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Nike Zoom Hyperdunk 2011 Elite – Blake Griffin Autographed PE

August 7th, 2012 by | 3 comments

blake griffin hyperdunk elite white red pe 5 Nike Zoom Hyperdunk 2011 Elite   Blake Griffin Autographed PE

Despite his lack of experience and perhaps over-expenditure of energy on the court, Blake Griffin showed an incredible amount of poise during the 2012 NBA Season and Playoffs, earning him a rightful spot among the league’s elite in the 2012 Team USA Olympic Team. An unfortunate accident forced him off the team (and deprived the world of a potential redux of Vince Carter’s aerial dominance in 2000), but Blake at 100% will be ready to bring the Clippers back to Championship contention this upcoming season. During the most recent Playoffs, Blake was issued this PE colorway of the Nike Zoom Hyperdunk 2011 Elite with the Red Swoosh and laces (instead of Gold). This is likely the last of the Hyperdunk 2011 we’ll see on Blake as the Lunar Hyperdunk+ is now BG32′s go-to pair, so check out the extra images below and if you want to add these to your budding Blake memorabilia collection, head on over to the auction from jtb513 on eBay.

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Nike Zoom Hyperdunk 2011 Elite – Blake Griffin “Away” PE

June 27th, 2012 by | 3 comments

nike zoom hyperdunk 2011 elite blake griffin pe 1 Nike Zoom Hyperdunk 2011 Elite   Blake Griffin Away PE

Nike Basketball’s ‘Elite’ Series proved to be worth the added time in R&D – just ask LeBron James, who rode his own Elite model to his first ever NBA Title. Another ‘Elite’ athlete with an immeasurable upside is Clippers forward Blake Griffin, who made his NBA Playoffs debut wearing the Nike Zoom Hyperdunk 2011 Elite; he dunked and rebounded his way to the center of the superstar spotlight before eventually falling to the San Antonio Spurs, but even with the early exit, Nike’s got a nice chunk of their chips in the right corner. This size 17 PE was one of Blake’s three pairs for the Playoffs and if you recall that moment when he tore through his Hyperdunks, chances are you aren’t nearly as powerful enough to do the same – even if you wear a size 17 like Blake does. More on this sick BG32 PE below, so take a look and visit the auction from mahibb on eBay.

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Blake Griffin Tears His Hyperdunk Elite PE

May 10th, 2012 by | 72 comments

blake griffin tears his hyperdunk elite pe 1 Blake Griffin Tears His Hyperdunk Elite PE

It’s safe to say by this point, that Blake Griffin will forever be inextricably tied to the Nike Zoom Hyperdunk 2011. Blake broke out onto the national stage at last year’s dunk contest, debuted the Hyperdunk 2011 in his rookie ASG appearance the following night, then proceeded to posterize half of the league in the shoe before they could even get a pair. And because he was the first on board with the current model, Griffin also got a ‘Galaxy’ PE this year, in addition to standout colorways like the ‘Blake Show’ and Supreme-level player exclusives. With all this mutual success in the rear view, it wasn’t at all shocking when Blake suited up with the Hyperdunk 2011 Elite for the Clippers’ playoff run, but what’s happened in that series has been unexpected to say the least.

A series marked by blown leads, remarkable comebacks and a couple of dangerous dark horse championship contenders took another turn on Wednesday night at FedEx Forum. The Memphis Grizzlies avoided blowing another game and forced the series back to Los Angeles, where Blake Griffin switches back to a white ‘home’ Hyperdunk Elite not just to match the Clippers’ white home unis. Blake’s tendency to get punished by the opposing team continued as 265lb Grizz center Marc Gasol (who ironically enough, was also wearing Hyperdunk Elites after switching from the same Air Max Fly By Griffin rocked during his dunk contest win) plodded onto Griffin’s left foot, causing an awkwardly trapped ankle and a torn toe on the black ‘away’ edition.

This is a case where the substantial performance advantages conferred by modern synthetics can quickly turn into reminiscing on the durability of an ‘old fashioned’ postseason sneaker like the just-retroed Air Jordan XII ‘Playoffs’.  But if the past is any indication, this modest setback will likely result in further innovation in Beaverton’s most famous kitchen in the name of addressing such issues. The Grizzlies and Clippers have also demonstrated they know all about that old what-doesn’t-kill-you adage during this series; which of your basketball sneakers has proved the most durable over the years?

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NBA Feet: Around The Playoffs – 4/30 – 5/2

May 3rd, 2012 by | 6 comments

nba feet 5 3 12 summary NBA Feet: Around The Playoffs   4/30   5/2

All eight Playoff match-ups have moved beyond to Game 3 (the Indy/Orlando series are already gearing up for Game 4) and we’re starting to get a better idea of who will move up to the Second round and who will say good bye. We already showed you LeBron James’ PE of the Elite 9 and Kobe’s Purple/White ‘Supreme’ Kobe VII, but let’s take  a look at what else was spotted over the last three nights of Playoff basketball; Dwyane Wade wore the White/Black/Red colorway Fly Wade 2 EV, while Landry Fields, who checked Wade on D most of the night, wore the Wolf Grey Kobe VII. Paul George finally swapped out to a Kobe VII iD was a fade option, while opponent Earl Clark wore the Nike Air Max Penny 1. Out West, OJ Mayo wore a PE of the Nike Zoom Hyperdunk 2011 Elite, and in San Antonio, sneakerhead-duo DeJuan Blair and NBA Feet Rookie of the Year Kawhi Leonard led the Spurs to a W with the Black/Cement III and Air Jordan XII Low ‘Black/Nubuck’, respectively. Plenty of more NBA Playoff Feet action below, so take a look and stay tuned for more NBA Feet coverage of the 2012 NBA Playoffs! Photos: espn

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Jason Petrie & Leo Chang Discuss Nike Elite Series Aesthetics & Colorways

April 26th, 2012 by | 19 comments

jason petrie and leo chang discuss the nike basketball elite series 4 Jason Petrie & Leo Chang Discuss Nike Elite Series Aesthetics & Colorways

Inside the Nike Basketball design studios, performance is everything. Every move and decision is made with maximum performance in mind, including the actual visual look of the shoes created within. The pursuit of ultimate functionality determines not only how a shoe performs and feels on your foot, but in many cases, it also dictates a lot of the aesthetic choices as well. Once the shoe has been fully developed and engineered to it’s full potential, it’s time for the color, graphics and materials team to further bring the products to life with a variety of color splashes and palettes to help to tell certain stories and give some additional identity to each colorway.

Yesterday, in part 1 of our Nike Basketball Elite Series interview with Nike Bball designers Jason Petrie and Leo Chang, we got the full lowdown on the technical updates made to each of the three models to upgrade from their original forms into this super premium postseason-inspired collection. Now we take a deeper look at why the Elite Series looks the way it does, from its shapes, lines and materials to the various color schemes and the stories behind them. Continue reading for all you wanted to know about the Nike Basketball Elite Series aesthetics and colorways, and be on the look out for the home and away versions of all three models hitting retailers this Saturday, April 28th.

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Nike Basketball Elite Series Video

April 26th, 2012 by | 14 comments

nike basketball presents the elite series Nike Basketball Elite Series Video

The Nike Elite Series: Light Like Air, Stronger Than Steel. The pinnacle of Nike Basketball is the perfect emulsion of lightweight comfort and supreme performance, and the Nike Basketball Elite Series delivers just that. Fortified by Kevlar, Flywire, and Carbon Fiber, Nike Basketball has taken the science of materials and the conventions of footwear architecture with new heights, where it meets the promise of gold. This Saturday, the 2012 NBA Playoffs will commence, with Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Blake Griffin taking off with their championship goals. We’ve got a full video depicting the Nike Basketball Elite Series below, so take a look and remember the official release date is this Saturday, April 28th.

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Jason Petrie & Leo Chang Break Down the Nike Basketball Elite Series

April 25th, 2012 by | 40 comments

jason petrie and leo chang discuss the nike basketball elite series 1 Jason Petrie & Leo Chang Break Down the Nike Basketball Elite Series

Many sneaker fanatics and aficionados never take into consideration the painstaking efforts that go into creating the shoes that they love. The design process can be a tedious one, especially when you consider all of the factors that can sometimes tie a designer’s hands. One of the largest stumbling blocks is the need to keep materials and costs manageable in order to ensure that the final product is affordable for consumers and profitable for the brand. While we’d all love to see our Nike’s loaded up with large Air Max bags, full-length Zoom units, carbon fiber, foam and all those other costly amenities, the bottom line is that these coveted luxuries can often drive pricepoints out of control, urging the need for more cost-effective material options in their place.

But what would happen if Nike completely unchained the leash and opened the premium floodgates in the name of the ultimate performance basketball footwear? The answer is the Nike Basketball Elite Series, a no holds barred assault on the conventional design process and the budgeting limitations that can so often hold it back. For Nike Basketball designers Jason Petrie and Leo Chang, the Elite Series project is like a dream come true. With pricepoint constraints thrown out the window, the gloves were finally off to go out and reach for the pinnacle of performance basketball footwear glory. That kind of freedom doesn’t come along very often for most footwear designers, and when it does, it’s accompanied by a responsibility to meet lofty expectations.

For Jason, Leo and the rest of the Nike BBall team, the solution was to go back to the beginning to analyze and evaluate every aspect of each existing model to determine each and every place where performance could be enhanced. Materials were added, removed, invented, tweaked and shaved down, making the shoes lighter and stronger, as well as more responsive and comfortable, all in the name of providing NBA athletes and the consumers who buy the shoes with the ultimate option for the rigorous post season push. Right down to the types of threads that are woven into the laces and the sticky grips that contour to your step on the footbed, every possible detail has been considered and tailored to maximize the overall function of the shoe. The price tags might seem a bit high when you see these hit stores this weekend, but you get what you pay for and the Nike Basketball Elite Series has just raised the bar for what performance luxury can mean to a sneaker.

Continue reading for part 1 of our interview with Jason Petrie and Leo Chang and check back tomorrow for the follow-up featuring everything you need to know about upcoming Elite Series colorways.

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