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Nike KD V iD by Leo Chang

November 6th, 2012 by | 7 comments

nike kd v id leo chang 2 Nike KD V iD by Leo Chang

The Nike KD V is officially here, with the sneaker debuting not via some in-line colorway but rather on NIKE iD. And even though the model just hit today we’ve already got a look at a finished sample of the Nike KD V iD, one cooked up by the man behind the sneaker, Nike designer Leo Chang. The design sports a mixture of hot teal and atomic punch, also flexing the speckling and glow in the dark options. Click through to check out Leo Chang’s Nike KD V iD and let us know the comments if you’re already cooking up a pair of your own.

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Nike Designer Leo Chang Discusses the Nike KD V

October 23rd, 2012 by | 3 comments

nike designer leo chang discusses the nike kd v1 Nike Designer Leo Chang Discusses the Nike KD V

Ensuring that the subtleties of the Nike KD V design aren’t lost on the sneaker community, Nike has accompanied this morning’s official unveiling of Kevin Durant’s fifth signature shoe with a video walk through by Swoosh footwear designer Leo Chang. Key in the creation of the sneaker was the close fit, a common thread through all of the Nike KD line, Max Air cushioning in the heel, an upgraded Zoom Air bag, and more. Click through with us to get some insights from Chang on the Nike KD Zoom V and stick with us for the pending release of the sneaker.

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20 Years Of Nike Basketball Design: Zoom KD IV (2011)

August 11th, 2012 by | 3 comments

zoom kd iv 2011 bball 0 20 Years Of Nike Basketball Design: Zoom KD IV (2011)

Nike Basketball’s sensational trio of signature athletes has to get some recognition as part of its 20 Year Retrospective, right? Kevin Durant’s meteoric rise to superstardom is all substance and no filler – an organic humility that designer Leo Chang transferred over to the Nike Zoom KD IV; Chang describes the design of of the KD IV as a “shoe that’s stripped down to his essence – nothing less, nothing more”, so as he heard Durant’s demands of a shoe that’s “light and tight”, Adaptive Fit was created to the lower-cut build, allowing KD to adjust the tightness to his own liking and essentially making the KD IV an all-positions, all-skill shoe. The details in the shoe are worth noting as well, as the many ‘easter eggs’ carved into the design pay tribute to some special figures in KD’s life. More of the KD IV below, so stay tuned for the next and final installment of Nike Basketball: 1992-2012!

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20 Years Of Nike Basketball Design: Zoom Hyperfuse (2010)

August 10th, 2012 by | No comments

nike zoom hyperfuse design history 01 570x406 20 Years Of Nike Basketball Design: Zoom Hyperfuse (2010)

Thursday’s look back at 2008′s Zoom Kobe IV was a reminder of how conventional wisdom can shift right under your feet, and today we get a look at a design and really, an entire fabrication process, that was inspired by the unlikeliest of combinations.  Shane Kohatsu of Nike’s famed Innovation Kitchen noticed that Chinese ballers wore everything from mesh runners to rugged workboots on the nation’s rapidly multiplying outdoor asphalt arenas, then went to work on creating a balance of their collective advantages.  The three-layered technical marvel that is Hyperfuse is born, and in 2010, the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse became the first model to show off its incredible blend of lightweight breathability and strength.  Lead designer Leo Chang noted that the new seamless approach means “You have to draw everything, from the inside out,” so have a look at various sketches and design notes after the jump and let us know where the OG Hyperfuse ranks in the annals of Nike Basketball’s all-time greats.

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Nike Zoom KD IV Elite Sample

May 1st, 2012 by | 29 comments

nike zoom kd iv elite sample 1 Nike Zoom KD IV Elite Sample

Nike Basketball just took performance basketball sneakers to the next level when the Elite Series hit store shelves on Saturday, its already elevated price tags pushing even higher on the resale market.  That means that the LeBron 9 P.S. Elite that came to market with a $250MSRP is now well over three bills on the ‘Bay, a figure that’s over three times as much as the cost of your average Kevin Durant signature.  And though there’s no denying KD’s superstar status, hurdles like this have kept a possible Nike Zoom KD IV Elite at bay to this point.  Beyond the pricing concerns with upgraded materials, Durant’s unique foot shape in conjunction with a lighter and thinner upper has resulted in a few samples being sent back as designer Leo Chang looks for the perfect combination of postseason tech for the three-time reigning NBA scoring champion.  Click through to get a closer look at what could have been with the Zoom KD 4 Elite and stick with Sneaker News to see if KD will ever have an Elite edition of his sig make it to retail in the future.  Photos: SoleCollector

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Jason Petrie & Leo Chang Discuss Nike Elite Series Aesthetics & Colorways

April 26th, 2012 by | 19 comments

jason petrie and leo chang discuss the nike basketball elite series 4 Jason Petrie & Leo Chang Discuss Nike Elite Series Aesthetics & Colorways

Inside the Nike Basketball design studios, performance is everything. Every move and decision is made with maximum performance in mind, including the actual visual look of the shoes created within. The pursuit of ultimate functionality determines not only how a shoe performs and feels on your foot, but in many cases, it also dictates a lot of the aesthetic choices as well. Once the shoe has been fully developed and engineered to it’s full potential, it’s time for the color, graphics and materials team to further bring the products to life with a variety of color splashes and palettes to help to tell certain stories and give some additional identity to each colorway.

Yesterday, in part 1 of our Nike Basketball Elite Series interview with Nike Bball designers Jason Petrie and Leo Chang, we got the full lowdown on the technical updates made to each of the three models to upgrade from their original forms into this super premium postseason-inspired collection. Now we take a deeper look at why the Elite Series looks the way it does, from its shapes, lines and materials to the various color schemes and the stories behind them. Continue reading for all you wanted to know about the Nike Basketball Elite Series aesthetics and colorways, and be on the look out for the home and away versions of all three models hitting retailers this Saturday, April 28th.

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Jason Petrie & Leo Chang Break Down the Nike Basketball Elite Series

April 25th, 2012 by | 40 comments

jason petrie and leo chang discuss the nike basketball elite series 1 Jason Petrie & Leo Chang Break Down the Nike Basketball Elite Series

Many sneaker fanatics and aficionados never take into consideration the painstaking efforts that go into creating the shoes that they love. The design process can be a tedious one, especially when you consider all of the factors that can sometimes tie a designer’s hands. One of the largest stumbling blocks is the need to keep materials and costs manageable in order to ensure that the final product is affordable for consumers and profitable for the brand. While we’d all love to see our Nike’s loaded up with large Air Max bags, full-length Zoom units, carbon fiber, foam and all those other costly amenities, the bottom line is that these coveted luxuries can often drive pricepoints out of control, urging the need for more cost-effective material options in their place.

But what would happen if Nike completely unchained the leash and opened the premium floodgates in the name of the ultimate performance basketball footwear? The answer is the Nike Basketball Elite Series, a no holds barred assault on the conventional design process and the budgeting limitations that can so often hold it back. For Nike Basketball designers Jason Petrie and Leo Chang, the Elite Series project is like a dream come true. With pricepoint constraints thrown out the window, the gloves were finally off to go out and reach for the pinnacle of performance basketball footwear glory. That kind of freedom doesn’t come along very often for most footwear designers, and when it does, it’s accompanied by a responsibility to meet lofty expectations.

For Jason, Leo and the rest of the Nike BBall team, the solution was to go back to the beginning to analyze and evaluate every aspect of each existing model to determine each and every place where performance could be enhanced. Materials were added, removed, invented, tweaked and shaved down, making the shoes lighter and stronger, as well as more responsive and comfortable, all in the name of providing NBA athletes and the consumers who buy the shoes with the ultimate option for the rigorous post season push. Right down to the types of threads that are woven into the laces and the sticky grips that contour to your step on the footbed, every possible detail has been considered and tailored to maximize the overall function of the shoe. The price tags might seem a bit high when you see these hit stores this weekend, but you get what you pay for and the Nike Basketball Elite Series has just raised the bar for what performance luxury can mean to a sneaker.

Continue reading for part 1 of our interview with Jason Petrie and Leo Chang and check back tomorrow for the follow-up featuring everything you need to know about upcoming Elite Series colorways.

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