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New Balance 999 – Teal

February 25th, 2013 by | 3 comments

new balance 999 teal New Balance 999   Teal

Now that you’ve seen the slick styles crafted up from the ‘Elite Edition’ swath of New Balance releases, can you ever go back to the baseline stuff? If you need convincing then this fresh New Balance 999 should do the trick with its sold blocking and back-to-basics suede and mesh set up. The sneaker comes equipped with a tonal teal look that appears to be upgraded by some rather covert 3M hits around the perimeter. Take a full gander at this New Balance 999 right after the jump and stay tuned to Sneaker News for the first word on when they’ll arrive stateside.

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New Balance 999 Elite – Grey – Black – Blue

February 22nd, 2013 by | No comments

new balance 999 elite grey black blue New Balance 999 Elite   Grey   Black   Blue

The New Balance Elite collection continues with a new colorway resembling a standout collaboration that itself occupies a rarefied stratosphere.  The New Balance 999 Elite pictured above is the blue answer to the red joints that dropped a bit earlier, a makeup whose blocking and accent shade has them looking something like a black-saddled Kennedy continuation (mild SEAL connections as well).  There’s a bit of poetry in the design itself as depicted further below, and furthering the beautiful symmetry at work in this design is the fact that they’re available at the place most responsible for this silo’s recent success: CNCPTS.

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New Balance 999 Elite – Grey – Red | Available

February 22nd, 2013 by | 1 comment

new balance 999 elite red grey available New Balance 999 Elite – Grey – Red | Available

After a long wait you can finally get your hands on the New Balance 999 Elite. The sneaker was first spotted back in 2012, and was immediately clamored over thanks to the obvious ‘Kennedy’ similarities in its tonal grey and red design. The slow crawl to retail is finally complete, as you can pick up the exciting New Balance 999 release right now from the team at Concepts. Get with us after the jump for a 360 view of the sneaker if you need anymore convincing and let us know if you approve of the various ‘Elite’ styles coming from NB as of late.

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New Balance 999 Elite – Grey – Red

February 9th, 2013 by | 1 comment

new balance 999 elite grey red New Balance 999 Elite   Grey   Red

New Balance’s Elite Collection made a strong first impression with a trio of premium suede 1500s.  Now the New Balance 999s Sneaker News spotted early on eBay have started to make their way toward retail, so let’s take another look at what could be the strongest of the set so far.  This series of grey suede and mesh tones adds a bit of red for a sporty look that’s still fairly low-key, but serious fans will be able to spot these from a distance thanks to the rarely used ticked laces.  Take a closer look below, let us know how this one compares to its blue brother and stick with Sneaker News for updates.

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New Balance 999 Elite Edition – Spring 2013

January 27th, 2013 by | 2 comments

new balance 999 elite edition spring 2013 New Balance 999 Elite Edition   Spring 2013

The New Balance 999 is one of a couple models apparently set to switch into elite mode in the near future (the New Balance 1500 already having done so). The technical details as far as which materials are upgraded in the process are still a bit of a mystery, but these get by on aesthetic terms regardless. The materials match up pretty close with another recent New Balance 999, both of them sporting a vaguely ‘Kennedy’ lean to them. Hit the jump with us to see all the angles on this Spring 2013 release and pick them up a little bit early from rediggie on eBay.

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New Balance 999 – Grey – Red

January 13th, 2013 by | 6 comments

new balance 999 grey red New Balance 999   Grey   Red

There’s no doubt that the ‘Kennedy’ pair of the New Balance 999 that came from the CNCPTS camp a few years back gave quite a bit more steam to this New Balance silhouette. In fact, this inline colorway echoes their design in many ways with its mesh toebox, stony grey suede cap up front, and ripstop nylon sections. The pair first popped up at Agenda tradeshow back in August and has yet to surface at any US retailers, but you can be sure that Sneaker News will have the first word when it does. And, if you don’t wanna wait, you can actually purchase this New Balance 999 right now from abckicks on eBay.

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Sneaker News Top 30 of 2012

December 28th, 2012 by | 198 comments

sneakernews top 30 2012 1a Sneaker News Top 30 of 2012

For better or worse, 2012 was a defining year for the sneaker world and all that it encompasses. It was a year that saw certain shoes throw the laws of supply and demand so out of whack, that brands and retailers had to completely rethink the way they sell shoes to the public just to keep the peace. If you were willing to put in some legwork or, better yet, had the right connections, it was a banner year for sneaker enthusiasts. “Must-have” releases seemed to be at an all-time high and nearly every weekend offered up some sort of temptation for consumers. 2012 saw the release of some of the most eagerly anticipated and passionately sought-after sneakers the game had ever seen and it’s safe to say that things will never be the same again.

In between those, there were plenty of other desirable targets along the way, from the special limited editions and collaborations to beloved Retro returns and promising new designs and innovations. There were even a few certified sleeper hits that organically carved out their place among the year’s best releases. Due to an exponentially expanding consumer base and a heightened level of product awareness, you might not have been able to get your hands on every shoe you hunted for in 2012, but there was certainly no shortage of solid alternatives ripe for the picking in their absence.

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