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ShoeZeum Lists 50 Nike Foamposite eBay Auctions

May 11th, 2013 by | 8 comments

shoezeum 50 posite auctions ShoeZeum Lists 50 Nike Foamposite eBay Auctions

The ShoeZeum unloading continues with a special treat for Foamposite fans – fifty different Nike Foamposite shoes up for auction in one day! That’s right – Jordan Geller is letting go of fifty different Nike sneakers with no doubles whatsoever, with every single pair feature the Foamposite material in some shape or form. Royals, some rare Foamposite Pros, Flightposites, Kryptonates, and anything else that was built by the funky material is up for grabs now, so check out some of the highlights below and see all the listings fromĀ shoezeum on eBay.

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ShoeZeum eBay Auctions Featured on ESPN

May 10th, 2013 by | 9 comments

jordan geller espn shoezeum sale ShoeZeum eBay Auctions Featured on ESPN

So Sneaker News has been keeping you on top of all the ShoeZeum happenings, with the most recent update being Jordan Geller’s decision to put up the shoes for sale. ESPN just picked up this story and featured Jordan and his collection for part of their ESPN: Mint Condition segment, during which Jordan details the origin and growth of the ShoeZeum while noting some of his prized possessions. Check out the official ESPN video below, and be sure to follow all the new auctions that are going up daily on shoezeum on eBay.

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ShoeZeum eBay Auction Update: 5/9

May 9th, 2013 by | 4 comments

shoezeum auction updated may 9 ShoeZeum eBay Auction Update: 5/9

Earlier this week Sneaker News provided a rather surprising update on the legendary ShoeZeum: it’s up for sale! With anywhere from 9, 23, or 45 new listings going up a day, there are bound to be some amazing sneaker gems to become available for bidding, like the Air Jordan III “Oregon Pit Crew”, Retro Concords with an autographed-by-Tinker box, and much more. It’s been a few days and there are definitely some sick gems here like some awesome Air Jordan V Retros from 2000, an original pair of Air Tech Challenges, and even a throwback to Mike Vick’s signature line with Nike, so take a look at some of the highlights that have been updated since Monday.

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Shoezeum Collection to be Auctioned on eBay

May 6th, 2013 by | 2 comments

shoezeum collection on ebay Shoezeum Collection to be Auctioned on eBay

One of the more engaging stories in the sneaker community over the last two years was the emergence of the ShoeZeum that was owned, operated, and curated by Jordan Geller – one of the most enthusiastic sneaker collectors ever to lace up a pair of shoes. Sneaker News had the fortunate opportunity to not only break the ShoeZeum story wide open in 2011, but also to be at the grand opening of the ShoeZeum Las Vegas in August of 2012; creating a near-complete sneaker collection filled with the most amazing heat on the planet and having it available for public viewing is a feat that no other person in the world might have been able to accomplish, but Jordan has put a lot of time, work and money into this, and after an impressive run, he’s ready to move on to a new chapter.

Beginning last night, Jordan is putting almost the entire ShoeZeum collection up for grabs on eBay, listing either 9, 23, or 45 different individual items per day. That gives sneaker collectors a rare chance to purchase some of the most sought-after shoes on the planet, and with every single auction starting off at $0.99, it’s anyone’s game – and who knows, you might even cop a steal! This might be the biggest auction event in sneaker collection history and there will be without question some serious heat up for grabs, so check out some of the major highlights that just went up for bidding and keep an eye out for more gems popping up daily in Jordan Geller’s eBay store – shoezeum on eBay.

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ShoeZeum to Appear on Pawn Stars

February 8th, 2013 by | 20 comments

shoezeum exhibit 12 5 ShoeZeum to Appear on Pawn Stars

See this amazing spread of Air Jordans? It might be sold in one fell swoop. Jordan Geller’s ShoeZeum might be the best sneaker collection in the world, and of course, Sneaker News was interested enough to visit the San Diego and the Las Vegas locations before anyone else did, and it looks like his Sin City neighbors – the folks at Pawn Stars located just down the Boulevard – are interested in making an offer. Jordy’s asking a mil – do you think they’ll come to some sort of agreement? Check out this preview clip below and tune in this Monday at 10 PM EST on the History Channel.

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Sneaker News Visits ShoeZeum Las Vegas

September 5th, 2012 by | 21 comments

shoezeum las vegas summary Sneaker News Visits ShoeZeum Las Vegas

In early 2011, a series of jaw-dropping sneaker auctions on eBay began circulating around blog headlines, sparking quite a bit of chatter among our readers around the world. Turns out we stumbled upon a sneaker goldmine of sorts, so Sneaker News offered the cure for the itch and took a trip out to San Diego to explore the ShoeZeum and meet Jordan Geller, the owner of the largest sneaker collection on the planet. A year and a half later and the ShoeZeum has evolved from a personal sneaker collection showcase in a warehouse to an open-to-the-public attraction in one of the most historic regions of Las Vegas, and this past Thursday Sneaker News got to partake in the grand opening of what is undeniably a “one-of-one” showcase of over 2,500 pairs of sneaker heat and history.

Much more polished by leaps and bounds and plenty of more exhibits (a ton of heat did in fact release since we last saw Jordan Geller in California) to enjoy, ShoeZeum is a great bang-for-buck experience at just $10, which nets you free range of the entire ShoeZeum as well as a personal tour by Jordan himself. The Grand Opening drew in an impressive crowd of locals, tourists, members of a local sneakerhead community called Vegas Sneaker Heads, and Mayor Carolyn Goodman,who did the honor of ‘untying the lace’ (a playful rendition of the classic ribbon-cutting). We’ve got a quick Q&A with Jordan Geller for you in which he takes us step by step through some the amazing events that transpired after our first report on Sneaker News as well as a complete breakdown of all twenty-three ShoeZeum exhibits, so take a look below and be sure to check out ShoeZeum for yourself if you’re a local to the area or if you’re out in Vegas for vacation!

450 Fremont St. Suite 135
Las Vegas, NV 89101
Open 4PM-12AM Daily
Admission: $10

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ShoeZeum Re-Opens in Las Vegas

August 31st, 2012 by | 22 comments

shoezeum reopens in las vegas ShoeZeum Re Opens in Las Vegas

You remember that motherload of all sneaker collections the ShoeZeum? And remember how we told you it was making a move to a new home out in Las Vegas? Well just yesterday the ribbon cutting ceremony went down, with Nevada now playing host to this incredible collection of 2,500 deadstock pairs of Nike’s and Air Jordan’s of all sorts. Click through to get a quick preview of the recently opened 7,500-square-foot space that’s been Guinness certified as the largest shoe collection in the world and be sure to stay tuned as Sneaker News has some exclusive footage lined up from this sneakerhead Mecca.

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