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Basquiat x Reebok by Swizz Beatz Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

February 4th, 2012 by | 4 comments

basquiat reebok swizz beatz spring summer 2012 1 570x376 Basquiat x Reebok by Swizz Beatz Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

If you can’t make bank off distributing other artists’ digital works, why not take a step back and utilize their signature styles for a physical product?  Of course, that’s not exactly it went down for Swizz Beatz with MegaUpload, but there is indeed a connection between the DOJ’s post-SOPA takedowns and the Reebok Affili’art Collection.  It wasn’t even a week ago that Neil Young was quoted as equating internet distribution with radio, and that kind of broader access to art is exactly what the Jean-Michel Basquiat x Reebok Pump Omni Lite and the rest of the posthumous collabo do for The Radiant Child’s notable works.  There are two Omnis (three including the ‘Undiscovered Genius’ joints we showed you last week), one Top Down and a new Freestyle for ladies that make up the spring/summer 2012 set, and you can see all of them in more images after the jump before you grab them from select RBK retailers.  via Provider

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Reebok Classic Vintage Series

November 3rd, 2011 by | 6 comments

reebok classic vintage series Reebok Classic Vintage Series

Reebok has arrived to a place in its history when the brand has but one NBA star, who is currently unable to ply his trade here in the States.  And though you might think of John Wall when seeing the Vector logo, RBK is more strongly associated with Allen Iverson, and even their classic Pump basketball models than today’s roundball scene.  Taking things back even further, it was their iconic white leather classics that helped to establish the company in the early ’80s, and with hightop styles influenced and borrowed from that era at the peak of their powers right now, why not offer a few releases that reprise that old school look?  That’s exactly what you have here with the Reebok ‘Classic Vintage Series’, a trio of CLs, Freestyle His and Ex-O-Fit His in white leather with navy accents and gum rubber bottoms for that unmistakable vintage appeal.  Click through for some more images and expect these soon at select RBK accounts.  via mita sneakers

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Reebok Classics September 2011 Releases

September 13th, 2011 by | 6 comments

reebok classic leather vintage 1 570x379 Reebok Classics September 2011 Releases

Given the fact that one prominent New York boutique got one of these two Reebok Classics releases a couple weeks early, we could say that “you’ve seen these before”, but then again, any sneakerhead worth his salt will instantly be able to identify both of these all-timers.  Pumps not withstanding, you could rather convincingly argue that no two shoes better reflect RBK’s 1980s heyday than the Reebok Classic Leather and Freestyle Hi.  Both cast in white leather with the original logo styling and oxidized glue on the soles for a vintage feel, these joints will be joined by the slightly more cultish Ex-O-Fit Hi and Workout Low Plus at select retailers like Miami’s Mr. R Sports.

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