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SUPRA SKYTOP The Supra Skytop is one of the most popular models within the Supra catalog, its name indicating the extreme height of the sneaker. The style has been successful both as a skate shoe and as a lifestyle sneaker, thanks in part to the endless pack themed colorways produced for this model by the Supra team.

Supra ‘Cobalt Pack’

March 31st, 2012 by | 2 comments

supra cobalt pack skytop 1 570x379 Supra Cobalt Pack

Supra built their brand by pushing the boundaries of hightop sneaker design and now two of the standouts are poised to enter the market with about the simplest construction you could imagine.  And even with the Supra Society and original Skytop cast entirely in blue nylon with stripeless white soles, they manage to look perhaps even more striking than some of the more eccentric colorways.  This is the kind of shoe you can spot from a quarter-mile down the road, so while its on-paper description isn’t all that crazy, you’ll most definitely turn heads with a ‘Cobalt Pack’ purchase from Supra.

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Supra ‘Peeps Pack’

March 30th, 2012 by | 1 comment

supra skytop peeps pack 1 570x399 Supra Peeps Pack

Supra has utilized the calendar to flesh out many of its recent flurry of packed and otherwise themed sneaker releases, this latest one capitalizing on an event whose fluctuating date may have prevented a similar release last year.  But now that the Crown brand is firmly entrenched in contemporary sneaker marketing and nomenclature, the new Supra Skytop and Society Mid can have a moment in the sun with these bright yellow ‘Peeps Pack’ build.  Named after those marshmallow chicks that you can detonate with just a few quick seconds in the microwave, these yellow microfiber midtops nod toward the original Peeps color and are available now straight from Supra.

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Supra ‘Fishscale Pack’

March 22nd, 2012 by | 7 comments

supra fishscale pack 2 570x379 Supra Fishscale Pack

Seafaring sneaker themes have been growing in popularity with the success of models like CNCPTS’ stellar New Balance 999 ‘Kennedy’ and the general success of boat shoes (-inspired sneakers) in all corners of the fashion landscape.  Supra has dabbled in aquatic themes ranging from all-over nautical prints to esoteric references to specific salmon breeds, and now their most direct use of a Neptune muse to date.  The Supra Skytop ’Fishscale’ has a highly textured black leather build instead of the opalescent shades you might expect from the name, their aggressive scales the kind of thing that will catch your eye from afar and still have you staring up close trying to figure out exactly what you’re seeing.  More photos follow the jump below, and you can find the Supra ‘Fishscale Pack’ available now at Kith.

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Supra Hornet Pack

February 24th, 2012 by | 2 comments

supra skytop hornet 570x380 Supra Hornet Pack

Supra followed the rest of the industry when they started ‘packing up’ the majority of their new releases, but here’s a case where a colorway nickname totally took us by surprise with its finished product.  The Supra Skytop ’Hornet’ might have you calling to mind images of the Crown brand’s various ‘Aqua’ and ‘Grape’-styled designs from a couple years back, but what they actually managed to do here is put a refreshing twist on the classic Charlotte/Nawlins color scheme. Instead of going the early ’90s route or opting for the updated version with its yellows and blues, this design strips away everything but a couple teal accents on an otherwise stark white and black background. Alongside the Skytop is the Vaider and the Stacks, all of which can be attained straight from Supra.

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Supra ‘Stress Pack’

February 15th, 2012 by | No comments

supra skytop iii stress 1 570x380 Supra Stress Pack

Supra’s TUF materials are among the best when it comes to dealing with the inevitable abrasions associated with skateboarding, but they might have managed to create a pack that looks even tougher by eschewing that stuff altogether.  The Supra Skytop III ’Stress’ comes to us with a rugged black canvas construction whose heavy gauge weave is reminiscent of top-grade workwear.  They don’t give that overwhelming Carhartt feel because of the black tones in use instead of the typical browns, but these do indeed have the look of a garment you can rely upon for years and years.  A similarly constructed Skytop is also available now directly from Supra, and we’ve got more photos of both after the jump.

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Supra ‘Love Pack’

February 9th, 2012 by | 1 comment

supra love pack skytop 570x380 Supra Love Pack

If their Valentine’s Day 2012 output is any indication of things to come, be on the lookout for something like a hundred thousand color- and otherwise-themed packs from Supra this summer.  The Crown brand has been cranking up the holiday-style releases just like all the other brands, so going from a single release last year to now five this time around is the kind of thing that’ll have you expecting big things from their catalog as the year progresses.  Joining the ‘V-Day’ Vaiders and ‘Heartbreaker II’ Societys is a trio of red Satin TUF models including the brand’s foundational silhouette, the Supra Skytop.  There’s also a Society Mid and Cuttler Low so you have all the possible heights covered now; which one of Supra’s Valentine’s Day ’12 designs will be yours?  These three are all available now directly from Supra and you can see more images of each after the jump.

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Supra Skytop ‘Express TUF’ Pack

December 25th, 2011 by | 2 comments

supra skytop express tuf zu 9 Supra Skytop Express TUF Pack

Supra has made 2011 their ‘year of packs’, and back in early November, the Crown brand unleashed a duo of Supra Skytops in a material that named its drop.  The ‘Canvas TUF’ pack featured red and navy blue pairs riding white soles, constructed in the abrasion-resistant material that has come around again just in time for the holidays, only, under a different banner.  These new grey and black Skytops are said to come in ‘Express TUF’ as if that’s another application entirely, but a quick look at the website from the store to whom these new pairs or exclusives, reveals that they’d also given the ‘Express’ label to last month’s ‘Canvas’ pack.  So whether they’re exactly the same or a subtle variation, these simple yet satisfying Skytops are yours from the taking, and they’re avaialble exclusively at Zumiez.

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