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Vans LXVI Stat

September 8th, 2012 by | 1 comment

vans lxvi stat Vans LXVI Stat

The Vans LXVI collection continues to be the counterpart to their classic skate styles, serving up silos still centered around their action sports beginnings that offer some more contemporary construction (think of it kinda like the Hyperfuse upgrades going on in Beaverton). The newest sneaker to fall under the designation is the Vans LXVI Stat, a design that sports a smooth nubuck upper with some ballistic mesh crammed in there for padding purposes. Stay with us after the jump to check out all four colorways of the Vans LXVI Stat that are in the works and let us know how you feel about ‘em in the comments below. Also be advised that this Vans LXVI style will drop first at Foot Locker for mid-September with a wider release going down in October.

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Vans LXVI Secant

July 1st, 2012 by | No comments

vans lxvi secant Vans LXVI Secant

Names like ‘Graph’ and ‘Variable’ clue you in to the technical orientation of the Vans LXVI collection, so that must mean that Off the Wall is trying to tell us that this latest design has two points of correspondence to the Off the Wall legacy.  The Vans Secant is the only midtop silhouette from the set, a reminder that Vans was cranking out chukka boot/sneakers with regularity before most other brands enthusiastically embraced the now massive lifestyle market.  And as for that second intersection, there’s a bit of Authentic/Era here as well courtesy of a Oxford-like toe, which finds itself, in turn, covered by the mid panel that gives this model its signature chukka shape.  Click through to see a few other colorways, let us know how these compare to the classics upon which they’ve borrowed and grab yours today straight from Vans.

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Vans LXVI Graph

June 30th, 2012 by | 4 comments

vans lxvi graph Vans LXVI Graph

You’re looking at the lightest Vans shoe ever.  A part of the just-launched LXVI collection commemorating forty-six years since the Van Doren brothers crafted their first Authentics, the Vans Graph comes through to turn that ‘standard’ plimsoll construction on its ear.  A RapidWeld project free of unnecessary stitching, the LXVI Graph has all the benefits of the series including the ActionFit footbed and UltraCush Lite foams, but it’s the PleasureCuff collar that connects these to the classic Era in much the same way that model upgraded the Authentic’s ankle.  Check out the first colorways in greater detail below then grab yours straight from Vans.

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Vans LXVI Variable

June 30th, 2012 by | No comments

vansl lxvi variable Vans LXVI Variable

Vans says their new “Graph blends our classic Era design language with cutting edge construction techniques & modern materials,” though some sneakerheads have noted it might be closer to an Era x Old Skool hybrid.  That assertion has even more credence when you examine how the classic Era plimsoll look has been applied to this fellow LXVI design to an even greater degree.  In fact, the tagline for the new Vans Variable is ‘Modernized Era styling,’ a reference to the fact that this relatively traditional LXVI build is in fact the closest thing to a classic Off the Wall design that we’ve seen from this new tech-oriented capsule.  The Variable’s split rear means we can suggest even more color and material combinations than classic CVOs like the Era, so click through to see what’s in store and grab yours straight from Vans.

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Vans LXVI – Teaser

June 26th, 2012 by | 3 comments

vans lxvi teaser 6 Vans LXVI   Teaser

The brand that set the world on fire with the original ‘action sports’ sneaker gears up for the launch of Vans LXVI forty-six years after Vans brought us ‘Off The Wall’ i 1966. With the active lifestyle of actions sports in mind, the Vans LXVI reworks its classics by focusing on comfort, flexibility, and reduced weight while keeping the original Vans heritage alive. The global launch of the Vans LXVI is this Thursday, June 28th, and just like you, we have to wait patiently because the special Vans LXVI box package is secured by a combination lock (we don’t even know the code yet).Stay tuned to Sneaker News for the official launch on this momentous release, and let us know what you think Vans has in store for us!

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