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Supra Launches Women’s Footwear Line

July 9th, 2012 by | 2 comments

FA12 SUPRA Womens Skytop KerinRose Supra Launches Womens Footwear Line

Supra is without doubt the most successful new footwear brand of the past quarter-century, having launched back in 2006 and already risen to the heights of ‘major’ label status even as the recession pushed many transient names out of the streetwear market.  And while the Crown brand has attracted much attention from young women with their footwear on stars like Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne, they’re only now offering a full ladies footwear line featuring feminine colors and patterns.  The centerpiece is the A-Morir x Supra Skytop, the original flagship model worn by Jay-Z so many times in the early going, done in black and chrome sequins for a look not totally dissimilar from those pyramid stud glasses that won the net after Rihanna’s appearance in ‘Run this Town’.  Elsewhere, you’ll find glitter, foil, metallic and embroidered embellishments, so click through to see the whole set and hit up Supra for yours today.

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Supra Society “Wyland”

June 9th, 2012 by | 3 comments

supra society wyland 1 570x379 Supra Society Wyland

Just who the heck is this ‘Wyland’ fellow and what’s his goal here?  Is he an ’80s baby with a penchant for the vibrancy of golden era throwbacks, or is this new Supra hightop’s vibrant red sockliner really more of a ‘South Beach’ pink?  Does Wyland ride even exist, much less ride for the Crown brand in this new Supra Society?  Whatever the explanation behind the nickname on this latest Terry Kennedy hightop, the resulting black suede design looks great thanks to its select high-energy hits.  Check them out in some more photos after the jump below, then grab yours straight from Supra.

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Supra ‘Cobalt Pack’

March 31st, 2012 by | 2 comments

supra cobalt pack skytop 1 570x379 Supra Cobalt Pack

Supra built their brand by pushing the boundaries of hightop sneaker design and now two of the standouts are poised to enter the market with about the simplest construction you could imagine.  And even with the Supra Society and original Skytop cast entirely in blue nylon with stripeless white soles, they manage to look perhaps even more striking than some of the more eccentric colorways.  This is the kind of shoe you can spot from a quarter-mile down the road, so while its on-paper description isn’t all that crazy, you’ll most definitely turn heads with a ‘Cobalt Pack’ purchase from Supra.

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Supra Society Mid ‘Coho’

March 3rd, 2012 by | No comments

supra society coho 1 570x380 Supra Society Mid Coho

Supra’s colorway and pack inspirations are all over the place these days, and here’s one that’ll expose you the most popular sport fish in the US Pacific Northwest.  The Supra Society Mid ’Coho’ applies salmon pink accents to a black full grain leather upper for an upscale look that still has some youthful exuberance about it.  These come in at the top end of the Society pricing scale thanks to the premium materials; is their eye-catching twist on the familiar ‘bred’ Bulls look worthy of a chunk of your early spring sneaker budget?  Take a closer look after the jump and grab yours straight from Supra.

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Supra Society ‘Mag’

February 28th, 2012 by | No comments

supra society mag 1 570x380 Supra Society Mag

The latest round of Skytop IIIs paired a navy and red look with another opting for magenta and yellow in the same blocking pattern.  The first pair was a redux of the palette first seen on Terry Kennedy’s ‘Midnight’ Society, and now we see TK get the nickname once again with this new pair similar to that second Skytop 3.  The Supra Society ’Mag’ hints at its primary color, this pair managing to escape looking like an incomplete printer test page thanks to a totally white vulc sole that eschews Supra’s traditional two-striped appraoch.  Click through to see more of the Satin TUF setup and grab yours from Supra stockists including their own e-store.

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Supra Society Surplus

February 25th, 2012 by | No comments

supra society surplus 1 570x380 Supra Society Surplus

If Supra has a surplus of anything, it’s pack names, as we’ve seen the Crown brand come up with some nicknames of late that have been interesting, to say the least.  This latest release is a bit more direct, but still requires some background knowledge of military aesthetics and jargon for you to put together the theme.  The Supra Society ’Surplus’ was crafted in olive green ripstop canvas, the kind of rugged and earthy look you need when going into battle.  Ripstop lives up to its name when it’s exposed to tears and abrasions, so expect these to last you quite a bit longer than your average canvas skate sneaker.  Check them out up close after the jump and grab yours at Supra or one of their retailers.

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Supra Society ‘Midnight’

February 11th, 2012 by | 2 comments

supra society midnight 570x380 Supra Society Midnight

The Supra Society pictured above is a brand new combination of colors and materials, but we wouldn’t blame you for thinking it looks familiar.  More countries in the world use the red, white and blue trio than any other color combination, a third of the teams set to begin spring training for Major League Baseball share the same colors and we’re currently in the leap-month of an Olympic year where the host and the Games’ historically dominant nation both rock this familiar look.  How skateboarding has yet to earn a spot as an Olympic sport is mindboggling given the inclusion of events like ballroom dancing, rhythmic gymasics and snowboarding, but this almost USAB-style ‘Midnight’ Society gives you that five-rings look until the IOC recognizes what’s likely the most significant new sport to emerge in the past half-century.  Let us know how these compare to the litany of similarly colored kicks we’ve seen over the years, and grab your ‘Midnight’ Society straight from Supra.

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