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NIKE AIR FORCE 1 BESPOKE The Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke is a supreme-grade custom Nike Air Force 1. It can be purchased exclusively from Nike Sportswear at 21 Mercer, with design appointments done in-house. The Air Force 1 Bespoke is priced at $820 and completely customizable, with a wide array of exotic materials and colors available for use.

Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke “Steve Nash” by Layupshot

October 20th, 2012 by | 5 comments

nike air force 1 bespoke steve nash  Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke Steve Nash by Layupshot

Two-time NBA MVP and eight-time NBA All-Star Steve Nash is included in Layupshot‘s special set of Air Force 1 Bespoke designs, so let’s take a look: while Nash has gone on to play for the Mavericks as well as the Lakers, the Phoenix Suns is the team we’ll always attribute Nash with, making the colorway selection rather poignant. Purple and orange patent leather is paired with waxed canvas for a unique two-toned effect, with a clear Max Air outsole used for this build. If you’re building your own Bespoke and want some inspiration, check out this Nash below and see if there are any details you like (or don’t like).

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Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke “Dwyane Wade” by Layupshot

October 19th, 2012 by | 6 comments

nike air force 1 bespoke dwyane wade Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke Dwyane Wade by Layupshot

More NBA Bespoke models to fawn over – this one in the form of ‘Dwyane Wade’. Built with some truly rugged materials like perforated leather and what appears to be kevlar, thie Bespoke design hides a luxurious side with the black patent leather on the center and heel panels of the medial sidewall of the design. The design is finished off in the black patent leather swoosh with a yellow border and Layupshot‘s signature inner lining and landmark detailing in the form of the jersey number and player initial embroidery. A gallery of this D-Wade inspired Bespoke is below, so take a look and let us know where these rank among the series of NBA Bespokes!

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Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke “Kobe Bryant” by Layupshot

October 18th, 2012 by | 6 comments

nike air force 1 bespoke kobe layupshot Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke Kobe Bryant by Layupshot

Layupshot’s NBA superstar-inspired Air Force 1 Bespoke series continues with this detailed look at a Kobe Bryant design! They’ve managed to stick with a strict formula of using team jersey colorways (note – the team that originally drafted the player), player initials on the heel, and jeresy numbers embroidered on the shoe. The Kobe receives a visual boost with the elephant print toe-box and interior lining, but we can’t help but point out that it was the Charlotte Hornets and not the Lakers that picked Kobe in the ’96 draft (and err…Kobe wears 24 now)! A detailed gallery awaits so give it a look and let us know what you think about this ‘Rookie x All-Star’ Bespoke series.

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Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke “Scottie Pippen” by Layupshot

October 18th, 2012 by | 4 comments

nike air force 1 bespoke pippen 6 Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke Scottie Pippen by Layupshot

Let’s observe another detail of this series of NBA-inspired Bespoke compositions by Layupshot; the notation of the team colors and jersey number is rather obvious, but what about that number stitched on the tongue? That digit represents the number of NBA All-Star Game appearances made by the spotlight player. Scottie, Michael Jordan’s long-time running-mate, went seven times – the first in 1990 and the a string of six straight appearances from 1992 to 1997, with 1994 being his best performance of the bunch (he took home the All-Star Game MVP trophy). Check out the Scottie Pippen Bespoke below and stay tuned for more NBA-inspired Bespoke creations!

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Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke “Amare Stoudemire” by Layupshot

October 17th, 2012 by | 10 comments

nike air force 1 bespoke amare stoudemire layupshot Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke Amare Stoudemire by Layupshot

The awesome NBA superstar-inspired set of Bespoke designs, which include the awesome Paul Pierce and David Robinson compositions, gets a new addition as we get a first look at this sick Amare Stoudemire-inspired creation. Using the revered Knicks colors as the base, Layupshot uses a smooth suede on the upper for a no-frills detailing (just like how the Knicks jerseys have continued to be one of the most recognized and respected uniforms in sports history) with Stoudemire aspects like his initials and jersey number embroidered around the shoe. A detailed gallery of this simple yet powerful Bespoke design is right ahead, so check it out and let us know what you think!

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Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke by JCCImagineer

September 22nd, 2012 by | No comments

nike air force 1 bespoke by jccimagineer 1 Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke by JCCImagineer

New Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke designs have been somewhat slower to show themselves off over the past month or so, but today we have a look at a new style so luxurious, it could have only been created at 21 Mercer.  Featuring a unique blend of wool, denim and buttery smooth leather, this AF1 Bespoke reprises the immortal Chicago Bulls look with a few twists.  A roughly half/half split between black and grey plus a white midsole adds a bit of levity and a brick red bottom makes for just enough variation to turn heads, and you can see more photos after the jump below.

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Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke “Wedding Day” by Slovadon

August 28th, 2012 by | 3 comments

nike air force 1 bespoke wedding day by slovadon 06 570x426 Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke Wedding Day by Slovadon

The whole sneakers with a suit thing has been a point of contention in the community for a while, a tactic perfected by the likes of Boyz II Men with their infamous Air Jordan XI ‘Concord’ outfits and endless imitated since by prom and wedding goers nationwide. Turning tradition around, frequent Bespoke customer Slovadon opted to wait till the wedding was over to get his sneaker thing going, cranking out a high end Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke composed of actual materials from his wedding day tuxedo. Click through with us to see all the photos of this creative Bespoke creation that recycles some wedding day attire to create a one of a kind pair and let us know if you approve of the approach.

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