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Reebok Classics Unveils The Pump Respect Pack

July 15th, 2014 by | 4 comments

reebok pump respect pack 05 Reebok Classics Unveils The Pump Respect Pack

There are certain Reebok Pump models that have long since cemented their status in the sneakerhead world, having earned the approval of a generation of footwear fans. The new “Respect Pack” from Reebok, gathered here, does a pretty good job of collecting a greatest hits of sorts featuring those models, with the Reebok Pump AXT, Reebok Pump Omni Zone, Reebok Insta Pump Fury, Reebok Pump Omni Lite, and Reebok Court Victory Pump all showing up. The sneakers are unified in their colors here – each donning black, yellow, and red and sticking the respective colors in more or less the same places. Continue reading for detailed imagery on the rich-in-history new “Pump Respect Pack” and watch for these at Reebok Classics accounts and

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Reebok Classics Launches The Pump Omni Zone “Tribute Pack”

May 7th, 2014 by | 5 comments

reebok pump omni zone lite tribute pack 06 Reebok Classics Launches The Pump Omni Zone Tribute Pack

If you were around for the heyday of the Reebok Pump technology, then you oughta remember legends like Dennis Rodman, Horace Grant, Sam Perkins, Vinny Del Negro, and more wearing them back in the 1990s. Linking up with those wearers is the new Reebok Pump Omni Zone “Tribute Pack” that has some clever team based colorways: Bulls, Lakers, Celtics, Spurs, and Magic colors all make appearances across the set. Continue reading to get familiar with the ERS equipped Reebok Pump Omni Zone set and look for this Spring/Summer 2014 collection at global Reebok retailers right now.

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Reebok Pump Omni Zone – Spring 2014 Colorways

March 19th, 2014 by | No comments

reebok pump omni zone spring 2014 03 570x380 Reebok Pump Omni Zone   Spring 2014 Colorways

The Reebok Pump Omni Zone is all about early 90s NBA team colors this season.  Interestingly enough, these pairs based on American pro hoop teams dropped first over in Europe, and now the US Reebok Classics retailers are getting their pairs.  First up is a ‘Toro’-ish Chicago Bulls edition and one that has a Knicks appeal with its grey and white build adding royal blue accents and hte basketball-orange Pump.  The Celtics, Hornets and Sonics pairs shouldn’t be too far off either, and you can pick up these Bulls and Knicks styles today at Sneaker Bistro.

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Reebok Pump Omni Zone “Chicago Bulls”

February 25th, 2014 by | 5 comments

reebok pump omni zone chicago 01 570x424 Reebok Pump Omni Zone Chicago Bulls

The Reebok Pump Omni Zone continues its tribute to the greatest NBA teams of yore, moving from the 1980s in that Celtics and Lakers pairing, into the 1990s with the unquestioned bully on that decade’s block.  The ‘Bulls’ Pump Omni Zone takes on that ‘Toro’ look with a Stadium Red leather upper giving way to bits of white and black.  There’s also some red splattering on the rear grey section of the midsole, which is a small portion of the design overall but really ties in with the history they’re trying to celebrate here.  Reebok Classics sort of tips its cap in an unexpected yet obvious direction with this one, so it’s easy to feel like that gesture will be reciprocated once you see them at shops like Shelta.

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Reebok Pump Twilight Zone “Lakers vs. Celtics”

February 23rd, 2014 by | 2 comments

reebok pump twilight zone lakers celtics 01 570x380 Reebok Pump Twilight Zone Lakers vs. Celtics
The NBA saw it’s largest growth in the 1980s, and while a certain number 23 may be partially responsible for that, people were grabbing seats for the league’s greatest rivalry to date whenever the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers squared off. The two franchises have battled a total of 12 times in the NBA Finals (3 in the 80s alone) so it was only right for Reebok to bring back their classic Reebok Pump Omni Zone. The shoe features the classic purple and gold of the LA squad as the entire upper is covered in a vibrant yellow while purple acts as an accent with a gradient midsole while the Boston iteration gets a clean and elegant white look with sparse details of kelly green. Stick with us after the click for a better look at this upcoming “Lakers vs. Celtics” Reebok Pump Omni Zone, and let us know which team’s scheme wins this round by penning your thoughts in our comments section.

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Reebok Pump Omni Zone “Sonics”

February 8th, 2014 by | No comments

reebok pump omni zone sonics 02 570x424 Reebok Pump Omni Zone Sonics

Reebok Classics has recently taken to applying signature athletes’ ‘other’ team colors to their retro sneakers, which we discussed in an in-depth piece on Tuesday.  Another facet of this approach they’re also adding is taking a colorway associated with one particular player and/or team and porting it over to a different model.  In the case of the Reebok Pump Omni Zone pictured above in black with Seattle Supersonics accents, we have a shoe that came out before Shawn Kemp joined the NBA, but one that certainly connects with his career, especially given his various retros in circulation.  Click in to see more of the Kemp-colored Dominique Wilkins classic and grab yours from RBK retailers like Caliroots.

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Reebok Pump Omni Zone “Celtics”

February 8th, 2014 by | No comments

reebok pump omni zone celtics Reebok Pump Omni Zone Celtics

The Reebok Pump Omni Zone Spring/Summer 2014 releases that we showed you at the tail end of last year are slowly starting to show up at retailers. The first of pairs that we’ve spotted from the group is this one, which has a rather Celtics look to it thanks to the blimey bits of green that are tucked into the details. If you like what you see then stay with us after the jump for additional images on these Boston-leaning Reebok Pump Omni Zone sneakers and watch for a release at US accounts soon.

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