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Michael Jordan Through The Years Historical photos of Michael Jordan through the years wearing all sorts of original Air Jordans and Nikes while making history in the NBA and elsewhere.

Michael Jordan Through The Years: Photo Retrospective

April 28th, 2011 by | 63 comments

mj through the years photo retrospective Michael Jordan Through The Years: Photo Retrospective

Sneaker News brought you the Michael Jordan Through The Years feature as a way of placing a spotlight on each and every Air Jordan model, detailing the marquee highlights that magically occured during the lifespan of each particular shoe. There have been a number of memorable moments in Michael’s career that we can associate with one of his signature shoes (some of which we detailed last week), but in this latest installment of Michael Jordan Through The Years, the focus is now placed above his feet and onto the man responsible for orchestrating the greatest basketball dynasty of our generation and an equally ground-breaking signature line of performance basketball shoes. While his peers were quick to raise him up like a god-like being, Michael was always first to humanize himself, speaking of his failures and personal struggles that have consequently played major roles in shaping him into the legend he is today. As an appropriate ending to the Michael Jordan Through The Years feature, take a look at this gallery of images of Michael captured in some rare and special moments throughout his career, both on and off the court. The Sneaker News staff hopes you enjoyed the ride, and we look forward to a future of new Michael Jordan moments still to come through his Jordan Brand sneaker line and post-basketball endeavors.

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Michael Jordan Through The Years: Memorable Moments

April 21st, 2011 by | 2 comments

mj through the years memorable moments Michael Jordan Through The Years: Memorable Moments

Michael Jordan has left countless marks in NBA history throughout his illustrious and storied career. He’s won six total championships, played in numerous NBA All-Star Games, and participated in some exciting games, and during each of those endeavors, he’s instilled a lasting memory in the forms of game-winning jump-shots, awe-inspiring aerial maneuvers, and heady displays of top-tier defense. Sneaker News has laid out a thorough history of Michael Jordan’s career, volumized by each Air Jordan shoe, but in this edition of Michael Jordan Through The Years, the SN staff has hand-selected some of most memorable moments of Michael Jordan wearing Air Jordans. From Air Jordan 1 to Air Jordan XVIII (minus a couple that Michael hasn’t worn in an NBA game), we’ve got a great recap of Michael’s career highlights, so take a look below and let us know which memorable Jordan moment is your favorite.

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Michael Jordan Through The Years: Non-Air Jordan Edition

April 14th, 2011 by | No comments

mj through the years non air jordan edition Michael Jordan Through The Years: Non Air Jordan Edition

Sneaker News’ Michael Jordan Through The Years has detailed Michael Jordan’s entire professional career in the Air Jordan. Beginning with the Air Jordan 1 and ending with the Air Jordan XVIII (don’t forget the three-part Air Jordan XI series), each and every Air Jordan on Michael’s feet was included in the feature. But keep in mind that Michael Jordan came before the Air Jordan, and that there were a few instances in his career during which he wasn’t representing his own signature shoes. Let’s begin with his collegiate years; Michael and the entire Tar Heels squad wore the Converse Pro Leather and Pro Star in a matching White/Carolina Blue colorway. It wasn’t until reaching the NBA that Michael signed on as a Nike athlete; on October 24th, 1985, the world of footwear changed forever.

Before the word ‘Air’ became synonymous with his name, Michael Jordan began his journey as a professional basketball player with the Nike Airship Hi in three colorways – White/White, White/Red, and Black/Red. Michael later debuted the Air Jordan 1, and the astounding international sales combined with Jordan’s apparent megastardom in the making pointed to a long-standing relationship between Michael and the Swoosh. Since the Airship Hi, Michael has rarely been seen without an Air Jordan shoe on the court, but he did appear in a few Nike Running, Training, and Basketball shoes, like the Air Trainer SC II High, Nike Air 180, and Nike Air Force Low for photoshoots, fan events, and other promos.

It wasn’t until 1995 when Michael would sport a non-Air Jordan shoe in an NBA game; when he came back from retirement in 1995, Michael unofficially debuted the Air Jordan XI during the second round of the Playoffs. The White/Black-Dark Concord colorway was an immediate crowd-pleaser, but didn’t do much for the NBA bigwigs, as the white/black colorway did not fall in line with team-uniform guidelines and was unsuitable for use. For Game 3 of that series, Michael, with no shoes to wear, borrowed a pair of the Nike Air Flight One from Penny Hardaway’s stash, and cut off the heeltab as it featured Penny’s One-Cent logo. Michael ended up dropping 40 points that game, but the Bulls were not able to win the game. Michael’s final non-Jordan appearance came during his Washington Wizards days, when he wore the Jordan Team F.B.I. in the White/Royal and White/Varsity Red. Continue reading for a recap of the Non-Air Jordan Edition of Michael Jordan Through The Years and stay tuned to Sneaker News for the next installment of Michael Jordan Through The Years.

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Michael Jordan Through The Years: Olympic Spotlight

April 7th, 2011 by | No comments

mj through the years olympic spotlight Michael Jordan Through The Years: Olympic Spotlight

We’ve covered Michael’s early years, his championship dynasties, his first and second retirement, his Wizards comeback, and the NBA All-Star Game, but Michael also dominated the game on an international level. Two distinguished spots on his wall of awards and achievements go to Olympic Gold Medals that he earned as part of the 1984 Olympic Mens Basketball team, which featured a number of non-professional players that would soon enter the NBA, as well as the historic 1992 Dream Team, long regarded as the greatest assembly of basketball players of all time. Michael was the shining star of both teams, leading the 1984 team with 17.1 points per game and averaging just under 15 for the Dream Team in 1992.

After being drafted by the Chicago Bulls, Michael joined the likes of Patrick Ewing, Chris Mullin, and Sam Perkins – future NBA stars – on the 1984 United States Mens Basketball team. One of Michael’s budding rivals on the Olympic stage was Yugoslavian standout Drazen Petrovic, a superstar in Europe who led his home country to a Bronze Medal in the ’84 Olympics and a Silver in ’92, and Michael spoke fondly of Drazen and their short-lived battles during Olympic and NBA play. Michael Jordan did not wear Nike basketball shoes during the 1984 Olympics, but instead the Converse Star Player basketball shoe, as the entire ’84 squad was outfitted by Converse footwear.

1992 was another story; Michael Jordan had just completed his second straight NBA Championship and his seventh signature Air Jordan shoe with Nike was released. For the Olympic Games, Michael debuted an ‘Olympic’ colorway of the Air Jordan VII, which featured a white base accented by navy blue, red, and gold. A bit of controversy surrounded the Air Jordan VII, Nike, and the Olympic marketing stage; both Nike and Reebok were battling for international recognition as the premier basketball brand, and some of the Dream Team athletes – including Jordan – who had lucrative contracts with Nike refused to wear the Reebok warm-up suits. Instead, Michael and fellow Nike athletes turned the collars down and draped American flags over their chests to conceal any Reebok branding of any kind. Michael’s Olympic career is rather short-lived, but there’s plenty to see below, so check out the Olympic Spotlight below and stay tuned to Sneaker News for the next installment of Michael Jordan Through The Years.

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Michael Jordan Through The Years: All-Star Game Spotlight

March 31st, 2011 by | 4 comments

mj through the years all star spotlight Michael Jordan Through The Years: All Star Game Spotlight

Sneaker News just closed out the Michael Jordan Through The Years yearly feature, detailing Michael Jordan and each and every Air Jordan shoe he wore in an NBA game. If you aren’t an expert on Michael’s history yet, we’re about to get a little more specific, focusing on those particular times where Michael Jordan and his spectacular game shined the brightest. The NBA All-Star Game is a good starting point, is it not? Michael’s been there fourteen times (played in just thirteen thanks to a broken foot during the ’85-’86 campaign), and took home the All-Star Game MVP trophy in 1988, 1996, and 1998. During All-Star play, Michael is the current all-time leader in points scored (262), field goals made (110), and field goals attempted (233), and holds various other single-game titles. Jordan had no problem shining the brightest among the world’s greatest stars, and that was partly in credit to his Air Jordan shoes.

Michael Jordan utilized the NBA All-Star Game as a showcase for his new Air Jordans, as he would typically debut the new model during the game. Some of the most popular Air Jordan colorways of all time were reserved just for the occasion; the Air Jordan VII ‘Aqua’, Air Jordan XI ‘Columbia’, Air Jordan XVII Low ‘Lightning’, and the Air Jordan VII ‘Bordeaux’ are just some of the history-making Jordans that Michael donned exclusively during the February classic. Of course, it’s the moment that precedes the shoe, like the Air Jordan XIII ‘Playoffs’ that Michael wore when he took Kobe Bryant to school in ’98, the Air Jordan XVIII White/Royal that he fashioned when he hit the go-ahead fadeaway jumper in the 2003 affair, or the Black/Cement III that helped him drop forty points against a stacked Western squad.

For each and every Air Jordan model, a million-and-one stories can be told. The game-winning shot, the clutch steal, the did-you-see-that move on an impenetrable defense, the picturesque moment forever instilled in our memories – the NBA All-Star Game falls in all of those categories, but still is not enough to fully and thoroughly capture Michael’s greatness. There’s still plenty of Michael Jordan left to go over, but in the meantime, check out this great visual recap of Michael Jordan in the NBA All-Star Game, and stay tuned to Sneaker News as we continue exploring the history of the Air Jordan with Michael Jordan Through The Years.

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Michael Jordan Through The Years: Air Jordan XVIII

March 24th, 2011 by | 1 comment

mj through the years air jordan xviii Michael Jordan Through The Years: Air Jordan XVIII

The 40-Year-Old Legend. Michael Jordan was set to retire at the end of the 2002-03 NBA Season, his second overall with the Washington Wizards and fifteenth overall in his career. By season’s end, MJ averaged 20 points, 6.1 rebounds, 3.8 assists, and 1.5 steals per game for the entire season; for anyone else, that stat-line could’ve been a career year, but for Michael, it was his lowest seasonal output. Michael did manage three 40-point games during the course of the season, which included a 45-point outburst against the Hornets on February 1st and a 43-point performance just days after his fortieth birthday. It didn’t matter that the Wizards were a sub-.500 team, or that Michael would officially end his career on a losing note; it was about his uncontainable love for the game, a passion that served as the driving force behind six NBA Championships, 5 MVPs, 6 NBA Finals MVPs, 10 Scoring Titles, and one of the most unlikeliest yet celebrated comebacks in the history of professional sports. It marked the next page of NBA superstar history, led by rising stars Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady, Allen Iverson, and Vince Carter, players who have risen to stardom using Michael as a blueprint. The league was in good hands.

There were plenty of memorable moments during his final season. Michael Jordan was not voted as a starter for the Eastern Conference All-Star Team, but was instead selected as a reserve. Starting Guards Tracy McGrady and Allen Iverson offered their positions to Michael, who declined the generous offer. It wasn’t until moments before the game where Vince Carter shoved Michael, literally, onto the court right before tip-off. Michael Jordan typically shines brightest in the spotlight; he finished the game with 20 points, capping off an amazing performance with a go-ahead bucket with seconds to go via his signature fadeaway jumper, followed by his signature raised fist in celebration. The second half of the season served as a farewell tour for Michael; arenas were packed to see Michael’s final moments in action, hoping for a taste of 90′s dominance that Michael so easily possessed with his pump fakes, fadeaway jumpers, and clutch defense. In his final game as a professional, Michael, who was on the bench with just minutes to go, was coerced into the game by the chants of the Philadelphia crowd. Michael entered for one final minute of glory, and left with 1:45 to go, returned to the bench, and was given a 3-minute standing ovation by his teammates, opponents, the crowd, and the officials.

During his final season, Michael Jordan wore the Air Jordan XVIII, the eighteenth shoe in the Air Jordan Legacy. Designed by long-time Nike designer Tate Kuerbis, the XVIII was inspired by a various collection of Michael’s passions, which included Formula-1 racing, race-car driving shoes, fine italian dress shoes, and Michael’s own Lamborghini Murcielago. The Air Jordan XVIII was released in February 2003 in a Black/Sport Royal colorway, and later followed by a White/Sport Royal and White/Varsity Red version later in the year. Two low-top versions in White/University Blue and Black/Metallic Silver were also introduced that year, followed by a classic Chicago Bulls Black/Varsity Red in 2008. Continue reading for a full visual recap of Michael Jordan and the Air Jordan XVIII, and stay tuned to Sneaker News for the next installment of Michael Jordan Through The Years.

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Michael Jordan Through The Years: Air Jordan XVII

March 17th, 2011 by | 1 comment

mj through the years air jordan xvii Michael Jordan Through The Years: Air Jordan XVII

He’s Baaack! That was the general headline across the nation when Michael Jordan announced his return to the NBA, fueled by his passion for competition and urged by his love for the game. Michael made his season debut at Madison Square Garden, where he displayed his older form by tallying 19 points, 6 assists, 5 rebounds, and 4 steals. It only took Michael eight more games to break the 40-point mark, scoring 44 against the Utah Jazz, and he followed that up with a 51-point performance against the Charlotte Hornets. While Michael dazzled the crowd with his amazing performances, the Wizards, as a team, weren’t very good; the roster was filled with young, raw talent clearly in its rebuilding years, and the 2-9 start to the season was proof of that. But Michael, who is also acclaimed for his ability to improve the performance of those around him, led the young team to an astounding 20-game span in which the Wizards won sixteen games. Despite not being an elite team, the Wizards were undoubtedly the biggest fan draw in the NBA, selling out every Home game and filling arenas around the nation during road trips. Michael played just sixty games that season (cut short by injury), leaving the Wizards with a 30-30 record with twenty-two games to go.

Michael was also voted as a starter for the 2002 Eastern Conference All-Star Team; his mere presence outweighed that of the entire roster on both sides, and the All-Star Game festivities were heightened in celebration for Michael’s return, with a live performance by Mariah Carey . Of course, the highlight of Michael’s 13th All-Star Game performance was a missed slam-dunk that he clunked off the back of the rim during a solo fast-break, leaving the entire crowd and Michael himself in playful laughter. Other highlights of that season included a game-winning buzzer beater, which Michael immediately followed with his fist raised in the air, and perhaps his greatest blocked shot of his career when he pinned a Ron Mercer lay-up against the backboard. Michael’s career was rife with ups and downs, and his first season with Wizards was no different; Michael Jordan would openly criticize his teammates – particularly Kwame Brown, the 1st overall pick of the 2001 NBA Draft – leading to some minor tension in the locker room. This was nothing new for Jordan, as he was also remembered for berating teammates in front of other players during his days as a Chicago Bull.

During his first season with the Washington Wizards, Michael Jordan wore the Air Jordan XVII – the seventeenth Air Jordan shoe in the Legacy. The XVII was designed with Michael’s older, post-Bulls era persona in mind by infusing a number of elements that defined Michael after the game of basketball. The overall design of the Air Jordan XVII was inspired by Jazz music, with minute graphics of musical notes etched into the upper shroud of the shoe. The outsole traction was again designed to mimic a golf course, and the shoes came packaged in a suitcase – a representation of Michael’s role as businessman. Four colorways were released; a White/College Blue-Black colorway, which Michael wore during Home games, a White/Black croc-skin version with a copper ‘bumper’, a Black/Metallic Silver version, and a Bulls-specific White/Varsity Red. The 2001-02 season was also one in which Michael frequently wore low-tops – particularly a White/University Blue and a White/Royal Blue PE. Arguably the most popular of the Lows was the ‘Lightning’ colorway that MJ wore during the All-Star Game. Continue reading for a full visual recap of the Michael Jordan Through The Years: Air Jordan XVII, and stay tuned to Sneaker News for the next chapter of this great Jordan feature.

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