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What Do You Think?: SB Dunk Classics Re-releasing in Different Form

December 12th, 2013 by | 22 comments

nike sb dunk high tiffany What Do You Think?: SB Dunk Classics Re releasing in Different Form

We can’t recall the number of instances we’ve reverently looked back at the history of the Nike SB Dunk and the unorthodox path of travel it took to the status of legends. The shoes acted more like wearable pieces of art that the Nike team riders, skateshops, and artists got to go all out on, utilizing colors and materials that no other shoe at the time even thought of employing. The first two seasons of Dunk drops definitely hold that hero status for being the first of the wave, but it was the silver and pink-box era that really stepped it up in terms of creativity. Shoes like Diamond Supply Co.’s Dunk Lows, the UNKLE high-tops, the Jedis, and the like represent that sick time of SB dominance, but they were treasured more for their probable “one and done” release which made them true collectors items. Recent developments have a high-top version of the aforementioned Diamond Supply Co. Dunk pegged as a future release, and the response has been rather mixed for a number of reasons.

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What Do You Think?: Nike Basketball Revisits “Miami Nights”

November 12th, 2013 by | 18 comments

miami nights nike lebrons What Do You Think?: Nike Basketball Revisits Miami Nights

This morning, Nike officially unveiled two upcoming colorways for the Nike LeBron XI, both of them sporting geographic nicknames derived from LeBron’s personal history. Included in the twosome was the Nike LeBron XI “Miami Nights” – a slick Black/Pink/Grey colorway that had been making its rounds on the web as the “Carbon Fiber” edition. If you’re at all familiar with LeBron James’ signature line, you’re well aware that the “Miami Nights” theme made its debut back in 2011 on the Nike LeBron 9, drawing on the highly-touted nightlife scene and the colors that represented the vibe. The Nike LeBron 11 “Miami Nights” encircles the same exact concept from two years ago – pink flash accents, backstory, and all. In the age of sneaker nicknames, Nike has been rock solid with creating new and fresh concepts, which makes this Miami Nights “recycling” of sorts something of a head-scratcher.

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What Do You Think?: Air Jordan III “Black/Cement” Retro with Nike Air

October 2nd, 2013 by | 56 comments

black cement jordan 3 nike air What Do You Think?: Air Jordan III Black/Cement Retro with Nike Air

Jordan Brand defied all expectations in 2013 with the introduction of the Air Jordan III ’88, a retro release that at last brought the “Nike Air” branding back to that particular silhouette in its white/cement colorway. There had been retro models sporting that crucial detail a couple of times before, but they had been cut short as of 2001 and presumably tucked away for good. Now that Jordan Brand has been back to that well, even doing so to a much greater extent with this year’s lineup of Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG colorways, how far will they go? Is there another Air Jordan III ’88 release on the way? And would you approve of that heralded shoe coming back with the “Nike Air” in place where we’ve grown so accustomed to the Jumpman?

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What Do You Think?: Transplanting Classic Colorways from Air Force 1 to Dunk

September 5th, 2013 by | 13 comments

nike dunk air force 1 what do you think What Do You Think?: Transplanting Classic Colorways from Air Force 1 to Dunk

The golden age of sneaker colorways on retro models came during the early 2000s when Nike’s two 80′s born silhouettes (the Air Force 1 and Dunk) were the undisputed champs of the sneaker game. The Air Force 1 Low in particular owns a bulk of the credit for sparking the collector craze, giving the Dunk (in Pro and SB form) the opportunity to create a string of inspired colorways on its own. Interestingly enough, the Dunk and the Air Force 1 Low never really crossed paths, but rather ascended on parallel routes as the Air Force 1 was more “street” while the Dunk was more “skate”; that explains the strange tendency of sticking with one or another, although there are plenty out there that showed both models some love.

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What Do You Think?: Rising Prices of Sneakers

April 25th, 2013 by | 72 comments

rising prices of sneakers What Do You Think?: Rising Prices of Sneakers

It’s tough being a sneakerhead these days. So many great sneakers release every weekend, but the issue at hand isn’t the overwhelming variety of available options, but the rising costs that have steadily risen over the last few years. Obviously, inflation plays a role in the economy as a whole, but these rising costs of what are generally “unessential” purchases have us thinking about the future of sneaker commerce and the direction of the “sneakerhead” movement as a whole. Will sneaker prices continue to rise? Read on below for tonight’s “What Do You Think” discussion topic and leave your opinions.

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What Do You Think?: Random Restocks

April 11th, 2013 by | 156 comments

what do you think random restock What Do You Think?: Random Restocks

Last night’s unannounced Nikestore restock of Corks, Retro ’88s, and anything else notable that had a 2013 release date was a pretty shocking move to say the least. We’ve already been hit with random restocks here and there, but none as heavy as what transpired yesterday, and thus far the public reaction has been a mixed bag of positive, negative, and neutral reviews (okay, mostly negative). Most of the consumers that speak ill of Nike’s Twitter release system are the ones that aren’t regular Tweeters and only created accounts for the sake of striking gold during the “Twitter Links” in the first place, so we already know what side they stand on. But for the regular community members that lucked out on the restock, it sorta rewinds back to the day when hot sneakers didn’t have firm release dates and shoes you mightily coveted just fell on your lap.

While these restocks have no rhyme or reason to when they go down, and actual release dates are probably the safest guidelines to abide by, these random restocks certainly help the cause against “Twitter bots” that attempt to stockpile RSVPs since there is no set time and date for these bots to do their damage. It seems like these events are becoming a bit more common, with the “Area 72″ Barkley Posites, random Air Jordan Retros, and other notable sneakers all going back up for sale after their assigned release dates. Are these random restocks something that you would embrace? Does it make you feel a bit more relaxed during those feverish Twitter DM sessions knowing that a second chance is potentially on the way? Let’s get the discussion going on tonight’s “What Do You Think?” topic and vote in the poll below.

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What Do You Think?: The Next Signature Basketball Athlete

March 28th, 2013 by | 16 comments

sig shoe what do you think What Do You Think?: The Next Signature Basketball Athlete

Take a look at the NBA players that have signature shoes today and it’s clear that being a signature athlete requires the perfect alignment of skill, charisma, sheer location of employment, and a few other things that make a human into a superstar. LeBron, Kobe, Melo, CP3, Wade, and D-Rose all play in major markets where the opportunity for extensive media coverage is all but guaranteed, with Kevin Durant being the one industry anomaly of being a highly successful signature athlete playing in a small-market city; this seems like a healthy list that should hold us down for a few years, but being content only means one thing – ┬áthere is room for more.

The landscape of sneaker brands is unique in that some of these labels have become flexible with who they choose to represent their brands on that “face of the brand” tier.┬áTake up-and-coming Under Armour for example; their lone signature athlete is Brandon Jennings, but with DeAndre Jordan playing in a huge market and his insane dunk placing some added spice to his shoes, the neophytic UA label has experienced some added exposure as the prime “indie” brand. While the responsbility that comes with being a signature athlete is something that can be compromised, Nike, Jordan Brand, adidas, Li-Ning, and Under Armour – the major brands in the basketball category – all have the room to fit in a new guy on the team.

But is it even time to welcome a new name to the sneaker industry? There’s no doubt that player names play a large part in shaping consumer tendencies, and with Kobe Bryant nearing retirement every passing year, LeBron well on his way to signature shoe history for Nike, KD well-ingrained in the Nike’s historical fibers, and D-Rose sitting prettily with a life-time contract, it’s a ripe-enough time for a fresh name to be thrown into the mix. Each brand across the board has a select group of athletes to represent their non-signature models, but is anyone ready to step up? We’ve narrowed down a list of the top candidates that may be worthy of sig-shoe distinction, so check out our list below and chime in with your opinions on this latest installment of What Do You Think?.

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