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NIKE MAG 2011 The Nike Mag 2011 is a sneaker released in that same year styled after the pair that the character Marty McFly (played by Michael J. Fox) famously wore in Back to the Future 2. A limited run of 1,500 pairs were produced and sold exclusively on eBay, with all proceeds funding the Michael J. Fox Foundation to fight Parkinson’s Disease. The sneakers closely mimic those seen in the film, with a futuristic LED glow kit embedded in the design.

Unboxing The Nike Mag 2011

September 23rd, 2011 by | 26 comments

unboxing the nike mag 2011 Unboxing The Nike Mag 2011

We’re all familiar with the infinite wait for THE package to arrive. Twiddling your thumbs while compulsively checking on that tracking number online, wondering if your kicks got lost in the mail because the ‘OUT FOR DELIVERY’ update that was made at 6:37 AM hasn’t been changed, running to your window every time a car passes by, only to realize it’s a wretched school-bus filled with children or a damn Fresh Direct delivery truck. WHY DO YOU TORTURE ME, OH SNEAKER GODS?!? It’s hell. We know. We’ve been there. So imagine if you have an item scheduled to arrive – an item that is undoubtedly the best sneaker release of the year and perhaps of the last decade; the waiting period is a lot worse, but the joy from unboxing your newfound sneaker pick-up is exponentially greater. It’s here. You’re mine. Get in mah belly.

Yu-Ming Wu, founder/publisher of Sneaker News and long-time sneaker aficionado, had not one, but two pairs of the Nike Mag 2011 arrive at his door-step, and he gracefully presented us with a step-by-step unboxing of the Mags – a sinfully indulgent experience that most of us will sadly never witness. A box, inside a box, inside a box is where you’ll find the Nike Mag 2011, which also comes with a booklet of dos and don’ts (don’t wear ‘em in water, don’t try to fly like Michael) and instructions on how to light up your Mags and recharge the batteries. What makes the unboxing of the Mags that much more special? Most packages arrive in a few days. For the Mags, it took 23 years. Check out the full Nike Mag 2011 un-boxing experience below!

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Nike Mag LEGO Replica by Orion Pax

September 19th, 2011 by | 7 comments

nike mag lego replica by orion pax 1 Nike Mag LEGO Replica by Orion Pax

Apparently, not all Alex Joneses’ expectations for the future involve ridiculously convoluted explanations for political happenings and implausible fear mongering.  Quite the opposite for this artist who calls himself ‘Orion Pax‘, his latest work a reflection of retro high-tech befitting a guy named after the origins of Autobot leader Optimus Prime.  Orion’s Nike Mag replicas don’t auto-lace or transform to fight evil robots but they do indeed light up just like the Mag 2011s, but their apparent LEGO construction suggests that if you missed your chance to get the Mags on eBay, you could very well make your own homage.  Have a look at more images after the jump and let us know what you think of this Back to the Future look.

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Nike Mag 2011 – Full Auction Recap

September 19th, 2011 by | 19 comments

nike mag 2011 data new 06 Nike Mag 2011   Full Auction Recap

Big sneaker releases don’t typically last for more than 30 minutes, but for the most publicly marketed ‘limited’ sneaker release of all time, Nike stretched it out a full ten days. Before we get down to the fun facts and number-crunching of all the bidding and auctions, let’s explore for one final time the far-reaching impactful grasp of the Nike Mag 2011. As Michael J. Fox explained to the millions of viewers during his interview with David Letterman, the Nike Mag 2011 auctions would bring out not only the sneakerhead community, but the Back To The Future fanatics as well as those in the Parkinson’s community. News of the Nike Mag 2011 was reported not only on sneaker sites, but on tech/gadget, pop-culture, and movie blogs, and were featured on a number of news programs across the nation, and very quickly, the Nike Mag 2011 established itself as one of the most memorably pop-culture virals of the year.

The Nike Mag 2011 auctions started off with a bang when U.K. hip-hop artist Tinie Tempah concluded the first live auction in Hollywood, CA by paying $37,500 for the shoes and the limited edition packaging. As expected the opening night of bids brought on the most bids as well as the most cash flow, with 5,389 bids and $911,927.34 in dollars raised for charity. As the auctions rolled on, the excitement began to settle and those who were serious about acquiring a pair of the Nike Mags employed a bid of auction bidding strategy, waiting for the proper days to maximize their dollar. The sixth day brought on the least amount of bids with a total of 3,117, and the seventh day brought on the least amount of dollars with a total of $488,076.90. The data further shows that the number of bids and dollars rose considerable during final two days of auction, as the panic of ‘missing out’ began to seep in. Unfortunately, we’re all ‘outta time’ for the auctions, but if you want to see all the data, we’ve got all of that for you below, courtesy of Mugen on NT. Thanks to RetroKid for the heads up.

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Celebrity Feet: Kanye West – Nike Mag 2011

September 17th, 2011 by | 48 comments

celeb feet kanye west nike mag 2011 01 Celebrity Feet: Kanye West   Nike Mag 2011

It’s likely that celebrity sneakerheads gave themselves no limit for high bids on the Nike Mag 2011 auctions. Tinie Tempah threw down $37,500 for the first live auction in Hollywood, CA, and Kid Cudi ended up picking up four pairs himself. We even saw baseball hurler Brian Wilson actually wear his pair around the dugout, but add Kanye West to list of ‘sneakerheads with money’ to have rocked the Mags out in public. Kanye West was spotted with these super-high-tops backstage during the ACL Festival in Austin, TX, and it seems to fit his style quite seamlessly as the Air Yeezy design itself drew inspiration from the then-fictitious Nike sneaker. More images below, so take a peek and let us know what you think. via VirgilAbloh.

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MLB Feet: Brian Wilson – Nike Mag 2011

September 17th, 2011 by | 43 comments

celebrity feet brian wilson nike mag 2011 05 MLB Feet: Brian Wilson   Nike Mag 2011

Brian Wilson typically enters games for the save, but last night, the Beard went for the win as he rocked a pair of the Nike Mag 2011 while sitting in the dugout. The whimsical closer of the defending champion San Francisco Giants has been injured lately, but that didn’t stop him from rocking out in his lit-up Nike Mags the moment he got them in his hands; we’ve seen him before in some Radii high-tops and Nike Air Max 90 iDs, but Wilson officially takes the cake as best in-game ‘Feet’ moment of 2011 with this sick sneaker selection. Check out the extra shots of Brian Wilson and the Nike Mag 2011 after the jump and let us know what celeb you think will rock the Mags next (hint: he’s from the Chi). via tumblr.

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Nike Mag 2011 – The Details + A Look Behind The Scenes

September 16th, 2011 by | 8 comments

nike mag 2011 the details a look behind the scenes Nike Mag 2011   The Details + A Look Behind The Scenes

“I don’t think anybody’s ever seen anything like this in the sneaker world, or maybe anywhere else.”

The upcoming LeBron 9 is decked out in Hyperfuse, Flywire and carbon fiber and the Elite Postseason edition should be even more impressive based on its jaw-dropping MSRP, but have we ever seen a shoe with as much unique technology implementation as the Nike Mag 2011? The auto-lacing system is apparently delayed until 2015 when Back to the Future Part II was set, but that doesn’t prevent the Mag from being among the most technologically dense releases in history. Add in the fact that many of these features are either unprecedented or just not available on other Nikes, and you start to realize why pairs have sold for high five-figure sums. Click through to designers Tinker Hatfield and Tiffany Beers discuss the Nike Mag 2011 in more detail and hit up before it’s too late!

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Nike Mag 2011 Live Auction @ Niketown, NY

September 16th, 2011 by | No comments

nike mag 2011 niketown ny 02 Nike Mag 2011 Live Auction @ Niketown, NY

The Nike Mag 2011 live auctions began in Hollywood when Tinie Tempah set the bar with a $37,500 winning bid for the Nike Mag 2011 and the limited edition packaging. The Nike Mag 2011 live auctions have begun traveling around the world, with a first stop in the Netherlands, and tomorrow night, at 10:04 PM EST, Niketown in New York City will host a live event, with pre-registration beginning tomorrow at 9 AM. Continue reading for full event info and if you’re still looking to bid on a pair, go to

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