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Gourmet “Ocelot Pack” – Available

September 16th, 2012 by | No comments

gourmet ocelot pack available Gourmet Ocelot Pack   Available

Gourmet has built their brand with an understanding of the modern footwear landscape few can match, standing on the shoulders of giants for some elements and going off into leftfield for others.  Their latest release is a good example: a trio of sneakers whose lines can be traced back to modern classics, done in a pack with trendy feline spotting, but in a pattern no other brands have used.  This ‘Ocelot Pack’ includes the Gourmet Quattro S, 35 LP and Dieci all in black and browns, featuring a unique printed ultrasuede imported from Japan.  You can see all three below and purchase them today from Gourmet; which one’s you’re most likely prey?

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Gourmet “Camouflage” Pack – Fall/Winter 2012

June 30th, 2012 by | 4 comments

gourmet camouflage pack fall winter 2012 1 Gourmet Camouflage Pack   Fall/Winter 2012

Gourmet’s leopard print ‘Hotpack’ proved the brand’s all-over prints can stand with the best of them, but then again, we already knew that.  It was nearly a year ago that the first camouflage-enhanced suede Uno arrived at retailers, and now we see the success translated to a variety of additional silhouettes.  The Gourmet Quattro S returns with a black suede mudguard in place of last year’s black leather, and will be joined by the Dieci, Dignan and Quadici.  That last trio is listed in order from least to greatest amount of solid-colored contrast, a list that the latest Sedici tops with an olive upper and just a hint of concealment on the heel counter.  Click through for photos of all five, let us know which looks best and stick with Sneaker News for release info.  Photos: Dunk

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Gourmet “Hotpack”

June 17th, 2012 by | 1 comment

gourmet hotpack summary Gourmet Hotpack

We’re coming up on the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, and all that sunlight means extended warmth and fun with your friends away from the trappings of school and work.  Gourmet is right on the pulse of the summertime vibe and their new Hotpack trio brings three new designs to retail that are just perfect for those balmy nights.  The familiar Gourmet Uno LX comes through in two printed colorways giving you your choice of leopard or camo suede, while a patent-mudguarded Deici 2 L positions itself as the ‘cool’ (grey) guy in this clique.  Check out all three in greater detail below and grab yours straight from Gourmet.

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Gourmet “Ocelot Pack”

June 7th, 2012 by | No comments

gourmet ocelot pack 1 570x380 Gourmet Ocelot Pack

They’ve pretty well established over the past five-plus years that even if the design elements are familar (because that’s the idea, after all) Gourmet is going to be ahead of the curve compared to the mainstream sneaker market.  They schooled us all BAPE-USA-style on how Nike and Jordan Brand have contributed to the foundations of sneaker design, beat everybody to the ‘duck boot’ punch and recently ran laps around other brands with their wild animal prints.  In fact, the Gourmet has already used enough leopard that they’re looking to get even more exotic with the jungle cat selections, and now we’re looking at the closest thing to a ‘pack’ that they’ve offered to date.  The Gourmet Quattro S, Dieci 2 SN and The 35 are all done up in ocelot ultrasuede constrasting black leather, so while the colors and feral theme are familiar (as are lines borrowed from Air Jordans XII and XIII along with the Puma Blaze of Glory -slash- Pump Omni, respectively), the use of a new print puts these out in front of the pack.  Check out more photos below and stick with Sneaker News for US release info.  via HB

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Gourmet Fall/Winter 2012 Preview

January 14th, 2012 by | No comments

gourmet fall winter 2012 1 570x379 Gourmet Fall/Winter 2012 Preview

Gourmet just came through with the latest take on their running-inspired model The 35, a design dipped in the same leopard print suede that we saw on their Quattro and Quadici models last spring, and should hit soon on the new Cinque 2 silo.  The animal print movement has become a full-fledged trend since we saw those first pairs last year, and now we can expect a few more seeing as the Gourmet Dieci C and Quattro S both showed up at Agenda in new horsehair leopard spots.  There’s also another 35 on the way that keeps its jungle cat markings to the accents, and you can see those as well as a ‘Cool Grey’-style Dieci in more images after the jump.  Let us know which ones you’d pick and stick with Sneaker News for word on their availability.  via HB

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Gourmet Spring 2012 Footwear

January 4th, 2012 by | 1 comment

gourmet spring12 lb tredici 1 Gourmet Spring 2012 Footwear

Gourmet is arguably the most successful of the lifestyle sneaker lines launched after the turn of the century, and their lineup continues to grow and evolve to better reflect the brand’s label with each passing season.  The spring 2012 lineup brings back plenty of familiar faces while adding a couple new jams, and we’ll start with a couple pairs that we previewed a short while back.  The Gourmet Sedici sees its camo suede design contrasted by another pair done in the same vegtan leather that makes up its heel.  That same monochromatic luxury is echoed on red and blue suede Sedici Lows, which makes this chukka-inspired family the leader of the Q1 pack.  Sedicis lead the way in terms of numbers, but it might be the ‘Space Jam’-leaning Quadici collaboration with Paul Rodriguez’ Primitive that draws the most attention overall.  Click through for more including appearances by the Quattro S, Dieci, Dignan and The 28, as well as the all new 35 trainer and Tredici trail shoe.  Let us know which one wins this round and expect them at Gourmet‘s e-store shortly.

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Gourmet Deici – Holiday 2011 Colorways

December 25th, 2011 by | 1 comment

gourmet deici holiday 2011 1 570x379 Gourmet Deici   Holiday 2011 Colorways

Upon our most recent look at the Quattro S, we noted how Gourmet had shifted its design from the original Air Jordan XII-copying form to a more distinct skate shoe with just a hint of AJ DNA.  The same is true of the Gourmet Deici, one of the brand’s other original models that itself was designed after the AJ13.  They don’t feature the Thirteen’s signature ‘golf ball’ dimples or any of the ballistic nylon that was so popular on that model, these two bold leather colorways moving further away from the Air Jordan Legacy and further toward upscale casual with a wink and nod toward the foundation of modern footwear.  Click through to see both colorways and get yours straight from Gourmet.  via FNG

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