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Nike #KobeSystem – Level 7: Success At Success

January 29th, 2012 by | 5 comments

nike kobesystem level 7 success at success Nike #KobeSystem   Level 7: Success At Success

Throughout its history Nike Basketball has never held back when it came to delivering its message in the most unique ways. From the earliest Michael Jordan ads to LeBron James’ ‘Rise’, Nike has managed to cover all of angles, but we’ve never seen as anything so star-studded and profoundly packaged like the Kobe System. We’ve arrived at the seventh and final level of the KobeSystem, but some of you may not even have grasped the take-away message that each lesson provides; we’re certain a chunk of viewers can relate with Kanye West when he says “What the @#$^ are you talking about, Kobe Bryant?”. Maybe you won’t get it until you put on the shoes and put the System to test, but until you do so, you won’t reach the heightened level of success like Kobe has in his career. Even Richard Branson, the focus of this lesson, can learn a thing or two from the #KobeSystem, so check out the video below and let us know what your favorite Kobe System ‘Lesson’ has been.

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Nike #KobeSystem – Level 6: Beastion

January 28th, 2012 by | 17 comments

nike kobesystem level 6 beastion Nike #KobeSystem   Level 6: Beastion

“What the $%&@ does that mean, Kobe Bryant?” – Kanye West

The Level 6 lesson of Kobe Bryant’s Kobe System is directed at Kanye West, the global superstar who has reached levels of success in music, fashion, and every other pop culture category you can think. But Kobe knows that with the Kobe System, Kanye West can do better; can Kanye West be a different animal, but the same beast? Can he – or anyone else for that matter -¬†even comprehend the message of Level 6? Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

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Nike #KobeSystem – Level 5 Domination

January 27th, 2012 by | 10 comments

kobe system level 5 domination Nike #KobeSystem   Level 5 Domination

What if your days of success are behind you, and you’ve graciously retired from the game that you once dominated? According to Kobe Bryant’s Kobe System, domination can be achieved in any setting. In the Level 5 seminar of the Kobe System, Kobe Bryant instructs NFL great Jerry Rice to dominate retirement by essentially dominating anything in life. Breakfast, art, waffles, the sun, kickflips – all can be dominated with the key ingredients of the Kobe System, but some in the crowd don’t seem to be affected by Kobe’s message just yet; Kanye West can be seen dozing off during this portion of the Kobe System seminar, only to be awaken by the raucous applause at the end of the lecture. Check out the Level 5 video below and stay tuned to Sneaker News for the final two levels of the Kobe System.

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Nike Zoom Kobe VII ‘Wolf’ – Detailed Images

January 26th, 2012 by | 15 comments

nike zoom kobe vii wolf detailed images 11 Nike Zoom Kobe VII Wolf   Detailed Images

What is this?, Kobe asks as he points to an image of a howling wolf. If you caught the Nike #KobeSystem – Level 3: Perception video, you’d know that the answer is “The System”. The wolf, recognized as the fearless predator of the forest, plays an integral role in creating the Nike Zoom Kobe VII, forging a rock-solid system alongside the Black Mamba snake and the Great White Shark. In this exclusive, detailed look at the Nike Zoom Kobe VII ‘Wolf’, we see that the colorway matches the persona of the wolf – understated, but not to be overlooked. This upcoming March 2012 release relies on the ‘Attack Fast’ insole, but like all the Kobe VII releases, it can adapt to the ‘Attack Strong’ set-up by switching out to the Supreme insole. Continue reading for a detailed look at the Nike Zoom Kobe VII ‘Wolf’ and stick with Sneaker News for more exclusive viewings of the most anticipated upcoming releases!

Nike Zoom Kobe VII
Wolf Grey/Total Orange-Cool Grey-Black-White

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Nike #KobeSystem – Level 4 Explosion

January 26th, 2012 by | 6 comments

kobe system level 4 Nike #KobeSystem   Level 4 Explosion

“Explosiveness is a matter of Fast and Strong.”

You’ve succeeded, you’ve adapted, and you’ve perceived. Now it’s time to explode, but it gets a little tricky this time around. For the latest seminar of the Kobe System, Kobe Bryant advises us that Explosion is a matter of Fast and Strong, but that doesn’t necessarily limited itself to the confines of a basketball court. You can explode everywhere (the internet, in particular), and Kobe quickly diagrams a sure-fire method of making something explode on the internet – find something explosive, hashtag it, watch it explode more. Another lesson to learn from the Level 4 seminar? Don’t waste Kanye West’s time. Check out the full video below and stay tuned for the remainder of the Kobe System seminar.

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Nike #KobeSystem – Level 3: Perception

January 25th, 2012 by | 10 comments

nike zoom kobe vii level 3 3 Nike #KobeSystem   Level 3: Perception

“The only way to answer your question…is with more questions.”

During the first two lectures discussing the beginning levels of the Kobe System, self-improvement guru Kobe Bryant provided some profound insight for Aziz Ansari and Serena Williams, helping them achieve success beyond success. The focus now goes on Chinese superstar entertainer Wang Leehom, who struggles with the perception of the Nike Zoom Kobe VII and a Great White Shark as integral components of the Kobe System instead of independent entities. The most important lesson he learns is that Wang now understands that he must perceive himself as something greater than great – which can lead to, say, five NBA titles and four All-Star Game MVPs. Check out the full video of Level 3 of the Nike KobeSystem below and check out some pictoral guidelines depicting ‘Adaptation’ and ‘Success’ below.

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Nike #KobeSystem – Level 2: Adaptation

January 24th, 2012 by | 4 comments

kobe system adaptation 1 Nike #KobeSystem   Level 2: Adaptation

The Kobe VII system is only for the successful – those who believe they have achieved the pinnacle of their respective games. Kobe doesn’t agree. After success comes Adaptation, and in this latest lesson of the KobeSystem, Kobe Bryant explains the difference between adaptation and reaction…by showing a prehistoric horned beast getting blown away by an explosion caused for a meteor. In lay terms, the Kobe System teaches us to adapt to our surroundings rather than reacting to the changes around us, but don’t rest yet because there are five more levels to go. Check out the full video of Adaptation below and check out a detailed pie chart depicting the growing number of Kobe VII enlisters and let us know if you’re on the Kobe System!

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