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Reebok DMX Run – Detailed Images

October 31st, 2012 by | 5 comments

reebok dmx run detailed 6 Reebok DMX Run   Detailed Images

The ‘Suede/Gum’ pack flips the script and has classic running enthusiasts seeing the Reebok DMX Run in a whole new light, but don’t forget about the styles that made the original a standout back in 1998.  Pictured above in a Lakers-ish OG colorup, the DMX Run 10 is poised to make a strong comeback with styling that like RBK’s ’94 Insta Pump Fury, also maintains a futuristic appeal.  Covered in nylon and featuring some of Reebok’s best tooling from a period known for its massive midsoles, the DMX Run will return early next year and you can see more images of this classic palette after the jump below.

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Reebok DMX 10 Suede – Olive – Gum

October 17th, 2012 by | 2 comments

reebok dmx 10 suede olive gum 1 Reebok DMX 10 Suede   Olive   Gum

Original colorways would be a great surprise after nearly fifteen years, but the all-new Reebok DMX Run colorways are nothing to sneeze at.  Returning with all the grace and sophistication of the best New Balance and Asics throwbacks, the DMX 10 Runner applies an all-suede build in five neutral colors whose gum rubber pods offer an interesting juxtaposition (*like many of the timeless styles we’ve come to embrace, the gum sole look didn’t get its proper due in the alternative ’90s) against the design’s signature technical element.  This olive green edition will be joined by beige, grey, navy and rose when RBK Classics drops this pack next spring, so be sure to check back with Sneaker News for updates.

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Reebok DMX Run “Suede/Gum” Pack

August 22nd, 2012 by | 1 comment

reebok dmx run suede pack Reebok DMX Run Suede/Gum Pack

We’ve already shown you all the spicy returns from Reebok’s 90′s catalog, but how about a look at what Reebok has planned for one of the greatest cult-hit runners of all-time? Falling under the Reebok Reserve footwear capsule (a lifestyle twist on performance models), the Reebok DMX Run has been re-done with luxurious suede uppers and solid gum outsoles for a purely lifestyle take on quite the high-tech design; light grey, navy, olive, maroon, and grey are all featured in a tonal composition with the desert gum DMX outsole providing the ‘Classic’ touch seen on the recent ‘Vintage’ Reebok releases. We’ve got a individual shots of the upcoming Reebok DMX Run ‘Suede/Gum’ Pack after the jump so take a look and stay tuned for more from Reebok’s 2013 product roll-out.

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Reebok Classics 2013 Preview @ Project LV

August 20th, 2012 by | 6 comments

reebok classics 2013 preview 1 Reebok Classics 2013 Preview @ Project LV

If the rollout of this extended group of Reebok Classics bringbacks has taught us anything it’s patience. Ever since we saw the first catalog shots the sneaker loving public couldn’t wait to jump back into those days when the Vector Brand shared a slightly bigger slice of the basketball and tech-runner pie. The wait isn’t over quite yet but we do have some more shots to feed your hungry appetite, offered up by Reebok at the current Project trade show out in Las Vegas. Hit the jump for the full view which includes upcoming releases for the Reebok Question, Reebok Answer IV, Reebok DMX Run, Reebok Insta Pump Fury, Reebok Kamikaze II, and the Reebok ES22 and let us know which pair among them you’re anticipating the most.

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Reebok DMX Run Retro

August 8th, 2012 by | 3 comments

reebok dmx run retro release Reebok DMX Run Retro

Questions, Twilight Zones, Answer IVs, Michael Changs – all these old-school bangers gave us the chance to re-live the 90′s and early-00′s, but for those who haven’t filled in their Reebok Retro quota just yet, it might because they’re waiting for the Reebok DMX Run. This short-lived running model was in fact confirmed as one of the select inclusions of Reebok’s throwback exploration, but a design of this magnitude will certainly fit right in with today’s standards of tech-forward designs. If you’re looking forward to these, check out the full shot below thanks to Frank The Butcher and fill us in with your thoughts on this Reebok re-issue.

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Reebok Retro Catalog Teaser

June 28th, 2012 by | 7 comments

reebok retro catalog teaser 11 Reebok Retro Catalog Teaser

Imagine if Nike Sportswear hadn’t issued hardly any of its 1990s classics, then suddenly, BAM! — a torrent of Jordans, Air Maxes and signatures that’d leave longsuffering sneakerheads in tears.  That’s kind of like what’s going on right now under Swizz Beatz‘ supervision at Reebok, as the Vector brand is finally bringing back some of its most memorable silos of the past two decades.  It started last year with the Shawn Kemp-inspired Kamikaze III, a descendent of the Reebok Kamikaze II that’s now getting a proper retro treatment along with a couple of Allen Iverson’s signatures.  AI’s ‘Pearlized Red’ Question is on display with the OG blue colorup soon to follow, which will be joined by the Answer IV in one of that model’s many (many) first run styles.  And on the running/training side of things, we’re about to be blessed with Emmitt Smith’s EM22 and the original DMX Run (suggesting a future release for it’s DMX-debuting counterpart, the Answer I?).  Have a peek at Reebok’s upcoming Retro Sport collection after the jump, let us know which of these classics you’re most excited to own and if there’s another RBK model you’d like to see return (Swizz promises “Shaqs also” soon), and be sure to stick with Sneaker News for release info.

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Reebok 2012-2013 Preview

June 17th, 2012 by | 44 comments

reebok 2012 2013 preview Reebok 2012 2013 Preview

As hinted at by the likes of Reebok man Swizz Beatz, the Reebok Question was just the tip of the iceberg as far as classics they’re bringing back in the near future. So what exactly will the line up look like when they really open the floodgates? Feast you eyes upon this, a set up of samples from what’s to come featuring a laundry list of retros like the Reebok Answer IV, Reebok DMX Run, Reebok Kamikaze (in OG form) and many more. Make sure you hit the jump with us to peep the three full pages of pics from this exciting set of sneaks and let us know which model you’re most looking forward to from the Reebok 2012-2013 range. Photos: coast2coast

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