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The 1-of-1 Air Jordan XX3 “28 Days Of Flight” is on eBay

April 30th, 2014 by | 2 comments

air jordan xx3 28 days of flight on ebay The 1 of 1 Air Jordan XX3 28 Days Of Flight is on eBay

The Air Jordan XX3 hasn’t really gotten a retro yet, but there have been some pairs produced beyond the original run that hit in 2008. This pair from the nearly month-long “28 Days of Flight” series was one of the more recent ones, and features a black/electric green colorway that would eventually link up with that debut Jordan XX8 pair. They’re a one of one too, so the pair you’re looking at was either won by someone in that contest or passed through a couple of hands from that winner to this seller. See them in better detail after the click and then bid on them yourself from supsneaker on eBay.

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Air Jordan XIII #XX8DaysofFlight Winner to Auction his Pair for Charity

May 16th, 2013 by | 7 comments

air jordan xiii 28 days of flight charity Air Jordan XIII #XX8DaysofFlight Winner to Auction his Pair for Charity

So we’ve seen a few of the Air Jordan #XX8DaysofFlight hit eBay already, with lucky winners looking to flip their fortunes into some good green. Can’t really blame ‘em, considering the value of each Retro can’t really be determined except for the fact that the one-of-one status should garner some high bids, but Franaldo Hanna (@throwuponyaself), who was the recipient of the Air Jordan XIII, is hoping his auction goes for a high price because he’s donating all of the proceeds directly to charity (specifically, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital). The shoes itself are up for display at Sneakerology in East Hampton in Long Island, NY if you’re in the area and want to lay your eyes on true one-of-ones!  This is about the best example of “pay it forward” we’ve seen in recent sneaker news, so check out the gallery of the Air Jordan XIII #XX8DaysofFlight below and get in on the charity auction right now from native2skills on eBay.

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Air Jordan 2012 “XX8 Days of Flight” on eBay

May 2nd, 2013 by | 3 comments

air jordan 2012 28 days of flight Air Jordan 2012 XX8 Days of Flight on eBay

The next Air Jordan #XX8DaysofFlight Promo pair to go up for grabs is the Air Jordan 2012 – the most recent Air Jordan model prior to the Air Jordan XX8. The “zoot suit” inspired Air Jordan 2012 might have been one of the worst performing Air Jordan shoes at retail, but the sneaker was incredibly comfortable and allowed for six different styles of comfort thanks to the interchangeable cushioning system. Any predictions as to which #XX8DaysofFlight model is going to hit eBay next? Give us your guesses and see the full listing for the Air Jordan 2012 from turbogroves on eBay.

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Air Jordan XI “XX8 Days of Flight” – Available on eBay

April 24th, 2013 by | 64 comments

air jordan xi xx8 days of flight available on ebay Air Jordan XI XX8 Days of Flight – Available on eBay

It looks like the crown jewel of the Air Jordan “XX8 Days of Flight” collection has made its way to the secondary market. That’s right, the Instagram user who was lucky enough to win the Air Jordan XI “XX8 Days of Flight” has decided to cash out on his one-of-one pair rather than keep them around. The starting bid is pretty gigantic-understandably so given the price precedent set by the likes of the Air Jordan XI “Blackout”. Continue reading to see a full gallery of photos for the Air Jordan XI “XX8 Days of Flight” in black/electric green and tell us what you think of the auction from louisv20luis on eBay.

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Air Jordan II “XX8 Days of Flight”

April 17th, 2013 by | 11 comments

air jordan ii xx8 days of flight 11 Air Jordan II XX8 Days of Flight

We recently did a nice round-up of all the Air Jordan #XX8DaysofFlight Collection, and without surprise, one of the pairs already hit eBay. Considering the limited nature of these bad boys, we can sympathize with the winners because the decision to keep or sell is a rather tough one, but we can bet with confidence that more pairs will eventually go up for sale. Until that does, we have a nice detailed look at the Air Jordan II of the buzzing Black/Electric Green collection, and you’ll instantly notice that high-quality leather uppers that have been missing with the releases that have hit stores. Enjoy this exclusive gallery below and let us know if you think any of these #XX8DaysofFlight Retros are worth the high price that will be demanded. Many thanks to ImageNY.

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Air Jordan X “XX8 Days of Flight” – Available on eBay

April 16th, 2013 by | 16 comments

air jordan x xx8daysofflight available on ebay Air Jordan X XX8 Days of Flight   Available on eBay

Let’s be honest – it was only a matter of time before one of the twenty-seven Air Jordans of the supposed one-of-one Air Jordan “Black/Neon” Collection would go up for sale. After all, these are one of the rarest Air Jordans ever put out by the brand and certainly the first wide giveaways focusing on the social media phenomenon known as Instagram. First up for grabs is the Air Jordan X of the set from IGer kvaipa, although we hope his sky-high asking price is just to keep the listing up for display! We’ve got a detailed look below so give the photos a look and see the listing from tnitty31 on eBay.

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Air Jordan #XX8DaysOfFlight Winners

April 15th, 2013 by | 31 comments

air jordan xx8daysofflight winners Air Jordan #XX8DaysOfFlight Winners

It appears that the massive “XX8 Days of Flight” set of Air Jordans given away by Jordan Brand has finally begun to make its way into the hands of the winners. You’ll recall that entry involved snapping a pic of yourself on Instagram using #XX8DaysofFlight wearing the Air Jordan model corresponding to that day. The black and green sneakers have popped up across Instagram, as the lucky Air Jordan enthusiasts who received their pairs have been eager to show them off (and it looks like Jordan Brand unknowingly selected one user to receive two pairs). Now that the pairs are out there, it will be a test of will power to see who ends up keeping these one of a kind sneakers in their personal collection and who ends up taking the “other” route to cash out, although the 1-of-1 factor might be to tough to let go! Check out most of the Air Jordan “XX8 Days of Flight” pairs that have been doled out right after the jump and tell us in the comments which pair is your favorite.

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