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New Balance 574 Custom Kiosk at Foot Locker Times Square

September 12th, 2013 by | 2 comments

new balance 574 customization kiosk at foot locker times square4 New Balance 574 Custom Kiosk at Foot Locker Times Square

The New Balance 574 is one part of that exclusive group of sneakers that all sneakerheads and casual wearers must have. Undoubtedly the most popular NB model ever, the 574, which is already available in a sea of great in-line colorways, got a major boost with the debut of the online 574 Customization experience some years ago. To bring this gem of a sneaker buy to the masses, New Balance has teamed up with Foot Locker to provide shoppers the New Balance 574 Custom experience inside one of the retailer’s brightest stores inside the heart of Times Square – the only 574 Custom Kiosk out there.

The New Balance 574 Kiosk features a touch-screen display, giving customers a simple and thorough view of their designs. Color and material swatches as well as completed samples are on hand as well for a real-world view of all the available selections (there are 48 quadrillion distinct 574 combos to make).  One pair of the custom 574s runs $140 and the shoes will be shipped free of charge in 6-10 days from the New Balance factory in Maine (yes, Made In America). After finishing your design on the kiosk, you can share your design on Facebook and Twitter with the #NB574Approved hashtag. We’ve got some images of the New Balance 574 Custom Kiosk inside Foot Locker Times Square below so check ‘em out and be sure to stop to get your own 574s one-of-ones.

New Balance 574 Kiosk at Foot Locker Times Square
1530 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

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Wiz Khalifa Collection by Converse

August 13th, 2013 by | 6 comments

wiz khalifa x converse 6 Wiz Khalifa Collection by Converse

It was only a matter of time before Wiz Khalifa got his own Converse shoe. You’ll remember back in March we gave you the word that the Pittsburgh rapper was officially inked up with the brand, a partnership that only made sense given how much he’s been sporting their sneakers and calling them out in his lyrics for the duration of his time in the spotlight. Presented here for the first time is the first retail release from the Wiz Khalifa Collection by Converse – a padded collar high top affair rife with details such as camouflage print, stars, and a studded tongue. This model will be available at Foot Locker retail locations on August 23rd, so continue reading to see more on the Converse All Star Swag Hi from the Wiz Khalifa x Converse collection and tell us in the comments if you’ll be picking up a pair.

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Victor Cruz x Kids Foot Locker “Buddy Montage”

August 5th, 2013 by | 1 comment

kids foot locker victor cruz buddy montage 1 Victor Cruz x Kids Foot Locker Buddy Montage

Wouldn’t it be neat to be best buds with Victor Cruz for a day? Turns out all you have to do to make that happen is score a spot in an advertisement for Kids Foot Locker. That’s what happened to the lucky kid in this new spot, which carries the torch of awesome Foot Locker ads that we’ve seen over the past year or two (Although we’re maintaining that the “Melo 5″ is still the best). Continue reading for the spot, as well as a peak at the gear available now at Kids Foot Locker.

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PayPal Payments Now Available at Foot Locker In-store

May 1st, 2013 by | 5 comments

footlocker paypal PayPal Payments Now Available at Foot Locker In store

Anyone who has shopped or even browsed online knows that PayPal is one of the primary methods of payment utilized by countless merchants around the globe; it’s been a staple of eBay commerce for years, and it’s even a viable checkout option on Nikestore. PayPal has always acted as a wallet “cloud” of sorts, with a debit or credit account being connected with a personal PayPal account to make paying for goods as easy as possible. But what was once an online only option has switched to actual stores, as Foot Locker and PayPal team up to launch PayPal’s Offline Payment shopping solution in its 1,200 stores nationwide. PayPal account holders can access their personal accounts by entering the phone number connected with the account while “checking in” to Foot Locker to access VIP memberships (no need to look for ‘em in your wallet).

So how’s this different from, say, cash or a credit card? Aside from the convenience of “checking in” and not having to search for your Foot Locker VIP card, you don’t need to be carrying around actual credit cards or wads of cash to pick up your favorite sneakers – a secure feature on those raucous sneaker releases. In addition, parents can either give their PayPal account info to their children to safely make purchases in-store, or create a joint account to give the young customer a little more control. Sneaker News was given an opportunity to experience the PayPal Offline Payment in-store, and we must say – it’s pretty darn easy. PayPal won’t stop at Foot Locker either, as it aims to become a payment option at over two millions stores by the end of 2013. Your thoughts on this development? Does this make sneaker purchases easier for you? Let us know.

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Steph Curry x Foot Locker: “Callback”

March 1st, 2013 by | 2 comments

footlocker callback entourage steph curry Steph Curry x Foot Locker: Callback

Poor Maurice is still without an Entourage, but luckily Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors, who just dropped a penny short of a double-nickel on the Knicks last night, decided to give this freelance entourage member a callback. Does Maurice have what it takes to join the select crew of Steph Curry? Does Steph even know who Maurice is? If you don’t ever want to be caught in Maurice’s predicament simply because you didn’t your sneaker rotation fresh, remember to cop your Approved Heat at Foot Locker today. Check out the video below!

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James Harden & Kris Humphries x Foot Locker – “Alternate Ending”

February 20th, 2013 by | 1 comment

foot locker alternate ending 1 James Harden & Kris Humphries x Foot Locker   Alternate Ending

Poor Maurice is having a hard time fitting with Kris Humphries’ crew after he was shipped away by James Harden for rocking the same shoes on consecutive nights. Before, Kris was worried about his appearance as he was fishing for compliments from his crew, but in this alternate scenario, Kris and Co. are now building what appears to be a time machine. We all know Kris would like to re-do a few events in his life, and had Maurice been given a “do over”, he would’ve worn some different heat when meeting with Harden and the boys. You can prevent that from happening to you by copping all of the Foot Locker Approved Heat that drops this weekend like the Nike LeBron X ‘Volt’, the Nike Kobe 8 ‘Blue Camo’, and the Nike KD V ‘Texas’, so check out this latest commercial and let us know which of the three kicks you like best.

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Foot Locker 2013 Houston All-Star Sneaker Release Info

February 8th, 2013 by | 14 comments

Houston All Star Releases f Foot Locker 2013 Houston All Star Sneaker Release Info

Last year, the Galaxy craze in Florida created national media attention due to the mass crowds that swarmed mall parking lots, forcibly causing select Foot Locker retailers in that region to cancel the release. This year, Foot Locker has taken extra precaution to ensure the safety of its customers and employees by setting some specific procedures regarding all the top-flight sneaker releases, starting with an Air Jordan IX ‘Cool Grey’ restock on Wednesday, ending with yet another restock of the Air Jordan III Retro ’88 on Sunday, and including all the All-Star footwear in-between. Remember, these rules and schedules apply ONLY to Foot Locker locations in the Houston area, so click below for full information.

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