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Supra Pilot “Evans”

March 31st, 2013 by | No comments

supra pilot evans Supra Pilot Evans

Supra wasn’t exactly straightforward with their ‘Brady’ Skytop (why Bulls colors instead of Patriots?), but this new drop named after a pro team sports athlete makes a much clearer connection. In fact, any time you see a purple and black shoe, it’s easy to connect it to the only team in the big four major sports leagues with the palette, so this Supra Pilot ‘Evans’ is a natural fit with the Sacramento Kings’ guard, Tyreke. Aside from its regal suede construction, this model makes you wonder if the success of the Owen could eventually snowball to where Supra signs athletes from sports outside their skateboarding core. In any case, you can check out more of these Pilots after the jump, then grab a pair straight from Supra.

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Supra Pilot “Ferdinand”

November 4th, 2012 by | No comments

supra pilot ferdinand 21 Supra Pilot Ferdinand

An upstart brand who has gained significant traction in the action sports world in just a short time, Supra now appears poised to throw the sneakerhead scene into a full on world war.  Ok, maybe we’re reading too far into the nickname for this new Supra Pilot ‘Ferdinand’, but if its classy build isn’t a reference to the Austrian Archduke whose assassination was the first hit on the World War I drum, then who/what?  Supra themselves call its black matte and patent leather combo “strikingly luxurious”, so whatever the theme, you’ve got another understated choice for the holiday season and it’s available straight from their e-store.

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Supra Pilot “Kona”

October 4th, 2012 by | No comments

supra pilot kona Supra Pilot Kona

Supra has seemed set on releasing new Pilot colorways toward the end of each season, but here’s a new effort that drops just inside the Holiday 2012 quarter.  This ‘Kona’ Supra Pilot apparently takes its name from one of the districts of Hawaii’s big island, though the royal blue mix of ballistic nylon and microfiber doesn’t scream “Aloha!”  Kidskin leather accents do finish these off with all the luxury you’d expect from a Hawaiian vacation, however, and you can see more of how they come together below before you hit up Supra direct.

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Supra Pilot “Camo”

August 8th, 2012 by | No comments

supra pilot camo 1 570x379 Supra Pilot Camo

Sneaker News’ most recent look at a new Supra Pilot release came on the first of this month as the classy ‘Napa’ edition arrived at select retailers.  This new style is a bit more direct in its theme, though ironically, that makes it more ‘obscure’ in a certain kind of way.  A reminder of just how many designs Brian Anderson’s bold 2006 Dunk High SB has influenced, these new Pilot hightops mix black and olive along with a unique four-color print on the ankle and blaze orange accents.  You’ll be able to see more photos when you click the jump below, and after you’ve let us know how these compare to the range of camouflage kicks we’ve seen this year, find yours directly at Supra.

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Supra Pilot “Napa”

August 1st, 2012 by | 1 comment

supra pilot napa 1 570x379 Supra Pilot Napa

The word ‘Napa’ connects with the winemaking valley of northern California and along with its immensely valuable export, the name denotes a certain subtle elegance.  That’s where the burgundy chambray sockliner makes this Supra Pilot such a success; they didn’t have to add the extra detail but it makes the shoe deeper and the nickname is spot-on.  It gives you a hint that the combination of white leather and Raptor TUF were carefully assembled atop the gum sole, a look that itself has aged so finely over time.  The Crown brand releases tons of subtitled sneakers and this is one of their upper-tier efforts, available directly from the Supra e-store.

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Supra Pilot ‘Utility’

May 20th, 2012 by | 1 comment

supra pilot utility 1 570x379 Supra Pilot Utility

Plenty of sneaker brands have tried workwear or otherwise blue collar-leaning colorways over the past couple years, and even though that connection is referenced in the Supra Pilot ’Utility’ nickname, the design (and previous explicit ‘Workwear’ drops from the Crown brand) require that we think another layer deeper to make sense of what’s going on here.  At first glance, this is just a tonal black shoe with a white sole, but a closer look reveals that a combination of rugged cotton twill and soft microfiber are not only providing depth of color.  There’s also a statement here on the kinds of materials that were once geared toward the average American workday (denim for hard labor) as compared to today’s decidedly more white-collar population (microfiber to clean your LCD or smartphone display).  Supra has subtly packed in a satisfyingly thoughtful theme into this unassuming hightop skate shoe, and you’ll find them available now directly from the source.

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Supra Pilot ‘Native’

May 11th, 2012 by | 5 comments

supra pilot native Supra Pilot Native

Supra has been giving nicknames to everything that’s come down their pike for the past year or so, but here’s a case where the moniker denotes more than just a vague concept or color scheme.  The Supra Pilot ’Native’ comes with an Atlanta Braves-like two-toned upper that’s made up of their new super-smooth Lux suede.  This material appears even less nappy than nubuck for an almost waxy appearance, while a woven texture on the white vulc sole beneath furthers the connection to the indigenous theme.  Check these out up close below, let us know how Lux suede compares to the various TUF textures and cop your ‘Native’ Pilots straight from Supra.

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