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Wale in Nike Air Foamposite One “ParaNorman”

January 15th, 2013 by | 16 comments

wale wearing nike air foamposite one paranorman 3 Wale in Nike Air Foamposite One ParaNorman

Wale will inevitably secure every single pair of the Nike Air Foamposite One. It’s just a fact of life at this point. Proving that, the Maybach Music Group rapper recently rocked one of last year’s more coveted pairs, the Nike Air Foamposite One ‘ParaNorman’, courtside at a Washington Wizards game. He even kept them on post game for a one-on-one against Wizards owner Ted Leonsis. Continue reading for more of Wale in this special release from the Nike Air Penny line and ponder this while you’re perusing the pics: What’s rarer, a pair of ‘ParaNorman’ Nike Air Foamposite Ones or a Washington Wizards win? Let us know what you think of the strange convergence of these two anomalies in the comments below.

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Sneaker News Top 30 of 2012

December 28th, 2012 by | 199 comments

sneakernews top 30 2012 1a Sneaker News Top 30 of 2012

For better or worse, 2012 was a defining year for the sneaker world and all that it encompasses. It was a year that saw certain shoes throw the laws of supply and demand so out of whack, that brands and retailers had to completely rethink the way they sell shoes to the public just to keep the peace.┬áIf you were willing to put in some legwork or, better yet, had the right connections, it was a banner year for sneaker enthusiasts. “Must-have” releases seemed to be at an all-time high and nearly every weekend offered up some sort of temptation for consumers. 2012 saw the release of some of the most eagerly anticipated and passionately sought-after sneakers the game had ever seen and it’s safe to say that things will never be the same again.

In between those, there were plenty of other desirable targets along the way, from the special limited editions and collaborations to beloved Retro returns and promising new designs and innovations. There were even a few certified sleeper hits that organically carved out their place among the year’s best releases. Due to an exponentially expanding consumer base and a heightened level of product awareness, you might not have been able to get your hands on every shoe you hunted for in 2012, but there was certainly no shortage of solid alternatives ripe for the picking in their absence.

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Nike Air Foamposite One “ParaNorman” Possible Retail Release Coming

October 22nd, 2012 by | 25 comments

nike air foamposite one paranorman possible retail release 1 Nike Air Foamposite One ParaNorman Possible Retail Release Coming

The Nike Air Foamposite One ‘ParaNorman’ has mostly managed to beat out the ‘Galaxy’ in terms of secondary market demand, the super limited run available only via the #WeirdWins contest and subsequent charity auctions. It looks like you’re hopes of grabbing a pair for less than a few grand aren’t out the window yet though, as Gentry Humphrey of Jordan Brand/Nike Sportswear fame recently hinted at the possibility of a retail release via Twitter. Click through with us to get Humphrey’s word on the matter and let us know if you’re anticipating a wider release of the crazy ‘ParaNorman’ Foams.

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Nike Air Foamposite One “Galaxy” + “ParaNorman” Set on eBay

October 19th, 2012 by | 11 comments

foamposite galaxy paranorman set Nike Air Foamposite One Galaxy + ParaNorman Set on eBay

Consider yourself ahead of the curve if you have both the Nike Air Foamposite One ‘Galaxy’ and the Air Foamposite One ‘ParaNorman’ in your 2012 sneaker stash. These two heavy hitters were certain game-changers for the sneaker game, one causing a mass riot and an eventual reorganization of sneaker releases, and the other taking social media platforms by the horns and following through with one of most entertaining sneaker giveaways ever. It’s all gravy if you don’t have either in your collection, but if you’re ready to drop the though, there’s an easy way to add both to your collection – just gather up the proper cash and press Buy It Now on this listing from lilpennymagicfan on eBay.

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Nike Air Foamposite One “ParaNorman” – Detailed Breakdown

October 4th, 2012 by | 20 comments

foamposite paranorman design Nike Air Foamposite One ParaNorman   Detailed Breakdown

Purists won’t dare to call the ParaNormans the ‘greatest Foamposite ever’ (and as far as we’re concerned, nothing has dethroned the OG Dark Neon Royal just yet), but some attention needs to be paid to the amazing details and concepts that went into designing the ‘weirdest’ shoe ever. The shoe itself is a visual masterpiece, but it all starts with the box packaging and that insane ‘Pull To Undeadstock’ strip. The sick lace-locks, the silk-screened graphic on the insole, and even the text on the lace-tips speak to the ParaNorman plot-line, so check out this nice detailed breakdown at Inside The Sneakerbox and let us know in the comments if you’re one of the lucky 800 to have to Foams in your hands!

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Nike Air Foamposite One “ParaNorman” – Available on eBay

September 18th, 2012 by | 13 comments

paranorman foamposites packaging Nike Air Foamposite One ParaNorman   Available on eBay

Are we looking at the potential best sneaker of 2012? While the Sneaker News staff still has a few months before our annual Top 30 list makes waves, the ParaNormans make a very legitimate case for being #1. Looking back to 2011, the Nike Mag was selected as the cream of the crop, and quite frankly, both the Mags and ParaNormans have a few things in common. Both were limited in number (the ParaNorman units were roughly half that of the Mags), both were released on eBay, and both were to benefit charity. However, the ParaNormans were most definitely the tougher pick-up as the bulk of the stock was not for purchase, but attainable only by being a ‘weird kid’. Nike also stepped up the packaging game with the sick box, with one slightly controversial detail thrown in the mix; the only way to open the box was to ‘undeadstock’ the shoe with the removed strip, rendering the box completely removed from its original state. In any case, one lucky recipient of the ParaNormans is making his pair available, so check out the shoes and packaging below and head on over to the listing from thesoleprovider on eBay.

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Nike Air Foamposite One “ParaNorman” Born This Way Foundation Auctions

September 8th, 2012 by | 39 comments

paranorman nike auctions 9 Nike Air Foamposite One ParaNorman Born This Way Foundation Auctions

Last month, Nike and Laika Studios unveiled the Nike Air Foamposite One ‘ParaNorman’ – a shoe designed for “weird” kids everywhere! All the shoes were given away via a Twitter contest in which the best ‘weird’ childhood photos would earn a pair of the shoes. Looks like your chances just opened once again; Nike and Laika Studios are auctioning off eighty pairs of the ParaNorman Foamposites in this amazing packaging, with 70% of proceeds going to the Born This Way Foundation. The Foundation was created in 2011 by Lady Gaga with the mission of empowering youth and embracing individuality – a perfect benefit for Norman, who holds unique powers himself! Check out the packaging and get yours bids in right now – the auctions run ’til Wednesday night!


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