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Nike Dunk High AC VT – Anthracite – Orange

November 28th, 2011 by | 1 comment

nike dunk high ac vt anthracite orange 570x381 Nike Dunk High AC VT   Anthracite   Orange

Throughout the year we’ve seen the Nike Dunk High VT pop up again and again, applying the seamless air-tight look across a range of textures and colors. The latest permutation, the Nike Dunk High AC VT, scales the look back a bit, mixing up the vac-tech look with a more traditional Dunk upper and of course the namesake autoclaved sole. The two versions of the Nike Dunk High AC VT we’ve seen so far have stuck to a pretty unified palette, but this one breaks the mold with a blazing orange Swoosh across the side of the sneaker. Follow us after the jump for a more complete look and be on the lookout for this colorway from Nike Sportswear retailers like Titolo.

Nike Dunk High AC VT

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Nike Dunk High VT Premium – Midnight Fog

November 23rd, 2011 by | 3 comments

nike dunk high vt midnight fog 4 570x449 Nike Dunk High VT Premium   Midnight Fog

Midnight Fog wool plus a leather toe on a VacTech constructed version of one of Nike Sportswear’s best loved basketball classics? Regular Sneaker News readers might hear that description and feel like we’ve already showcased such a shoe, and there was indeed an Air Force 1 High released not too long ago in the same motif. This is one of the few times when the AF1 vs BTTYS battle will see direct competition, as the exact distribution of colors and materials has been replicated on this newest Nike Dunk High VT Premium. We’re seeing more and more woolen VT releases from NSW; how do these leather-toed editions stack up against other variations like the sole-speckled Air Max 90s and that same model with multi-colored tweeds? Click through for a closer look at these VacTech Dunk Highs and look for them at NSW sockists like Caliroots.

Nike Dunk High VT Premium
Midnight Fog/Midnight Fog

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Nike Dunk High AC VT – Obsidian – Turquoise

November 23rd, 2011 by | 2 comments

nike dunk high ac vt obsidian turquoise 1 Nike Dunk High AC VT   Obsidian   Turquoise

We just saw another vulc-soled classic b-ball shoe join the VacTech party when the Blazer Mid VT popped up out of nowhere, but the revelation of the above pictured model might be considered even more of a surprise.  The Nike Dunk High AC VT seems somewhat shocking because we’ve already seen the OG Dunk High and its Skinny cut for women done in the vacuum-sealed style, and the curiosity only builds when you realize that this model differs from the entire rest of the VacTech collection with its use of the Dunk’s traditional upper eyelet wing instead of fusing this into the rest of the one-piece aesthetic.  The same tonal and textural contrast remains on this element as on the Max Orange edition, though it goes a step further with this pair adding another vibrant shade of blue on the tongue and laces where the oranges were black.  Do you prefer the high-contrast look or everything in a closely-related range?  Check out the Obsidian edition in more detail after the jump and look for these at select Nike Sportswear retailers like TGWO.  via Dunkbar

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Nike Dunk High VT Premium – Medium Grey

November 22nd, 2011 by | 3 comments

nike dunk high vt premium medium grey 11 Nike Dunk High VT Premium   Medium Grey

A quick look back over the silhouette’s quarter-century of game-changing makes it seem more obvious, but it’s still impressive to consider the wide range of possibilities afforded by a VacTech constructed version of the Nike Dunk High. We’ve seen the Dunk High VT skinny and ‘standard’ in both suede and wool, in traditional cupsoles and a surprise AC edition that offered a different take on the vacuum-sealed look, in traditional smooth leathers and now this metallic pair whose detailed shading gives the illusion that they could be a special edition Monopoly piece for the 21st century. Luckily, they’re one heckuvalot more comfortable, and available right now at Nike Sportswear stockists including SNS.

Nike Dunk High VT Premium
Medium Grey/Medium Grey

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Nike Sportswear VT Premium ‘Haystack’ – Available

October 28th, 2011 by | 9 comments

nike sportswear vactech haystack quickstrikes 570x435 Nike Sportswear VT Premium Haystack   Available

Nike Sportswear’s VacTech collection for the holiday season has seen a variety of applications spread across some of NSW’s best loved staple silhouettes, and while there’s been some overlap between silhouettes, this is the only pack that unites multiple pairs as a single unified drop.  The NSW VT Haystack QSes are a trio of wheat-suede vacuum-constructed classics whose corded laces have them feeling more like the classic 6″ Timberland work boot than pretty much every earlier pair that’d carried the name.  The Nike Dunk High, Air Force 1 High and Air Max 90 each perform admirably with this faux-rugged aesthetic, and though you can take your time in deliberating which pair(s) to get with the images we have waiting for you after the jump, you should act quickly because these Haystack Quickstrikes are sure to leave the shelves of stores like Extra Butter soon after they’re stocked on November 12th.

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Nike Sportswear Holiday 2011 Vac Tech Pack – New Releases

October 22nd, 2011 by | 8 comments

nike sportswear vac tech collection dunk high 1 570x427 Nike Sportswear Holiday 2011 Vac Tech Pack   New Releases

‘VacuumTechnology’.  That curious translation found at the top of the latest release announcement from Tokyo’s Nike Harajuku might have you picturing one of those ball-powered Dyson cleaners.  Nike Sportswear probably realized a name like that would end up with some interesting Google results, so luckily, the naming minds over in Beaverton came up with something a little snappier to match this season’s most prominent fabrication method.  The NSW VacTech collection rolls on with a new slate of drops including Nike Air Force 1 Highs and Lows, an Air Max 90 to match the AF1 High and three Dunk Highs, two of which also matches AF1s.  They range from all-suede to all-glossy patent leather, and you can see each of these six pairs in additional images after the jump.  Let us know which model wins this round and stick with Sneaker News for word on the US release dates.

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Nike Dunk High VT – Obsidian

October 18th, 2011 by | 1 comment

nike dunk high vt obsidian 1 570x381 Nike Dunk High VT   Obsidian

The second of three molded suede looks we expect from the Nike Dunk High VT has hit retailers just over a week after the initial Midnight Fog edition. But whereas that model utilized a vibrant red midsole for its only contrast, this new VacTech Dunk High goes for all-Obsidian-everything, which means they can be a subtly dark anchor for a variety of outfits as-is or a prime candidate for a huge range of shades for lace swapping. Their proximity to the intitial drop suggests the tonal grey joints will be soon to follow, but you can get the Obsidian Dunk High VT right now at select Nike Sportswear spots including Switzerland’s Titolo.

Nike Dunk High VT

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