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Sneakers That Ignited The Sample & PE Craze: Air Jordan 5s for NBA Players

May 22nd, 2014 by | 62 comments

air jordan 5 limited issue 100 pairs Sneakers That Ignited The Sample & PE Craze: Air Jordan 5s for NBA Players

Player exclusive sneakers are nothing new. We’re certainly in a new age with respect to the extents that people are willing to go to get their hands on those player-only pairs, but long before people were poring over images from NBA games online, they were glued to their TV screen trying to figure out what was special about that pair that Mike wore. Or how Harold Miner could have his own version of another man’s signature shoe. Or where those Air Jordan 6s that Ray Allen had at the Olympics came from. This latest episode in our ongoing series chronicling the Sneakers That Ignited The Sample & PE Craze deals with those sort of shoes.

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Air Jordan 14 – Mickael Pietrus Warriors PE

December 5th, 2013 by | 2 comments

air jordan 14 mickael pietrus pe Air Jordan 14   Mickael Pietrus Warriors PE

Jordan wasn’t the only Michael to play in the Air Jordan 14, you know. OK so the guy we’re thinking of is actually a Mickael, but you get the point. Pictured is a pair that was made for the man also known as Air France during his long stay with the Golden State Warrios (2005 to be exact). The sneakers are pretty slim on personal branding, but do feature a couple #2 hits to make them special. Continue reading to see more on this exclusive Air France Jordan for Mickael Pietrus and then check out the chance to own them yourself from ofes27 on eBay.

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Air Jordan 8 – Mickael Pietrus PE

December 1st, 2013 by | No comments

jordan 8 mickael pietrus 1 Air Jordan 8   Mickael Pietrus PE

One of the more obscure players to have signed with Jordan Brand in the 00s, former NBA player and defensive specialist Mickael Pietrus rocked the Jumpman during the latter part of his tenure with the Golden State Warriors.  Here’s a pair of Air Jordan VIII PEs that were made for Pietrus a few months after GSW upset the Dallas Mavericks in just the second ever 8-over-1 upset in NBA Playoff history, a white edition with blue and yellow accents made for 2007-08 home games.  They’ve got ‘MP2′ embroidery on the ankles, a detail you can see among others in more photos below; take a closer look and let us know if you’d drop a couple stacks for this pair and see what they sold for in this listing from phyuck_yo_kixx on eBay.

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Complex’s Air Jordan PEs for Not-So-Awesome NBA Players

August 6th, 2013 by | 4 comments

complex air jordan pes not so awesome players 01 Complexs Air Jordan PEs for Not So Awesome NBA Players

Jordan Brand has some incredible athletes on its roster (Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, Ray Allen), and then some not so stellar ones. But they don’t seem to discriminate or dish out player exclusives based on achievements in the league as far as we can tell, a point proven by this latest Complex piece. This time around they’ve compiled a group of “Air Jordan PEs for Not-So-Awesome NBA Players”, a very specific group that has them questioning the goodies handed out to the likes of Quentin Richardson, Fred Jones, and more. Follow us below for a quick selection from their list and then head over to Complex if you’re interested in peeping the rest of the piece.

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Air Jordan XIV – Mickael Pietrus Warriors Away PE

July 24th, 2012 by | 3 comments

air jordan xiv mickael pietrus warriors away pe Air Jordan XIV – Mickael Pietrus Warriors Away PE

Now that Ray Allen is making his way to the sunny shores of Miami for the twilight years of his NBA career is Mickael Pietrus the Boston Celtics player with the single best selection as far as Air Jordan player exclusives? Sure the stream isn’t a steady one at this point but he’s got enough left over from his days with the Golden State Warriors to warrant plenty of wows nonetheless. You’ve seen the Air Jordan V’s now get a look at the Air Jordan XIV made for the man they call Air France, boasting a similar black and yellow colorway with the #2 hit towards the ankle. Click through with us to check out the Air Jordan XIV Mickael Pietrus player exclusive in a bit better detail and bid on this pair now from innovative_shopping_concepts on eBay.

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Air Jordan V – Mickael Pietrus Warriors PE

November 17th, 2011 by | 5 comments

air jordan v mickael pietrus warriors pe 1 Air Jordan V   Mickael Pietrus Warriors PE

What would compel a basketball geek to compare Goran Dragic and Mickael Pietrus, other than in discussion of their brief tenure together as Phoenix Suns?  Aside from the sheer nerdy joy of namechecking two of the NBA’s lesser known European stars, one might see Dragic’s 2010 playoff performance to Pietrus’ campaign the year prior in that both guards stepped up to contribute significantly to their team’s upset victory, only to be stopped short of glory by Kobe Bryant’s back-to-back championships.  But one thing Pietrus has that Dragic can’t claim, aside from a PHX zipcode, is a history with Jordan Brand; one that, though short, resulted in a couple memorable player exclusive Jays.

During the 2007 postseason where Pietrus’ Golden State Warriors had everybody believing Dirk Nowitzki might never get it done, MP rocked these Air Jordan V exclusives that look one heckuva lot like Ray Allen’s Sonics ‘Away’ edition.  Unlike Ray, though, who continues to break records and defy father time while racking up more and more PEs, Pietrus has long since departed the Jumpman in favor of Chinese brand Peak.  Could that possibly mean that the rarity of these sneakers means they’re worth more than the equivalent ‘Sugar’ Ray edition?  Perhaps the signature on this game-worn edition puts things in a new perspective, but does it mean you’d bid on these if they popped up on eBay?  Unfortunately for those who answered ‘yes’, these are a look-but-don’t-touch, so click through and let us know what you think about some of these more obscure Air Jordan PEs.  via Phase2

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