, Jordan Brand, and Li-Ning) stayed mum on the topic, but by the end of the month, the cat was officially out of the bag. Now, with Wade’s ties to the Jumpman officially severed, Li-Ning is ready to announce its partnership with Wade tomorrow in a media event in China, but expect a lot more from this partnership than just a signature shoe; a parallel line of Wade-branded merchandise is also potentially in the works. A lot has transpired in a short span of three years, so check out the rise and fall in this retrospective of Wade’s time with Jordan Brand and let us know if you think the Li-Ning x Wade partnership has the potential for growth in the States.

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Li-Ning Wade #MakeTheChange

October 9th, 2012 by | 42 comments

li ning wade sneakers Li Ning Wade #MakeTheChange

Thanks to the covert updates that Sneaker News has kept you up on, you already know that Dwyane Wade has made a huge change in his sneaker career, allowing his Jordan Brand contract to expire and linking up with Chinese sportswear entity Li-Ning. Tomorrow marks the 10/10 date hinted at by Wade on which the partnership is expected to officially be announced, but we’ve got some more photos and info ahead of that to shed light on the situation. First of all, Wade will have his sub-brand known simply as ‘Wade’, with an apparel line that he will have executive control over thrown in the mix. Secondly, reports have the line launching in China “soon” with an expected US arrival in Spring 2013.

During this big-time change for one of the league’s biggest athletes (#MakeTheChange being the apparent name of the campaign), some more insight has been given on the Wade/Jordan Brand split, with Wade speaking on the subject with “In the end, the pros outweighed the cons, Jordan might have that cool factor, but I’m at a different point in my career. I want to be involved in building something.” There’s no doubt that this new endorsement has given him that building opportunity, letting him carve out his own path and create a footwear legacy independent influence from any other Chicago heroes. You can expect to see Wade rocking his new Li-Ning’s on the regular at a couple upcoming exhibition matches out in China, with the in-game pairs to be auctioned off afterwards, thus becoming the first ever Wade x Li-Ning sneakers up for grabs. Click through with us to get the latest look at Dwyane Wade’s Li-Ning prototypes and check back tomorrow for more on the official dawn of the Wade/Li-Ning era.

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Dwyane Wade Teases His Li-Ning Signature Shoe

October 9th, 2012 by | 5 comments

dwyane wade teases his li ning signature shoe 1 Dwyane Wade Teases His Li Ning Signature Shoe

It’s not unprecedented to move on from Jordan Brand after a cash-wielding upstart brand comes a-callin’ (Jason Kidd comes to mind, though he’s known to have shifted sneaker loyalties like he drops dimes), but still taking some time go get used to Dwyane Wade signing with Li-Ning.  More looks at the finished product will no doubt ease us into this new era, and D-Wade himself is happy to oblige during a moment of downtime while touring the home country of his new sponsors.  Wade’s first Li-Ning signature appears alongside a ’10/10′ logo whose inscribed 0s remind us this is the Miami sneaker journeyman’s tenth year in the league, too, and even without the Jumpman, he’s still a ’1 of 1′-type elite talent (or is there still a slim chance that it’s a reference to a Wednesday official debut?).  Don’t let the official NBA cap by adidas fool you; ‘Agent D3′, ‘Flash’ or whatever his new label decides to brand the two-time NBA Champ and gold medalist is with Li-Ning now and you can see a teaser of Li-Ning Wades to come below.

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Li-Ning Dwyane Wade Signature Model

October 7th, 2012 by | 57 comments

li ning dwyane wade signature model Li Ning Dwyane Wade Signature Model

It’s here. One of the league’s biggest stars has ended his long standing relationship with one of the league’s most prominent outfitter of on-court sneakers, Dwyane Wade going a little left of field in his signing with Chinese athletic company Li-Ning. And what will be first up to kick off this new era in his sneaker career? You’re looking at it. The model, the name of which is still unclear, steers clear of any Heat colors at the moment, building off a clean black and white colorway with some wink and nod D-Wade elements like that slick ‘W’ set up at the front end of the lace placket and the various ‘Wade’ hits about. Click through to check out the first solid shots of the Dwyane Wade Li-Ning silhouette and drop us your thoughts in the comments below.

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Dwyane Wade Practices in Li-Nings

October 5th, 2012 by | 18 comments

dwyane wade practices in his li ning signature shoe Dwyane Wade Practices in Li Nings

Having officially switched sponsors, Dwyane Wade is no doubt eager to get right to work in testing out his new Li-Ning sneaker, a model which will mark his tenth season in the NBA and his first under the newly established Li-Ning signing. Of course we don’t know the name of the model yet, or any release info, heck we haven’t even seen any official images. But what we can show you is this, D-Wade putting in some practice hours in the all new design. Click through with us to check out some sneaky shots of Dwyane Wade’s Li-Ning model and stick with Sneaker News as the story develops.

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Dwyane Wade Teases Li-Ning “10/10″ Signature Shoe

October 2nd, 2012 by | 10 comments

dwyane wade li ning signature shoe Dwyane Wade Teases Li Ning 10/10 Signature Shoe

With Dwyane Wade officially exiting the house that Michael built, it didn’t take very long for Li-Ning and Wade to make their connection known. The preview shown comes from the Instagram of Flash himself, with the ominous caption of #10/10, a possible allusion to this being his 10th season in the NBA, or perhaps even an earlier than expected release date. Right off the bat, we see ‘WADE’ and a unique W-shaped lacing system, so clearly Li-Ning had something prepared for the superstar. Click through with us to check out the first ever shot from the newly minted partnership between Dwyane Wade and Li-Ning and let us know in the comments below how you think these will compare to Wade’s now extinct lineup of Jordan Brand models.

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Dwyane Wade Joins Li-Ning

October 1st, 2012 by | 16 comments

dwyane wade li ning Dwyane Wade Joins Li Ning

Roughly one month ago a report of a potential split between Jordan Brand and its purported top-level athlete/representative Dwyane Wade created some interesting discussion among our readers. Wade is indeed one of the star athletes of the entire NBA and certainly one of the few multi-Championship All-Stars that are still active in the game, but in Wade’s case, his star status both on and off the court didn’t translate into major sales numbers or anything remotely close to the standards of the Air Jordan legacy. Even in Sneaker News’ recent Jordan Brand Holiday 2012/Spring 2013 preview, anything remotely ‘Wade’ wasn’t in sight, which pretty much said what needed to be said without words. In any case, Wade’s contract with the brand that started in 2009 has seen its inevitable end, and it is now confirmed by current Li-Ning brand endorsee Evan Turner of the Philadelphia Sixers that Dwyane Wade has indeed joined Chinese athletic brand Li-Ning.

While no break-up is ever worth a celebration, this business decision looks to benefit both sides; the Fly Wade series experienced mediocre-at-best sales and perhaps didn’t justify his annual salary (one that would’ve needed to be raised or been in at the same rate in order to keep him), but the flipside may reveal that Wade is likely getting a generous endorsement contract as well as major marketing potential in China, where NBA stars are as heavily praised as they are in the States. It’s a move that gives Wade what he’s looking for (more international fame and relevance and more dollars) while allowing Jordan Brand a ‘fresh start’ of sorts with either a new line of performance basketball footwear or maybe even another signature athlete down the line. Your thoughts on Wade’s decision to jump to Li-Ning? Any suggestions as to who can step up and be Jordan Brand’s third guy?

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