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The Nike “What The LeBron” Trilogy

September 9th, 2014 by | 16 comments

what the lebrons The Nike What The LeBron Trilogy

All signs point to this year’s What the LeBron 11 being the most accessible of the sneakers to come from that mash-up line. It all started with the What the LeBron 9, a sneaker that now looks almost tame in comparison to the upcoming 11. That shoe of course never made it to retail – it wasn’t until the MVP LeBron X the next year made the “What The” theme a reality as far as retail pick ups. Which brings us to this year’s entry, which has been promised to be more readily available than your average “What The” release. Continue reading for a recap of all the What the LeBrons to date and tell us in the comments which has been your favorite.

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Nike LeBron 9 “What The LeBron” on eBay

March 6th, 2013 by | 3 comments

what the lebron nike lebron 9 unreleased Nike LeBron 9 What The LeBron on eBay

With a shoe as wildly constructed like the What The LeBrons, it’s all in the details. We’re not talking about the Galaxy lining or the Watch The Throne laces, but some of the lesser known features of the shoe that we can’t help but point out. For one, the inner production tag on the shoes mark these as a Holiday 2011 sample, which is when the LeBron 9 first launched. However, the insoles feature the MVP Trophy logos, detailing LeBron’s three awards in 2009, 2010, and 2012. How does that timing work out? Or did Nike boldly predict that LeBron would bounce back and win the MVP again? In any case, these incredible shoes will have you muttering “What The…” to yourself, and since a release is pretty much an impossibility at this point, check out this listing for a rare size 7.5 from ronimo1989 on eBay.

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“What The” Nike LeBron 9

November 25th, 2012 by | 18 comments

what the lebron 9 nike 13 What The Nike LeBron 9

With each passing release of the Nike LeBron X, a release of the ‘What The LeBron’ (and even the ‘What The KD’) is becoming increasingly unlikely. It’s a sad state of affairs, considering a release would absolutely blow the minds of LeBron fans across the globe, so might as well indulge in some more eye candy! Sneaker News brings you a detailed look at the ‘What The LeBron 9′ once more, and although it’s a bit of torture to see these on a computer screen, viewing all the sick LeBron 9 colorways at once should only entice you on the potential of the LeBron X. Click through and enjoy!

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Nike LeBron 9 “What the LeBron” – Available on eBay

October 25th, 2012 by | 18 comments

nike lebron 9 what the lebron ebay Nike LeBron 9 What the LeBron   Available on eBay

We know, your pursuit of Nike LeBron sneakers is firmly focused on the X at the moment, but hopefully you didn’t forget about the still unreleased Nike LeBron 9 ‘What the LeBron’. If you did here’s a friendly reminder, showing off the cut and past aesthetic of the pair that packs in the likes of the ‘Watch the Throne’, ‘Galaxy’, and more. Click through with us for the latest photos and let us know if you think the ‘What the LeBron’ Nike LeBron 9 is worth the price being asked right now by airmaxkid on eBay.

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Nike LeBron 9 “What The LeBron” – Detailed Images

September 22nd, 2012 by | 25 comments

lebron 9 what the lebrons 1 Nike LeBron 9 What The LeBron   Detailed Images

For the thrill-seekers looking for some next-level type footwear, you can’t get much better than the Nike LeBron 9 ‘What The LeBron’. This widely popular model has seen a slew of can’t-miss releases, beginning with the easily attainable general releases to perhaps the most exclusive of VIP-only models – the ‘Watch The Throne’. The Nike LeBron 9 WTL happily meshes all the LeBron goodness into one package – a perfect concept for those who have a hard time selecting what LeBrons to wear (so why not wear ‘em all at once?). A detailed gallery of what could be one of the sickest LeBrons to date is right ahead, so flip through the images and let us know where these rank among all the LeBrons in history.

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“What the LeBron” Nike LeBron 9 – New Images

September 12th, 2012 by | 33 comments

what the lebron nike lebron 9 new images 1 What the LeBron Nike LeBron 9   New Images

Rarest Nike LeBron 9 out there? Yeah the ‘Championship Pack’ was nearly impossible to get your hands on but at least those released to the public. The ‘Watch the Throne’ is pretty high up as well but frankly we’ve seen more pairs of those than we have of these, the Nike LeBron 9 ‘What the LeBron’ that comes as an intersection of a multitude of colorways previously released for the sneaker. These crispy new shots are the first to give a good idea of the design at multiple angles, with perhaps the coolest detail being the luxurious print hitting on the outsole shank plate as borrowed from the aforementioned WTT release. Click through to check out the ‘What the LeBron’ Nike LeBron 9 and stick with Sneaker News to find out whether or not these will actually end up releasing.

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Nike LeBron 9 “What The LeBron” – New Images

August 27th, 2012 by | 15 comments

nike lebron 9 what the lebron new images 1 Nike LeBron 9 What The LeBron   New Images

There have been so many wildly energetic LeBron 9 colorways this year (releases and PEs made in-house as well as custom creations designed independently) that the line that separates the two sides is becoming a bit blurred. The LeBron 9 ‘What The LeBron’ is a perfect example of a shoe that could very much be a custom design, as it features a hodgepodge of LeBron 9 installments ranging from China to the outer Galaxy, so is this PE/sample just a case of Nike beating someone else to the punch? With the Kobe VII given the ‘What The…’ treatment earlier this year, we’re certain that the adept customizers flirted with the idea of the ‘What The LeBron’, but give Nike credit for going with it and creating what could be yet another LeBron 9 masterpiece (assuming this shoe does release somewhere down the road). That doesn’t appear likely as the LeBron X is set for a worldwide release very soon, but check out the new images below and let us know if you’d like to see these release.

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