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Puma Disc Blaze LTWT Leather

October 28th, 2012 by | No comments

puma disc blaze ltwt leather Puma Disc Blaze LTWT Leather

The Puma Disc Blaze LTWT is by its very nature one of the most eyecatching designs on the market, so much so that in a recent look at the yellow-Disc’d giraffe print edition, we remarked that even a tonal makeup would be a neckbreaker.  Not to brag, but we were dead on there, as today a new all-black leather Disc Blaze Lightweight makes its first elegant appearance.  They’re joined by a black/white edition whose blocking really shows off this unique silo’s distinctive lines and serves as a stark contrast against the other pair’s ‘dipped’ upper.  These just arrived at Japanese retailers like VA, so click below to see more photos in case they don’t make it stateside.

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Puma Disc Blaze LTWT – Spring 2013

October 7th, 2012 by | 2 comments

puma disc blaze ltwt spring 2013 Puma Disc Blaze LTWT   Spring 2013

It was already one of the most unique running styles on the market and was just updated with the super-breathable featherweight synthetics that’ve taken the sneaker industry by storm, and now the Puma Disc Blaze LTWT comes through with an even more distinctive design.  First popping onto the radar during the summer tradeshow tour, these new Disc Blaze LTWT colorways are impossible to miss thanks to vibrant orange and green shades, but the real eye-catcher is that scaley top layer on the toe area.  It’s somewhere between this year’s animal print trend and a space age polygonal exoskeleton, a look befitting a style so ahead of its time it still looks futuristic nearly two decades after debuting.  Let us know what you think after you’ve seen more photos below and stick with Sneaker News for release info.

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Puma Disc Blaze LTWT – Black – Yellow – Giraffe

August 2nd, 2012 by | No comments

puma dics blaze ltwt yellow black giraffe 1 Puma Disc Blaze LTWT   Black   Yellow   Giraffe

The Puma Disc Blaze LTWT could be done in just a single color and it would still be one of the most attention grabbing sneaker designs on the market today.  Pair it with the universal colorway for CAUTION and add one of the more rare animal prints and you’ve got a design that demands people take notice.  Add in the easy comfort of the unique laceless enclosure and this becomes a compelling new angle for summer.  The black and yellow plus giraffe look is a new twist on the established black/white trend that recently picked up a gold Olympic overtone and you can see how it all comes together from more angles before you head to Overkill to pounce on yours today.

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Puma Disc Blaze LTWT – Spring 2013 Preview

July 20th, 2012 by | No comments

puma disc blaze ltwt spring 2013 Puma Disc Blaze LTWT   Spring 2013 Preview

The most recent Puma Disc Blaze LTWT caught our eye with its unique tonal grey giraffe print underlay, but those have nothing on these new pairs coming up for next year when it comes to sheer originality.  We say that, because looking at the raised ‘mesh’ overlay on the toe of these blaze orange and neon green designs, they’re done in a scaley pattern the likes of which we’ve not seen elsewhere (fish or reptile?  You be the judge).  Kudos to Puma for both making good on this still ‘futuristic’ silhouette’s modern-day tech potential and for making these two pairs stand out so strongly, and check out more photos below.  via SdG

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Puma Disc Blaze LTWT – White – Blue – Green

June 26th, 2012 by | 1 comment

puma disc blaze ltwt white blue green Puma Disc Blaze LTWT   White   Blue   Green

Puma’s Faas series is a performance running lineup anchored by the fastest man who’s ever lived, but even Usain Bolt remembers what’s likely the German cat’s best running design to date.  The Puma Disc Blaze LTWT brings together modern materials and fabrication processes with the only design that can rival Reebok’s Insta Pump Fury for the title of ’1994′s Most Futuristic Runner’, this pair’s giraffe-patterned underlay a further indication of the timeliness of its release.  Check this ‘Sprite’-like colorway in greater detail after the jump, let us know how they compare to that palette on other kicks, as well as the other animal prints we’ve seen in 2012 and stick with Sneaker News for more after you check out extra photos below.  via mita

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Puma Disc Blaze LTWT Sporty

May 2nd, 2012 by | 4 comments

puma disc blaze ltwt sporty 1 Puma Disc Blaze LTWT Sporty

It was for Beams’ 35th anniversary that Puma introduced the Disc Blaze LTWT late last year, but the German Cat must’ve been excited by all that birthday celebrating, because they’re already prepping for the Disc Blaze’s 20th anniversary in 2013.  As part of the run up to next year’s party, we’ll be seeing a few more special Faas 500 x Disc Blaze hybrids, including two colorways of the Puma Disc Blaze LTWT Sporty featuring a unique anodized finish on the enclosure elements.  Your choice of blue/white/red or stone/white/neon makes a big difference in terms of clothing options, but both are equally eye-catching and available now at select Japanese retailers.  Photos: honeyee

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Puma Disc Blaze LTWT – Spring 2012

December 18th, 2011 by | 3 comments

puma blaze ltwt spring 2012 Puma Disc Blaze LTWT   Spring 2012

Puma isn’t known for making their classics into newfangled hybrid mashups like Nike Sporstwear and adidas Originals, but the one they have put out there is still one of the most seamless combinations.  The Puma Disc Blaze LTWT combines the lightweight, breathable construction of the Faas 500 with the distcinctive dial-in laceless enclosure system from the Disc Blaze to create one of the most futuristic shoes on the market.  Three new colorways for spring feature white soles and toes along with black Formstripes and smokey grey translucent Disc fasteners, each adding its own two-toned accent hits.  Pairs with magenta/orange and lime/teal hits go for a more tonal look compared to the blue/red edition that ends up with a USA vibe, and you can see them all in greater detail after the jump.  via Solebox

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