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Nike Mag 2011 Launch Party @ The Montalban

September 12th, 2011 by | 9 comments

nie mag 2011 launch monta 15 Nike Mag 2011 Launch Party @ The Montalban

After Sneaker News showed you the Nike Mag 2011 Unveiling @ 21 Mercer, it’s sister store at the Montalban Theatre in the heart of Hollywood, CA hosted a special launch party for the most historic sneaker release in Nike history. In addition to a live auction of a special pair of the Mags in the limited edition yellow case (won by Tinie Tempah for $37,500), there was plenty of Back To The Future II memorabilia hanging around, like the famous hoverboard, boombox, DeLorean, and of course, the sneakers! The Nike Mag 2011 was a special, heartfelt project from the moment it began, and the added bonus of all the proceeds going straight to Michael J. Fox’s charity just makes it all the more enjoyable. The auctions for the Nike Mag 2011 are still going strong, so place your bid for this historic pair of Nikes by visiting

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Kid Cudi Wins Four Nike Mag 2011 Auctions

September 12th, 2011 by | 59 comments

kid cudi nike mag 4 pairs 03 Kid Cudi Wins Four Nike Mag 2011 Auctions

During his interview on the Late Show with David Letterman, Michael J. Fox pointed out that the 1,500 pairs of the Nike Mag 2011 that will auction will bring together three major populations: the Parkinson’s community, the Back To The Future fanatics, and the sneakerheads. Kid Cudi is primarily a member of that third group as his sneaker travels as a noted connoisseur have been well documented here on Sneaker News, and the fact that he settled for not one, not two, but four pairs of the Nike Mag 2011 just proves that his sneaker fever is rather serious. Having the money of the popular hip-hop star sure does hurt either, and his recent visit to 21 Mercer to see the Mags for himself (thanks to Freshness for the heads up) only shows that he was serious bidder from the start. After the opening rounds of the Nike Mag 2011 auctions, the final prices have fallen just a bit now that the excitement is starting the ease, so if you’re ready to shell out a few thousands for your piece of Nike history and to contribute to Michael J. Fox’s charity, head to

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Nike Mag 2011 Launch – Day 1 Recap

September 9th, 2011 by | 14 comments

nike mag 2011 launch day 1 recap Nike Mag 2011 Launch   Day 1 Recap

The phrase “timing is key” seems to be amiss with the whole Nike Mag 2011 release. Back To The Future II took place in 1985, but was released in the year 1989, and they traveled through time to the year 2015, but the Nike Mag in 2011. Before you confuse yourself with all that math, don’t worry, because Tinker Hatfield suggested that a self-lacing version, like the one seen in BTTF 2, will be available in 2015. 1,500 pairs of the Nike Mag 2011 have been produced and 150 pairs went up for sale just last night, and we kept a keen eye on one particular pair that shot up beyond $75,000 in auction just hours after the opening bid was made. Tinie Tempah also won a live auction for a pair of the Mags, shelling out $37,500 for charity. This release just didn’t bring out all the hardcore sneakerheads, but as Michael J. Fox stated in his interview with David Letterman, it was the combination of three different populations – sneakerheads, Back To The Future fanatics, and philanthropists in the Parkinson’s community.

An initial unveiling at 21 Mercer in SoHo, NY and a media unveiling out in Los Angeles was the first look at the Nike Mag 2011 by the public, deeming this release as Nike’s best kept secrets in recent memory. Nike also put together a hilarious ‘lost’ episode of the Back To The Future saga, in which Doc Brown travels to the year 2011 and runs into Kevin Durant (doing his best Marty McFly impression) at a Nike retail store in Lone Pine Mall. As we mentioned before, 1,500 pairs will be released, with all proceeds going to charity, and Google has announced its intention to match every single dollar from the auctions up to $50 million. The Nike Mag 2011 release has proven to be Nike’s most successful charitable cause ever, unifying three distinct groups in the Nike and Parkinson’s Disease Community, and will stand as a milestone event in Nike’s lifelong history. For more information on Michael J. Fox’s charity, visit, and to place your bid on a pair of the Nike Mags, go to

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Nike Mag 2011 – Back 4 The Future | Behind The Scenes

September 9th, 2011 by | 15 comments

nike mag 2011 back for the future behind the scenes summary Nike Mag 2011   Back 4 The Future | Behind The Scenes

In conjunction with the release of the Nike Mag 2011, Nike created a “lost” episode from the Back To The Future saga, where Doc Brown mistakenly arrives four years earlier than intended to the year 2011. On the night of September 8th, 2011, Doc encounters the Nike Mag 2011, but unfortunately the power-lace system wasn’t developed at the time. The lost episode starred Christopher Lloyd, Bill Hader, Kevin Durant, and Tinker Hatfield and added even more ‘cool factor’ to the geeked out excitement surrounding the Nike Mag 2011 and the Back To The Future saga. Sneaker News now brings you a Behind The Scenes look at the making of the episode; this video features commentary from Michael J. Fox, Mark Parker, Tinker Hatfield, Christopher Lloyd, Kevin Durant, and Bill Hader, discussing the excitement and significance behind this legendary project. For the younger readers out there who might be unable to comprehend the importance of this event: the Nike Mag 2011 release is a once-in-a-generation opportunity even for a brand as progressive as Nike is. Continue reading for the full video and chime in with your thoughts, and to bid on a pair of these iconic Nikes, head to

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Michael J. Fox Talks Nike Mag On David Letterman

September 9th, 2011 by | 24 comments

michael j fox nike mag late 02 Michael J. Fox Talks Nike Mag On David Letterman

Last night was the official start to the Nike Mag 2011 Limited Edition auctions on eBay, and in just a few short hours, each of the 150 pairs released for bidding quickly rose up to tens of thousands of dollars. That much was understood by Michael J. Fox, who made the televised debut of the Nike Mag 2011. Michael’s exact words:

“It’s kinda cool because it brings together three populations of people with major joneses; the sneakerheads, who love sneakers, the Back To The Future guys, who, believe me, are out of their minds – and in a good way, thank God for them, and also the people in the Parkinson’s community that have an interest in research.”

Another great piece of information that Michael disclosed was that the all of the auctions proceeds would be matched up to $50 million by Google, essentially doubling the projected millions that would be amassed by the Nike Mag 2011 auctions. For more information, check out, and if you want to bid on a pair, head to

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Nike Mag 2011 – Back For The Future :60

September 9th, 2011 by | 31 comments

nike mag 2011 back for the future 014 Nike Mag 2011   Back For The Future :60

“Woah. He made like a tree and got outta here.”

That, of course, is one of the famous lines from the original Back To The Future from 1985. On this calm September 8th night, Kevin Durant is straight chillin’ with his boy Bill Hader, when Bill whips out ‘The Future’ – the Nike Mag 2011. While the two are basking in the beauty of the futuristic shoe with all the pretty lights, Doc Brown shows up to retrieve the kicks, and asks “Does this power-lace?” Much to Doc’s disappointment, Tinker Hatfield, the designer of the Nike Mag 2011, breaks the bad news and mentions that the self-lacing system won’t arrive until 2015. After a bit of confusion, Doc realizes that he’s landed in the incorrect time period, and speeds away in his Delorean, to which Kevin Durant reacts with the famous BTTF phrase.

The Nike Mag 2011 has proven to be one of Nike’s greatest specialty releases of all-time, with all 1,500 pairs hitting eBay and all proceeds going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. This awesome video brings together icons of the Back To The Future saga and the Nike Mag, while contemporizing it with the rest of the cast. It’s also interesting to note that out of all the iconic athletes on the Nike roster, basketball superstar Kevin Durant was specifically chosen to play a key role in this amazing promo video. Check out the hilarious piece after the jump and, and if you want to throw a few bids in for one of the sneakers, go to

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Nike Mag 2011 Charity Auctions on eBay – LAST DAY!

September 8th, 2011 by | 186 comments

nike mag 2011 available on ebay 8 Nike Mag 2011 Charity Auctions on eBay   LAST DAY!


The race for the Nike Mag has officially begun, as the first wave of this charity-driven sneaker release just became available at 11:30 PM EST. Since it’s sudden introduction late last night, Sneaker News has kept you on top of all the Nike Mag 2011 release information and updates, but the only thing that hasn’t been set in stone is the actual price. That’s because in an auction, an item with a selling price directly proportional to the demand, so prepare yourself to shell out at somewhere in the four-figures as some pairs have eclipsed $75,000. The Nike Mag 2011 release will not only bring out hardcore sneakerheads, but movie buffs, 80′s babies, and Marty McFly geeks, so expect quite a battle because the field of opponents is a lot bigger than your typical eBay sneaker auction. Google co-founder Sergey Brin and wife Anne Wojcicki generously donated a 50 million dollar match grant to the Michael J. Fox Foundation, through the match grant, the foundation can potentially receive up to 100 million dollars to fight Parkinson’s Disease. Let us know if you’ll put in bids on these auctions, and if you’re ready to throw down on the first round of Nike Mag 2011s, head to

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