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Supra ‘Fishscale Pack’

March 22nd, 2012 by | 7 comments

supra fishscale pack 2 570x379 Supra Fishscale Pack

Seafaring sneaker themes have been growing in popularity with the success of models like CNCPTS’ stellar New Balance 999 ‘Kennedy’ and the general success of boat shoes (-inspired sneakers) in all corners of the fashion landscape.  Supra has dabbled in aquatic themes ranging from all-over nautical prints to esoteric references to specific salmon breeds, and now their most direct use of a Neptune muse to date.  The Supra Skytop ’Fishscale’ has a highly textured black leather build instead of the opalescent shades you might expect from the name, their aggressive scales the kind of thing that will catch your eye from afar and still have you staring up close trying to figure out exactly what you’re seeing.  More photos follow the jump below, and you can find the Supra ‘Fishscale Pack’ available now at Kith.

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Supra Snowflake Pack

December 7th, 2011 by | 5 comments

supra snowflake pack Supra Snowflake Pack

You didn’t think Supra was going to let a major holiday pass by without dropping a pack of sneakers paying tribute, did you? Never ones to pass up the opportunity for a thematic tie in, the Crown brand is prepping the Snowflake pack pictured here. And just like the real thing, each one is unique-with the Supra Society, Supra Thunder, and Supra Skytop all being represented. The sneakers take the inspiration beyond the obvious graphical representations, with a warm wool construction that will keep you out of harm’s way in whatever winter wonderland you find yourself in this season. Stick with us after the jump to get a more detailed look and be on the lookout for these soon at Supra spots stateside. via Kinetics

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Supra Earth Pack

November 24th, 2011 by | No comments

supra earth pack 570x380 Supra Earth Pack

It’s expected that once the back to school season wraps up each August, we start to see a significant shift toward earthier and ‘warmer’ feeling colorways from all the major sneaker brands.  Earth tones see a marked increase as the vibrant summer shades enter hibernation, and the latest trio of releases from Supra does a great job of capturing the quintessential greyed-out organic look you’re so likely to see during the shorter days.  The Supra Earth Pack goes for the very most neutral colors possible, applying a trio of soft organic-looking colors to the Supra Thunder, Society Mid and Thunder Low.  Earthy dark brown, olive or acorn, the choice is yours now as these just popped up at select Supra dealers.

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Supra Work Collection

November 5th, 2011 by | 2 comments

supra work collection cuban 570x380 Supra Work Collection

Supra is known for connecting rugged skate-ready technology with bold rockstar looks, so the theme behind this latest trio of releases is something of a departure.  With the Supra Work Collection, the idea is to cast three of the crown brand’s regulars in heavy-duty twill to connect with the rich legacy of manual labor that’s slowly dwindling away in our service-oriented economy.  The Supra Cubans come in khaki, Thunder highs in black and Thunder Lows in navy; which one would be better for a long day at work grinding and sliding?  Check out images of all three pairs after the jump and then look for yours at select Supra retailers.

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Supra Swamp Pack

October 22nd, 2011 by | No comments

surpa swamp pack skytop 570x380 Supra Swamp Pack

Owing at least in part to the popularity of the Air Jordan Legacy and MJ’s loyalty to the University of Carolina, soft blue shades have been common on all kinds of sneakers for quite a while.  It’s easy to push these muted blues toward pastel or make them metallic the greyer they look, but considerably more rare to see the same attention given to equally capable shades of green.  So if you like the look of sage but don’t want the saturation of a mint green, Supra has a new swamp thing we think you’ll love for sure.  The Supra Swamp Pack is an icky name to apply to such a smooth trio of green gunny TUF’d and burgundy accented hightops.  The Supra Society, Sktyop and Thunder all look to be in peak condition and you’ll be able to get one or all three right now straight from Supra.

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Supra Reed Pack

October 21st, 2011 by | No comments

supra reed pack skytop 570x380 Supra Reed Pack

Recent drops suggested Supra was moving toward celebrating their riders with new release packs instead of the color themes that dominated the summer months, but here’s a new trio from the crown brand that suggests either option is just a release announcement away.  The Supra Reed Pack doesn’t seem to be a shoutout to the woodwind family of instruments, but then again, it doesn’t really resemble papyrus or any other reed, for that matter.  But just as was the case with the recent ‘Stealth Pack’, this thematic vagueness doesn’t detract from the rich burgundy satin TUF design applied to the Supra Skytop and Thunders in both Low and High.  Look at them more closely after the jump and look for them at your local Supra dealer.

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Supra Luggage Pack

September 14th, 2011 by | 2 comments

supra luggage pack thunder lo 570x380 Supra Luggage Pack

The way Supra’s been packing things up in over the past few months, a luggage-inspired trio seems only right.  The Supra Luggage Pack takes on the look of well-worn fine baggage thanks to a process whereby golden leather is randomly treated to scuffing from a buffing wheel.  These Supra Henry boots and Thunder highs and lows are still soft and supple, but have the appearance of being quite beaten up and would likely be best worn with a pair of pristine jeans so as to maximize the effect.  Another solid set or should the crown brand pack it in with their new release strategy?  Have a look for yourself after the jump, let us know what you think and check these out at your local Supra retailer.

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