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MICHAEL JORDAN Michael Jordan is a former NBA athlete who is widely considered the greatest player in the history of the game. He is a crucial figure in the sneaker world as the center of the incredibly successful Air Jordan line of sneakers, a collection that has been at the center of the footwear world since its inception in 1985. Michael Jordan continues to be involved with the game of basketball via his part ownership in the Charlotte Bobcats.

What if Michael Jordan Chose adidas Instead of Nike?

February 5th, 2013 by | 24 comments

michael jordan adidas What if Michael Jordan Chose adidas Instead of Nike?

Michael Jordan’s influence on the sneaker game can’t be put into words, can it? It’s easier (and somewhat accurate) to state that MJ is the sneaker game, and with his running mate Tinker Hatfield, the architect behind the greatest Air Jordans sneakers of all-time, the two have created a massive cultural phenomenon nearly thirty years after the first Air Jordan shoe. Of course, all of this might not have happened. There was, in fact, a bidding war between Nike and adidas when Jordan was about to enter the league, and had the coin dropped on the other side, the landscape of footwear might have been – correction – would have been a completely alternate universe of style. Sneaker Freaker plays devils advocate in the matter and lays out a possible scenario had Jordan selected three stripes instead of one bellied Swoosh, so be sure to check out Sneaker Freaker for the entire article.

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Michael Jordan United Center Statue Blueprints

January 30th, 2013 by | 5 comments

michael jordan united center statue blueprint Michael Jordan United Center Statue Blueprints

What’s the most precious piece of Air Jordan history in your collection? Is it an original pair of deadstock sneakers? Is it some item autographed by Michael himself? If you’re looking for a crown jewel for your MJ memorabilia then we’ve got a pretty good contender-the original blueprints for the Michael Jordan statue that stands outside the United Center out in Chicago. The sneaker definition isn’t fully fleshed out, so the Air Jordan IX silhouette isn’t entirely recognizable, but they got it right on the final version so we’re not worried. Continue reading for an up close look at this piece of Air Jordan history and check out the price on the Michael Jordan statue blueprints from bailiwyck on eBay.

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Michael Jordan Figurines by Enterbay Showcase

January 30th, 2013 by | 12 comments

michael jordan figurines enterbay showcase Michael Jordan Figurines by Enterbay Showcase

Earlier this week Sneaker News showed you an incredible set of lifelike Michael Jordan figurines so supremely crafted that every single detail, from the Air Jordans on-feet to the natural shape of MJ’s jersey could’ve been mistaken as the real thing. Turns out these figurines, created by Enterbay, is part of a traveling showcase put for by Nikon Hong Kong, with a giveaway of two of these limited-issue figurines (just 2,500 made) going to lucky event-goers. You probably won’t be able to see them in person (unless you’re in China), so check out this incredible showcase of figurines and Air Jordan artifacts below. If you’re interested in purchasing a figurine for your collection, there are some available on eBay.

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Michael Jordan Masterpiece Figures by Enterbay

January 29th, 2013 by | 19 comments

michael jordan masterpiece figures by enterbay 1 Michael Jordan Masterpiece Figures by Enterbay

Overlaps between the sneakerhead and toy collecting scenes are numerous, so it’s inevitable that we cross paths from time to time.  The latest example is at least in one sense the greatest of all time, as Hong Kong’s masters of minute detail Enterbay offer up the impressive Michael Jordan Masterpiece collection.  Spanning the period from “I’m back” through ‘The Last Shot’, this set of figurines takes through the second three-peat with 2000 limited edition 1/6th models that include perfectly scaled down Air Jordans X-XIV.  You might also notice what appears to be Enterbay’s own take on the ever popular Air Jordan Legacy collections, so stay tuned to Sneaker News to see if those make a splash after you’ve seen more of these dope MJ figures after the jump.

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Air Jordan XI Low – Red – White – Blue – Michael Jordan PE

January 21st, 2013 by | 19 comments

air jordan xi low red white blue michael jordan pe 1 Air Jordan XI Low   Red   White   Blue   Michael Jordan PE

Michael Jordan himself has played an uncharacteristically large role in recent news regarding the Air Jordan XI Low.  It started last year when we saw him rocking what was presumed to be a player exclusive at a youth basketball camp, that black, white and red colorway we now know to be a June 2013 release.  A bit later came a look at an elegant ‘Tuxedo’ colorup that hasn’t made itself known in any other way.  The question, then, in looking at this latest AJXI Low PE, is whether its Clippers/Jayhawks-ish red, white and blue makeup will remain an MJ exclusive, or if it will follow the first revelation to retail.  Stick with Sneaker News to find out and let us know if you’d cop these were they to release.

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Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke “Michael Jordan” by Layupshot

December 31st, 2012 by | 11 comments

nike air force 1 low bespoke michael jordan 04 Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke “Michael Jordan” by Layupshot

The mysterious Layupshot keeps his string of Nike Air Force 1 Bespokes inspired by NBA greats going with this Michael Jordan tribute. He doesn’t go the expected route however, instead swerving around any of the Bespoke options that could have the sneaker looking like just another Air Jordan tribute. The Chicago Bulls palette is of course intact with plenty of red, white, and black hitting on the various sections of the sneaker. On the material side it’s patent leather, croc skin, and perforated leather. Get a complete look at the Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke ‘Michael Jordan’ by Layupshot and let us know if you think the sneakers are a worthy tribute to the G.O.A.T.

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Complex’s Complete Sneaker Guide To Michael Jordan’s Sports Illustrated Covers

December 18th, 2012 by | 1 comment

michael jordan sports illustrated covers 1 Complexs Complete Sneaker Guide To Michael Jordans Sports Illustrated Covers

Michael Jordan has graced many sports-related magazine covers throughout his incredible career, with most cover-shots featuring ‘Air’ himself wearing his Airs. It’s a three-way connection of a major event, a moment in said event, and his sneakers that make these SI issues such coveted items among collectors, and this list compiled by Complex below, we get a near-thorough look back at all these moments caught on camera. Which of these covers is your favorite? Jordan and the Bred IVs against the Cavs? The ‘Last Shot’? Or how about his first appearance in the Olympic Games in the Converse Fastbreak? Take a trip down memory lane below and let us know if you remember owning any of these throwback magazine covers.

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