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The ShoeZeum Moves To A New City

July 23rd, 2012 by | 1 comment

sneaker news goes inside the shoezeum 3 The ShoeZeum Moves To A New City

In early 2011, Sneaker News stumbled upon a cluster of impressive eBay listings put together by an unknown individual known only by his eBay handle ‘Sneaks Kicks’. As the excitement began to mount around his incredible collection of listings, Sneaker News felt compelled to explore the true depths of this amazing collection of sneakers. We flew out to San Diego and was greeted by Jordan Geller, the owner and curator of what he called the ‘ShoeZeum’, and we were treated to a jaw-dropping tour of what is likely one of the greatest accumulations of leather and laces in the game’s history; beyond the mere accumulation of sneakers were categorized exhibits inspired by his own upbringing, with all of the exhibit props and trinkets fully stocked from purchases and trades from local swap-meets.

Not long after Sneaker News provided the first and only in-depth tour of the ShoeZeum, the entire sneaker world and even local and national news outlets picked up the story; Jordan Geller and ‘ShoeZeum’ had become household names and some of Nike’s highest brass, like Mark Parker and Tinker Hatfield, took the trip down to San Diego themselves – and even they were impressed at the pure Nike-driven passion. Geller even auctioned off personal Willy Wonka-style tours to the ShoeZeum (with all generated profits going straight to the Livestrong charity). Unfortunately, the ShoeZeum had to be temporarily closed and the massive sneaker collection piled into a storage space, but we’ve received some great news from Jordan himself: the ShoeZeum will be re-opening in the near future at a new location in Las Vegas. We’ll keep you updated on this progress of this grand re-opening and you can bet the farm the he’s grown his collection considerably since we were there almost a year and a half ago, so check out the amazing video of Jordan disassembling the ShoeZeum pair by pair, as well as a look at the apartment that housed the collection while it awaits the future Las Vegas location!

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Sneaker Pimps LA – September 2011

September 2nd, 2011 by | 4 comments

Los angeles event flyer 1 Sneaker Pimps LA   September 2011

Sneaker News first gave you a heads up on the Sneaker Pimps Los Angeles a few weekends ago, but with the event taking place tomorrow, we’ve got to give you one more reminder. Sneaker Pimps Los Angeles will be filled with tons of sneaker goodies that we all love and enjoy, but it’s a special live performance by Cali-native Game as well as a sick Air Jordan exhibit by crazy collector and curator Jordan Geller and his ShoeZeum (you can look back here). Don’t miss out on this West Coast extravaganza of kicks because there will be no way more proper than ending your summer vacay with Sneaker Pimps!

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ShoeZeum ‘Backstage Pass’ – History Of The Air Jordan

June 7th, 2011 by | 31 comments

shozeum backstage pass shoestv summary ShoeZeum Backstage Pass   History Of The Air Jordan

Sneaker News already gave you an in-depth look at Jordan Geller’s ShoeZeum collection, but if you’ve been dying for another look, Shoes.TV just joined in on the fun. Follow host Samia Khan as she explored the Air Jordan wing of the ShoeZeum; Jordan Geller starts with his favorite Jordan, the Air Jordan 1, and brings her around the astounding collection, stopping at some of the keynote pieces to his collection, like the Air Jordan V Black/Metallic Silver that he’s kept deadstock for so long, and the Air Jordan XI ‘Bred’, the first shoe he sold on eBay. Check out the video below and if you want to revisit Sneaker News’ first-hand review of the ShoeZeum, check it out here!

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ShoeZeum x Steve Prefontaine Video & Collection

June 5th, 2011 by | 13 comments

shoezeum steve prefontaine summary ShoeZeum x Steve Prefontaine Video & Collection

Over 2,000 pairs in his stash – what could be his favorite of all-time? Sneaker News brought you a firsthand look at Jordan Geller’s personal collection, filled with countless Air Jordan, Nike SB, Nike Basketball, and Nike Running sneakers, and during those exhibits, you might have wondered what Jordan Geller’s ‘holy grail’ was. Every sneakerhead has his own white whale, and for Geller, it was the Nike Pre-Montreal – a running flat designed for Steve Prefontaine. As part of the Grand Finale of the ShoeZeum showcase, Sneaker News documented Jordan Geller’s 30 favorite sneakers of all-time, with the number 1 spot going to the shoe that Geller paid a whopping $3,383 for. Check out this great video of Steve Prefontaine running a four-minute mile and of Geller’s Pre-Montreal collection and let us know what your ‘holy grail’ of sneakers is.

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ShoeZeum Golden Ticket Tour Recap

May 23rd, 2011 by | 24 comments

shoezeum tour 5 21 22 ShoeZeum Golden Ticket Tour Recap

Arguably one of the biggest sneaker stories of 2011 began when Sneaker News reported some interesting eBay auctions that featured massive groupings of Air Jordans, Nike SBs, and Air Max Runners at eyebrow-raising prices. It was clear that the man behind these controversial listings had a lot more in store, so the Sneaker News staff flew out to San Diego to get a firsthand look at the ‘million dollar collection’; what followed was a huge media blast for Jordan Geller – the curator of the ShoeZeum – as his collection was soon visited by some VIP guests and was featured on local news on both paper and on-screen. More internet attention soon followed from others, and Jordan put the cherry on top of this amazing ride by auctioning off five ‘Golden Ticket Tours‘ on eBay, in which winning bidders would get an exclusive tour of his ShoeZeum (with all proceeds going to the LIVESTRONG charity).

May 21st was the date to circle for the lucky winners (two of which were Brandon Renken and Lindsay Manford of  ’I Do’ Bespoke fame), who received a 2,000-pair chronological breakdown, as well as a neat surprise in the form of a DIY paint-splatter Dunk session. Other notable guests of the tour included Michael Leming, Chief Talent Scout at Nike, and Guinness, Jordan Geller’s ‘fierce’ King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, and loyal companion. If you were unable to win a golden ticket and get out to San Diego on your own, Sneaker News already covered all of the ShoeZeum goodness in our thorough feature from March/April, which you can recap here. Check out a gallery of photos after the jump for a visual overview of the ShoeZeum Golden Ticket Tour.

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ShoeZeum Tour ‘Golden Ticket’ Auctions on eBay

May 3rd, 2011 by | 20 comments

shoezeum golden ticket auction 4 ShoeZeum Tour Golden Ticket Auctions on eBay

“You just single-handedly brought back the best memories I’ve ever had in my life.” – Tinker Hatfield on his visit to The ShoeZeum

A week after Sneaker News explored The ShoeZeum out in San Diego, Jordan Geller’s sneaker paradise was visited by an all-star roster of Nike executives eager to get a look for themselves at what the sneaker world has been buzzing about. Among the group were Nike CEO Mark Parker and design mastermind Tinker Hatfield, who even after years of living and breathing Nike sneakers from behind the scenes, were completely floored by what Jordan had put together. By now you’ve seen all of our galleries of the numerous ShoeZeum highlights, but there could really never be anything quite like seeing it in person for yourself, an experience that at this point, only a select few have had the pleasure of.

And now for the first time ever, you just might be able to do that. When we first presented our look inside The ShoeZeum, we dubbed collector/curator Jordan Geller as the Willy Wonka of the sneaker game, and now in a move right out of the Wonka playbook, five “golden tickets” have been produced granting entry to The ShoeZeum for the winner and a guest. Instead of stuffing them into random Nike boxes throughout the world, the tickets will be auctioned off for charity on eBay where Geller first made his name in the sneaker realm. Proceeds from the auctions will go to, where else but LIVESTRONG, a worthy cause and a tie-in to Jordan’s passion for all things Nike. The first auction will go up tonight, with the others following one a day for the rest of the week. The five winners and their guests will be invited to enjoy a one of a kind private tour of The ShoeZeum at 7pm on May 21st, so if you can get to San Diego and have some money to spend for a good cause, take it from us that the experience will be well worth it. To check out the full eBay auction for more details and pics, click here.

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Sneaker News Goes Inside The ShoeZeum – Part 10: Grand Finale

April 22nd, 2011 by | 3 comments

shoezeum part 10 grand finale Sneaker News Goes Inside The ShoeZeum   Part 10: Grand Finale

Now that you’ve seen pretty much all that The ShoeZeum has to offer in the first nine parts of our inside look, what’s left to say? You’ve just had a look at perhaps the most impressive sneaker collection on earth. Are there better concentrated collections of Air Jordans or Air Force 1′s or SB Dunks out there? Maybe, but you’d have a tough time finding a single one possessing such a thorough cross-section of just about every collectible Nike genre and category. With The ShoeZeum, Jordan Geller has created a warehouse-size museum-caliber exhibit featuring the best of Nike’s almost 40 year span, and while there may be a handful of notables missing, it does a pretty staggering job of covering ground, especially when you consider that over 99% of the shoes are deadstock and a size 11-12. Since our trip out to San Diego last month, The ShoeZeum was honored by a VIP visit from Mark Parker, Tinker Hatfield and a collection of Nike executives who were just as floored by Jordan Geller’s creation as we were.

You’ve had a chance to see some of the highlights in our Inside The ShoeZeum galleries, but we thought we’d finish strong with two final treats. The first is a video found after the jump that will give you perhaps the best representation of what it’s actually like to make your way through the entire ShoeZeum. Filmed in one take, the video follows the first person path of a visitor entering the building and making their way through every aisle, rack, shelf and shoe. In real time, it took almost an hour and a half to cover both floors of The ShoeZeum, but we sped up the video for you so you can check out the whole thing in 17 minutes. Grab a drink and a snack and take some time to check out a fast-paced stroll through all the wonders found inside.

Over on Sneaker News HD, you can check out Jordan Geller’s Top 30 Sneakers in The ShoeZeum. With the overwhelming magnitude of the 2000-plus shoes found within, it’s easy to overlook some of the gems that get lost in the mix among all those shoes. We asked Jordan to pull his favorite thirty for a better focus on the best of the best. Check out Jordan’s choices along with his commentary on each selection. Thanks for joining us on our trip Inside The ShoeZeum. We sincerely hope you enjoyed it. Love it or hate it, you certainly can’t knock the love, dedication and execution in putting together the ultimate Nike showcase. A big thanks to Jordan for his hospitality and eagerness to share his ShoeZeum and love for sneakers with the world.

continue to hd sneakernes Sneaker News Goes Inside The ShoeZeum   Part 10: Grand Finale

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