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Levi’s x Nike SB Dunk Low – Navy Hyperstrike

July 5th, 2012 by | 7 comments

levis x nike sb dunk low navy hyperstrike 11 Levis x Nike SB Dunk Low   Navy Hyperstrike

Select skate shops celebrated Independence Day with the Levi’s x Nike SB Dunk Low along with a pair of Team Edition 511 jeans, and now we can see what’s in store for the only month without a major national holiday.  Following up on the black denim design that just released will be a more traditional navy blue interpretation of jeanswear as sneakers, and it looks like the August sequel will be a super-limited Hyperstrike.  These keep the red outsole in honor of Levi Strauss & Co.’s signature back pocket tabs, but against a white midsole and with gold stitching on the Swoosh, these also happen to have a fairly strong Olympic/USA vibe, potentially right at the heart of the XXX Olympiad in London.  The Summer Games’ dates are set in stone (notoriously temperamental UK weather permitting) but the navy Levi’s Dunk Low SB is as yet without a solid release date, so click through for more images, let us know which one is better and stick with Sneaker News for the release date.  via Dunkbar

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Levi’s x Nike SB Collection

June 27th, 2012 by | 47 comments

levis x nike sb collection 1 Levis x Nike SB Collection

Early today we got a tip off from Omar Salazar himself that his signature sneaker the Nike SB Omar Salazar would be a part of the upcoming team up between Levis and Nike SB, but as it turns out that’s not the only set of sneakers to be included in the capsule. Dropping a month after Omar’s pair is a Nike SB Dunk Low sporting a similar look, with the typical Nike hit on the back tab of the right shoe replaced with the Levi’s logo. Click through with us for a video spot and the full look at the collection, which will of course include some denim goods in the form of to separate version of the 511 Skateboarding jeans in a variety of washes and colors and the Trucker Skateboarding Jacket. Also, let us know which release from the Summer set of the Levi’s x Nike SB project you’re looking forward to most.

Nike SB Omar Salazar LR $85
511 Skateboarding Team Edition Jeans 198

Nike SB Dunk Low Pro $98
511 Skateboarding Jeans $98
Trucker Skateboarding Jacket $100

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Levi’s x Nike SB Omar Salazar LR

June 27th, 2012 by | 14 comments

levis x nike sb omar salazar teaser 1 Levis x Nike SB Omar Salazar LR

It was very much ‘perfect timing’ when on May 11th (5/11), we got our first look at the Nike SB x Levi’s 511 jeans.  Their July 4th release date had been revealed over a month prior and the project’s been teased since February, but until today, we still didn’t know which Swoosh skateboarding sneaker(s) would be involved in the project.  Thinking back to 2010′s Bruce Springsteen-inspired ‘Born in the USA’ Independence Day drop, it’s easy to see how a classic like the Dunk or maybe Blazer or even Bruin might be called upon.  Instead, we see the familiar Red Tab logo applied to the heel of a recently revamped design, the Levi’s x Nike SB Omar Salazar LR ready to come out of hiding in time for next week’s holiday drop.  Click through to get a better look at the Levi’s Salazar LR, let us know how they compare to the Dinosaur Jr. Zoom edition and stick with Sneaker News for updates.  via Omar Salazar

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Nike SB x Levi’s 511 Jeans – New Images

June 18th, 2012 by | 13 comments

nike sb levi jeans june 18 Nike SB x Levis 511 Jeans   New Images

We’ve known since tax day that the Levi’s x Nike SB collaboration would launch on July 4th and since about four weeks after that, that one key component would be a pair of 511 jeans.  The sneakers in play remain a mystery at this point (though there’s some speculation of at least one pair eschewing denim entirely in favor of a canvas build), but we see more details of the Nike SB x Levi’s 511 today with images that show a definite ‘Tiffany’ influence by way of select teal stitching and a black leather size patch.  The Diamond Supply look is a sharp contrast against dark rinse denim but it’s a definite sign of Swoosh skateboarding’s involvement; which other colors of the ever-versatile 511 would look good with this kind of detailing?  Let us know when you’re on the other side and check back with Sneaker News for updates on the Levi’s x Nike SB pack and how it’ll play out with the USA Olympic BMX team in London.  via N-SB

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Nike SB x Levi’s 511 Jeans

May 11th, 2012 by | 24 comments

nike sb levis 511 jeans 7 Nike SB x Levis 511 Jeans

Hints of Nike Skateboarding collaboration with American fashion staple Levi’s began spilling out after Omar Salazar sent a cryptic close-up of the back-tab of a pair of jeans, and after reporting the official July 4th release date in mid-April, today we have a detailed look at the Nike SB x Levi’s 511 Jeans. These are crafted in classic Levi’s style in the 511 cut (which Levi’s already has a Skate sub-label for) in a rigid black wash colorway, sized 32 x 32. No confirmation or updates regarding a possible footwear tie-in to the Nike SB x Levi’s collaboration, but perhaps a small capsule of skate gear? Check out the detailed shots below and stay tuned to Sneaker News for more updates on this unique partnership, and if you want to cop these samples, these are up for sale right now from jojotanjaya on ISS.

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Levi’s x Nike SB – Release Info

April 16th, 2012 by | 14 comments

levis x nike sb release info 1 Levis x Nike SB   Release Info

Whatever happened to the Air Jordan 1 x Nike SB?  A ‘collaboration’ that represents the combination of two of sneakerhead culture’s most important lines has gone missing since some early 2012 speculation about its release date, but we do know as of today that a brand that once covered the AJ1 in its all-American denim will indeed drop a Swoosh skateboarding collabo in the near future.  July 4th to be exact — that’s the date that the Levi’s x Nike SB teamup will be unleashed on the public; but what will be included in this Independence Day mega-drop?  We’ve already seen Swooshed Levi’s tags that tease a jeanswear element; which sneakers should be included when these hit during the dog days of summer?  Let us know what you’d like to see happen with this project and stick with Sneaker News for more info.  via N-SB

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Levi’s x Nike SB

February 14th, 2012 by | 12 comments

levis x nike sb 1 Levis x Nike SB

What happens when the world’s athletic footwear leader teams up with a brand so strongly associated with denim and its ties to American history that they’re in the baseball and apple pie pantheon?  We already saw some Levi’s x Nike magic when the Air Jordan 1 ’23/501′ package released as the first Jordan Brand collaborative release back in 2008, and now, just like JB themselves, it looks like Levi Strauss & Co. will be offering a collaboration with Nike SB.  Omar Salazar just tweeted an image of a black-tagged pair of Levis with a Swoosh where the model number would typically reside, so are we looking at another fresh cut of the impeccable 501, or perhaps an all new silhouette that really will be “The best jeans to sk8 in!”  This also begs the question if we’ll end up seeing a Levi’s x Nike SB sneaker released, so be sure to check back with Sneaker News for updates, and let us know what you think of this new alliance.

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