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Dave White and Sneakerpedia Talk Jordan Brand Collaboration and More

September 3rd, 2013 by | 6 comments

dave white jordan brand sneakerpedia 1 Dave White and Sneakerpedia Talk Jordan Brand Collaboration and More

“I’d never seen 3M before. I saw these shoes and this kind of Jumpman glow . . . “

That’s how the esteemed contemporary British artist Dave White described his first encounter with the Air Jordan V, the sneaker that originally hooked him in. It’s the Air Jordan 1 that DW himself has collaborated on, and in the video interview with Sneakerpedia you’ll see after the jump, White shows off a sample version that had a crazy velcro Swoosh setup intended to accommodate Elephant, speckle, 3M reflective and another choice. Let us know if any of Dave’s personal favorites match up with your own and stick with Sneaker News to see if his Melo M9 or any other future Jordan Brand collabs will release.

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Sneakerpedia Celebrates its 2nd Anniversary

May 22nd, 2013 by | No comments

sneakerpedia 2nd anniversary Sneakerpedia Celebrates its 2nd Anniversary

It’s been an amazing two years since Sneakerpedia first opened up to sneakerheads worldwide, and since then, over twenty thousands have joined in to digitally record their sneaker collections. Some unique data has been pulled by the folks over at Sneakerpedia, like the oldest sneaker (a pair of Chuck Taylors from the 1920s), the most expensive (…we don’t need roads), and much more. As part of the two-year anniversary celebration, Sneakerpedia will launch the “Crate of the Year” competition, which aims to crown the best Sneakerpedia Crate to date! If you haven’t joined in on the Sneakerpedia community yet, join here for free and check out the some of the cool info below.

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The Sneaker News Staff Shares Our Latest Pick-Ups on Sneakerpedia

February 27th, 2013 by | 3 comments

sneaker news staff shares latest pick ups2 The Sneaker News Staff Shares Our Latest Pick Ups on Sneakerpedia

A few months ago, the Sneaker News team decided to get in on the Sneakerpedia fun and give our readers a look into some of the sparks that have kept our inner shoe flame burning throughout the years. Of course, sneaker collections are an ever-changing entity, with new additions being added on a consistent basis, so for this latest update into the Sneaker News Sneakerpedia crate, we’ve decided to share some of our latest conquests. Below, you’ll find five recent sneaker pick-ups from each member of the Sneaker News staff, and like any new pair we welcome into our personal vaults, there’s usually a story behind them. Take a look below to see what recent releases had Team Sneaker News cracking their wallets open, and be sure to check out Sneakerpedia to get your own personal crate up to date.

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Sneaker News Presents: 25 Years of Gems on Sneakerpedia

November 20th, 2012 by | 2 comments

sneaker news presents 25 years of gems on sneakerpedia Sneaker News Presents: 25 Years of Gems on Sneakerpedia

Over the last year-and-a-half or so, the global community of Sneakerpedians have been uploading their personal collection of sneakers onto the Sneakerpedia database, creating a massive library of kicks dating back several decades for users to browse through and share with one another. It’s tough to pick a ‘best of’ list out of the thousands of featured shoes from over the years, so the Sneaker News staff decided to turn the clock back a quarter-century and pick out one standout sneaker gem from each year. Each shoe was remembered for being an impressive new innovation, a sick must-have collaborative release, or an under-appreciated sleeper, so check out this mixed bag of 25 Years of Sneakerpedia Gems below and let us know which of these is your favorite. Think you’ve got some gems that nobody has seen yet? Join Sneakerpedia right now and build your own crate!

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Sneakerpedia x Sneaker News Editors’ “Grails”

November 13th, 2012 by | 2 comments

sneakerpedia x sneakernews editor grails Sneakerpedia x Sneaker News Editors Grails

Right around a month ago, Sneaker News teamed up with the world’s largest online sneaker collection, Sneakerpedia, in an effort to give you a little bit of background on the personal tastes of the folks who make this site tick. We whittled the most cherished sneakers in our personal collections down to individual top 20 lists, bringing you some background on why those sneakers meant so much to us. But of course, as every collector knows, on the flip side of all our rewarding conquests and acquisitions, there will always be the ones that got away.

This latest edition of our Sneakerpedia team-up is the tale of those models, the ones that we never got our hands on or that we had and may never find again. Mind you this isn’t necessarily a definitive list of our ‘grails’, but rather a compilation of our most personally lusted after releases from amongst the impressive Sneakerpedia selection. Stay with us after the jump for the Top 5 Sneakerpedia sneaker grail lists from our SN editors and let us know if you’ve got any in common with us in the comments below. If you didn’t see your personal favorites in here, head over to the Sneakerpedia archives to see what kind of long-lost heat people are holding onto and feel free to sign up to start uploading your own treasures now.

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Sneaker News x Sneakerpedia Presents: DJ Clark Kent’s Nike SB Dunk Force 1 Collection

October 8th, 2012 by | 21 comments

dj clark kents nike sb dunk force 1 collection sneakerpedia Sneaker News x Sneakerpedia Presents: DJ Clark Kents Nike SB Dunk Force 1 Collection

Just last week the Sneaker News team gave you a bit of long overdue insight on our personal tastes, bringing you stories of our sneaker history via the Top 20 Editor’s Crates. If you’ve spent any time over at Sneakerpedia you know that there are plenty more users all sharing their collections, some heavy hitters sprinkled among them. Like who? DJ Clark Kent for one, the legendary DJ whose Nike Air Force 1 tendencies have led to some extremely rare acquisitions and one of a kind hook-ups, the likes of which are on display here. Pulled from his Sneakerpedia crate is the full range of the “Nike SB Dunk Force 1″ group, a set of quite coveted Nike SB Dunks (Tiffany’s, Jedi’s, and Supreme’s among them) outfitted with the Nike Air Force 1 sole. Click through to check out the amazing results and let us know what you think of this peek at Clark’s crate. And if you think you have some kicks worth showing off, you can upload your own flauntables now on Sneakerpedia.

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Sneaker News Sneakerpedia Editor’s Crates: Brendan Dunne’s Top 20 Sneakers

October 3rd, 2012 by | 4 comments

sneakerpedia top 20 brendan Sneaker News Sneakerpedia Editor’s Crates: Brendan Dunne’s Top 20 Sneakers

Our top 20 train is going to keep on chugging today, with the Sneaker News editors coming out from behind the scenes to a certain extent to shed a little bit of light on our own personal preferences and history when it comes to this whole footwear thing. Of course we’re doing so together with the folks over at Sneakerpedia, uploading the most prized items from our own collection onto their massive site, in turn helping to push them a bit closer towards that goal of creating the world’s definitive sneaker encyclopedia.

Fortunately for me I was put through a sort of mini-version of this test already in real life, having recently made a coast to coast move that forced me to shove the majority of my collection away into my brother’s closet and whittle things down to the bare essentials. In those moments of careful culling I was forced to put a fair amount of thought into creating some sort of Nick Hornby-esque desert island top five of sneakers. In the end that group isn’t exactly in line with this group, but they do share quite a few members. Click through as I take you through a journey of pairs, some left of field and some expected, that constitute my top 20 and please note that I’ll be taking on all trolls in the comments below. Just kidding. But seriously, check the list out.

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