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Sneaker News Goes Inside The ShoeZeum – Part 8: Music, Movies, TV, Video Games

April 12th, 2011 by | No comments

inside the shoezeum part 8 music movies tv video games Sneaker News Goes Inside The ShoeZeum   Part 8: Music, Movies, TV, Video Games

Now that you’ve had a chance to sober up from our trip to the Break Room, it’s on to the rest of the upstairs area to explore some more features of The ShoeZeum. The second floor contains several displays consisting of shoes inspired by various aspects of entertainment, and of course, each is set up alongside some appropriate props and decorations to further bring the exhibits to life. In this section, you will find Nike shoes modeled after movies, tv shows, album covers, video games and more, reminding us that there really aren’t too many pop culture references left that Nike has yet to translate into sneaker form.

The entertainment portion of The ShoeZeum starts as soon as you get to the top of the stairs, beginning with a musical showcase featuring shoes related to Eminem, DJ AM, The Beatles and U2. Moving left from there, you’ll find an additional selection of music-inspired kicks from several genres of music like the De La Soul Dunks and A Tribe Called Quest Air Jordan 1s reppin for the hip-hop scene, and the Dr. Feelgoods and both Guns N’ Roses Dunks over on the rock side. Rounding out the initial music shelves is the Fallen Heroes Pack, “honoring” some infamous individuals in the record biz complete with CDs, record albums and other memorabilia filling in the gaps in the backdrop.

As you turn the corner, you’ll find some further tributes to the world of music by way of a showcase of the guitar-inspired Nike SB Dunk series and more, including the classic pink-lined Gibson guitar case and a small homage to legendary axe-men Joe Strummer and Eddie Van Halen up above. An about face from there will lead you into a small area focusing on Nikes concocted to embody some of the best in television and movies. The obvious standouts here are the McFly Hyperdunks and the actual pair of Fukijama Air Force 1′s that was featured on the HBO show, Entourage. Some nods to Scarface, Bill Cosby, Teen Wolf, Star Wars, White Men Can’t Jump and more complete the section along with DVDs, toys and other merchandise from each.

The video game portion is not quite as expansive as some of the other themes, but the Playstation Air Force 1 and Air Max 97 make the table a worthwhile stop while you’re making your way around. The Nike x Nintendo Wii pack also shares the table, in addition to some other see-through classics like the Espo Air Force II and Invisible Woman Air Force 1. All in all, one of the more colorful installments of our ShoeZeum coverage, continue on for a video introduction to the Music, Movies, TV and Video Games sections and make your way over to Sneaker News HD for the full gallery of images.

continue to hd sneakernes Sneaker News Goes Inside The ShoeZeum   Part 8: Music, Movies, TV, Video Games

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Sneaker News Goes Inside The ShoeZeum – Part 7: The Break Room

April 7th, 2011 by | 1 comment

inside the shoezeum part 7 the break room Sneaker News Goes Inside The ShoeZeum   Part 7: The Break Room

Recently, we’ve brought you extensive looks at some of The ShoeZeum‘s more expansive sections and sub-categories, and now it’s time to kick back a little and enjoy the “Break Room.” Set up to be a place for his employees to unwind and take a load off when the warehouse was still set up for Jordan Geller’s massive eBay business, the Break Room now serves as a home for some classic Nike models inspired by the types of recreational beverages and plants that are just perfect for a getaway from a hard day of work.

As you would expect, the Break Room is one of the smaller displays in The ShoeZeum. The set-up features an L-shaped shelving unit that wraps across two walls and is faced on the other side by a comfy couch where you can put your feet up and enjoy the view. The left side of the display features a variety of releases (mostly Nike SB’s) that get their color inspiration and more from some very recognizable beer labels. Each shoe has been placed with a set-up of corresponding bottles, six-packs and promotional doodads for the full effect.

The right side of the Break Room showcase gives a nod to some herbally-influenced kicks like the Skunks and Hemp SB Dunks, along with the coveted Homegrown Air Max 90′s and a pair of the ARI Newport kicks with matching ashtray for additional smoking flavor. Since our visit a few weeks, back, the Break Room has also added another piece of serious heat thanks to the arrival of a pair of size 11.5 orange Un-Homegrowns that now sit alongside the originals. Panning further to the right, some rasta-friendly sneaker releases finish things off, and from there, there’s only one thing left to do – grab some munchies.

Right outside of the Break Room, you’ll find a table covered with sweets and snacks with the Chocolate, Neopolitan Stussy and Big Gulp SB Dunks mixed in with the mouth-watering display of matching junk food. For a healthier choice, you can then head over to the fridge where you’ll find a pair of Asparagus Dunks boxed up in their appropriate fresh produce packaging. Keep reading after jump for a video intro to the Break Room installment of our look inside The ShoeZeum and head on over to Sneaker News HD for a full gallery of images.

continue to hd sneakernes Sneaker News Goes Inside The ShoeZeum   Part 7: The Break Room

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Sneaker News Goes Inside The ShoeZeum – Part 6: Basketball

April 5th, 2011 by | No comments

inside the shoezeum part 6 basketball Sneaker News Goes Inside The ShoeZeum   Part 6: Basketball

We’re officially through the halfway point of our 10 part excursion inside The ShoeZeum, and believe us, there’s plenty more to see. Part 6 takes a look at the sprawling Nike Basketball racks that showcase some of the best in b-ball kicks from the 1970′s right up to the present. The lasting word that comes to mind when describing The ShoeZeum would have to be thorough, but that said, there are some holes in the history aspect considering the massively overwhelming scope of Nike Basketball releases over the years. Although you won’t see almost every shoe imaginable in the respective genre like you witnessed with the Air Jordans or SB Dunks, every era and important Nike technological innovation is represented.

Starting from the beginnings of Nike Baketball, a wide selection of Bruins and Blazers kicks off the 70′s with everything from OG’s to some notable newer Nike and Nike SB releases. Both upstairs and within the neverending basketball racks, another undisputed classic from Nike’s early days, the timeless Air Force 1 is well-repped as well with a ton of both high and low colorways from various years and a full spread of 25th anniversary releases. In addition to the AF1′s, the second floor also houses a selection of b-ball classics from 1975-1989 with another few racks focusing just on Vandals.

Moving into the next decade, the short-lived but fondly remembered Nike pump venture is displayed between the Force and Flight racks and flaunts a jaw-dropping roster of multiple Air Pressures, Command Forces and Pump 180s. From there, it’s over to Force and Flight where we really get into the 90s and the heart of The ShoeZeum’s basketball nostalgia. With a ton of both OG and Retro releases, the nineties are pretty comprehensively covered with a nice focus on signature shoes from Barkley, Penny, Pippen and several others, a wide array of Foamposite incarnations and even a nice display of early Shox.

The 2000s are down toward the other end with standouts like a variety of BB 360s and some scattered LeBron and Kobe kicks that take it to present day with some South Beach LeBron 8′s and Grinch Kobe VI’s to cover the entire history span right up to an open ended future. Continue on after the jump for a few videos that will further introduce you to the b-ball sections and then head over to Sneaker News HD for the full gallery of the Nike Basketball portion of our inside look at The ShoeZeum.

continue to hd sneakernes Sneaker News Goes Inside The ShoeZeum   Part 6: Basketball

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Sneaker News Goes Inside The ShoeZeum – Part 5: Dunks

March 31st, 2011 by | No comments

inside the shoezeum part 5 dunks Sneaker News Goes Inside The ShoeZeum   Part 5: Dunks

Every exhibit of the ShoeZeum is arranged with a calculated deliberation. What may appear like a labyrinth of sneaker displays is actually a meticulous arrangement of items, an exacting process that follows the Nike history of footwear development to a tee. Right in the middle of the Air Jordan section of ShoeZeum is the Nike Dunk exhibit, consisting of several clusters of Nike Dunk Lows and Highs, separated by theme and sub-category. As we all know, the Nike Dunk served as the blueprint of the Air Jordan 1. With that in mind, the Nike Dunk exhibit suddenly becomes less of a random placement, and it becomes clear that Geller places the Dunk at the heart of the Jordan display for a reason.

Some of the more notable Dunk displays located at the center is the Nike ‘JorDunk’ display, which features all of the Nike Dunks inspired by classic Air Jordans. One that is close to Jordan’s heart is the ‘Diamond’ table, which features the Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Tiffany’ as well as this own ‘Diamond’ Dunks – the very shoes he wore to his wedding. On conveyor belts are the early-2000s Pro B releases – fat-tongued Dunks that were produced before Nike SB was unveiled – as well as the Paul Brown and Danny Supa SB Dunks from the first-ever series of Nike SB.

The crown jewel of the Nike Dunk exhibit is the Nike SB Dunk display, which houses a vast collection of the Nike SB Dunk releases from 2003 to 2006. It includes all five Supreme x Nike SB collaborations, two of the Medicom Toy collaborations, and almost every other popular SB Dunk that would fetch hundreds and hundreds of dollars. The highlight of the exhibit is the entire City Series, which includes New York, London, Tokyo, and Paris, as well as a 1-of-30 SB Dunk ‘Pigeon’ with Jeff Staple’s logo and numbered designation lasered on the inner heel of the shoe. Sitting on its own pedestal is the ‘What The Dunk’, a mosaic of Nike SB Dunks of the past, and the rare Nike SB Dunk jacket, looking over the Nike SB Dunk collection like a lighthouse guiding inquiring minds closer and closer to the display.

Fortunately, this isn’t the end of the Nike SB Dunk exhibit, as countless more special colorways and releases of both SB and non-SB varieties are sprinkled all around the rest of the ShoeZeum. A huge display of general releases is located upstairs, and the many themed exhibits house other versions as well. As Sneaker News explores the rest of the ShoeZeum, you’ll certainly catch a few Nike Dunks in it’s necessary places, so stay alert! Jordan’s got another great introduction video below, so continue reading to check it out, and remember to head to Sneaker News HD for the full gallery and feature!

continue to hd sneakernes Sneaker News Goes Inside The ShoeZeum   Part 5: Dunks

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Sneaker News Goes Inside The ShoeZeum – Part 4: Running

March 29th, 2011 by | No comments

inside the shoezeum part 4 running Sneaker News Goes Inside The ShoeZeum   Part 4: Running

Sneaker News continues its coverage of the ShoeZeum, with a focus on one of curator Jordan Geller’s most sentimental exhibits – Nike Running. Jordan’s love for Nike runs in the family, as his father, an avid and successful marathon runner, wore Nike Running models in his races; Jordan was surrounded by Nike runners throughout his youth, and it was this early exposure that played a role in assembling the greatest sneaker showcase we’ve ever seen. It’s an exhibit built on history and cultivated with passion, and plays a vital role of ‘pacemaker’ for the entire ShoeZeum.

This specialty wing of the ShoeZeum begins with the History of Air conveyor belt, which houses every flagship Air Max running shoe from its inception twenty-four years ago. Beginning with the iconic Air Max 1 and Air Max 90 and ending with the revolutionary Air Max 2011, the Air Max conveyor belt showcases some of Jordan’s favorite sneakers of all time, as well as his personal favorite – the Nike Air Max 97 in the original ‘Silver Bullet’ colorway! This particular piece of the exhibit serves to highlight the innovation, evolution, and style of the Nike Air Max legacy, and acts as a precursor to the entire ShoeZeum – one that is rife with innovation, evolution, and style in all of its nooks and crannies.

In addition to the Air Max conveyor belt, one entire aisle of the ShoeZeum is dedicated to the history of Nike Running spanning twenty four years. The Nike Running aisle houses countless colorways of many of Nike’s greatest Air Max running shoes along with some of the non-flagship gems, like the Air Max 96, Air Max Tailwind II, Air Max TL 4, and Air Max 120. Jordan shows no restraint in his love for Nike Air Max Running, as this impressive aisle – one of the many outstanding sections of the ShoeZeum – is loaded with Air Max heat from front to end.

Finishing off the Nike Running aisle is a piece of Nike history that you may not have even known about – and it’s not even a shoe. Take a look at ‘Irreverence Justified’; made up of the same golden leather used on Michael Johnson’s historic shoe made infamous during the 1996 Olympics, ‘Irreverence Justified’ is an incredibly rare artifact of Nike history, a miniaturized tome detailing Nike’s alchemic touch on performance footwear. As you flip through the book, you will see a compilation of several Nike shoes over the years, starting with Jordan’s prized ShoeZeum possession, the Nike Pre Montreal, and ending with blank pages, alluding to the fact that Nike’s innovation will fill up page after page for years to come. Of course, pictures speak a thousand words, so check out the preview video below and head on over to Sneaker News HD for a full gallery of images showcasing Nike Running history at its finest!

continue to hd sneakernes Sneaker News Goes Inside The ShoeZeum   Part 4: Running

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Sneaker News Goes Inside The ShoeZeum – Part 3: Air Jordans

March 24th, 2011 by | 1 comment

inside the shoezeum part 3 air jordans 1 Sneaker News Goes Inside The ShoeZeum   Part 3: Air Jordans

Now that you’ve been formally introduced to The ShoeZeum and officially welcomed, it’s time to really start getting into the good stuff. Does anybody out there like Air Jordans? If you consider yourself an admirer of the Air Jordan lineage, what you’re about to see is something truly breathtaking. If The ShoeZeum was only a quarter of its size and solely contained Jordan Geller’s nearly 500 pair Air Jordan collection, it would still easily be worth the trip out to San Diego. Over the years, Sneaker News has brought you looks at some pretty enviable Jordan collections, but it’s safe to say that none have ever flaunted a spread like this.

To describe The ShoeZeum’s Air Jordan exhibit as thorough would be a flagrant understatement. With the exception of only a handful of super-rare early OG’s and a few easily forgettable late model colorways, you will find just about every version ever produced of every Air Jordan signature model. The shoes are displayed in chronological order, starting at the beginning with a whopping 10 OG pairs of the Air Jordan 1 in various colorways, including the original AJKO. From there, every numbered Air Jordan is grouped from shelf to shelf as you make your way clockwise through the 360 degree display ranging from 1985 and Michael’s first shoe all the way up to the present with the Air Jordan 2011.

The fourth and final side of the Air Jordan section showcases a massive layout of the entire Countdown Pack with multiple sets of the juicier offerings. In front of the Collezione installment sits a large table with all the Nike Dunks inspired by Jordan models and that still doesn’t cover all the Air Jordan fire found within. Upstairs, you’ll find a collection of charity-related shoes that features all four Jordan models from the Doernbecher series, and a walk around the corner will lead you to the Eminem AJ II and both the Eminem and Undefeated Air Jordan IV’s.

Not too many holes to find here. From OG’s right up to a full set of Bin 23 Premios, The ShoeZeum has it all covered – and in many cases, multiple times. And the love for His Airness doesn’t stop there. The ShoeZeum’s sprawling concrete walls are adorned with over 100 Michael Jordan posters, as well as some amazing store displays and large promotional items. Enough setup – the images that await you will speak for themselves. Continue on after the jump for a video introduction to the Air Jordan segment of our ongoing look inside The ShoeZeum and head over to Sneaker News HD for the full gallery of images. You’re in for a treat. Enjoy!

continue to hd sneakernes Sneaker News Goes Inside The ShoeZeum   Part 3: Air Jordans

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Sneaker News Goes Inside The ShoeZeum – Part 2: ‘Welcome To The ShoeZeum’

March 22nd, 2011 by | No comments

inside the shoezeum part 2 welcome summary Sneaker News Goes Inside The ShoeZeum   Part 2: Welcome To The ShoeZeum

Last week, Sneaker News brought you an introductory look at Jordan Geller’s awe-inspiring ShoeZeum – the first of a 10-part feature exploring what just might be the most impressive sneaker collection on earth. Now that you have a rough feel for the cavernous layout, it’s time to take a closer peek inside, as we take you through some of the collection’s most noteworthy displays. The ShoeZeum has been meticulously divided up into different categories and displays, with the first stop on the tour being the ‘Welcome To The ShoeZeum’ area. This section serves as a greeting area for visitors, with a large part of the emphasis on capturing the feel of some of the hometown amenities that San Diego is best known for.

After being welcomed by the three “Money Cats” during a cruise past the former Sneak’s Kicks inspection station, you will make your way into the first area of shelf displays spotlighting a tribute to two of San Diego’s biggest tourist attractions – Sea World and the San Diego Zoo. Countless sea-creature and animal-inspired Nike shoes are strewn about among their corresponding decorative effects, with highlights being the Lobster and Panda Dunk displays, as well as some clever nods to animal print and reptile materials and an homage to the “DQM Bacon” family of kicks. Also of note are the Ugly Dunkling and Three Bears Dunks which are showcased along with themed props and even copies of the children’s books that the stories originated from.

Continuing on from the Dunklings, a nod to the Joker’s purple and green color scheme leads into an area featuring a variety of comic book and cartoon-inspired kicks that Jordan intended to serve as a common point of interest for visitors to the ShoeZeum, regardless of their appreciation or knowledge of sneakers. After a whimsical stroll through the cartoon shoes and their stuffed toy counterparts, you will come to an exhibit housing a selection of shoes based on California, the USA and San Diego’s neighbor to the south, Mexico. To the left of this display sits one of Jordan’s most prized pieces in The ShoeZeum, a ‘Cali’ SB Dunk signed by former eBay CEO, Meg Whitman.

A quick 180 degree turn from there and you’ll be facing the final welcoming touch. In a further tribute to the city that The ShoeZeum calls home, you’ll find a bit of local sports flavor thanks to some LaDainian Tomlinson shoes and collectibles and a pair of the LA Map lasered Air Force 1′s. To the right sits one of the ShoeZeum’s most over-the-top features, a pair of the SB Dunk Broncos sitting atop, what else, but a Ford Bronco. Keep reading after the jump for an introduction video that will further lay out what you’re about to see, and head over to Sneaker News HD for the full gallery of the ‘Welcome To The ShoeZeum’ display. Don’t forget to check back this Thursday night for Part 3 of our adventures inside The ShoeZeum.

continue to hd sneakernes Sneaker News Goes Inside The ShoeZeum   Part 2: Welcome To The ShoeZeum

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