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Air Jordan XX8 “Black/Neon Green” Collection

February 17th, 2013 by | 9 comments

air jordan xx8 black neon green collection2 Air Jordan XX8 Black/Neon Green Collection

The 28 days are up, which means we’ve arrived at the Air Jordan XX8, that brand new sneaker that had quite the successful launch at this weekend’s 2013 NBA All-Star celebration in Houston. Of course by now you’re familiar with more than just the black and green colorway thanks to our extensive coverage of the preview pairs that have popped up. Anyways, hit the jump with us to check out the Air Jordan XX8 in this familiar look (One which managed to sell out at quite a few outlets over the weekend) and tell us if you’re convinced that the sneaker is a proper successor to the Air Jordan lineage. Oh yeah, happy birthday Michael.

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Air Jordan 2011 “Black/Neon Green” Collection

February 15th, 2013 by | 3 comments

air jordan 2010 xx8 days of flight1 570x425 Air Jordan 2011 Black/Neon Green Collection

Is the Air Jordan 2011 the best entry into the post-23 lineup? It’s safe to say it’s the one that the public loved the most, whether it be for the more straightforward silhouette or the interchangeable midsole setup. The Air Jordan 2011 is reborn here as one of the tail-end models from the XX8DaysofFlight lineup with a clean black leather upper and bits of neon green slipped in on the icy outsole and the inside lining. Tell us in the comments if you think that the Air Jordan 2011 is the best Jordan Brand player shoe in recent memory and stay with us for the last two models in the Air Jordan ‘Black/Neon Green’ collection.

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Air Jordan 2010 “Black/Neon Green” Collection

February 14th, 2013 by | 6 comments

air jordan 2010 black neon green collection 570x424 Air Jordan 2010 Black/Neon Green Collection

Have you been Instagramming your daily Air Jordan wears for the #XX8DaysofFlight contest? You’ve only got a few days left before the collection wraps up and your chance to pick up one of the super rare pairs from the Air Jordan ‘Black/Neon Green’ pack is gone. Up next is the Air Jordan 2010 for this 25th day, a sneaker that lets the neon green innards shine quite a bit more thanks to the unique see-through window on the side. Continue reading for an extra image of the sneakers and let us know if the Air Jordan 2010 is a fond memory for you as far as more recent Air Jordan history goes.

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Air Jordan 2009 “Black/Neon Green” Collection

February 13th, 2013 by | 13 comments

air jordan 2009 xx8 days of flight 570x425 Air Jordan 2009 Black/Neon Green Collection

For the model following up the all important 23rd sneaker in the legacy lineup, the folks at Jordan Brand saw it fit to end the numbering system right there and switch to a yearly designation (A decision that has been overturned with this year’s Air Jordan XX8). Thus was born the Air Jordan 2009, a sleek model that integrated Articulated Propulsion technology for the sake of lateral responsiveness. Let us know what you think of this take on the sneaker for the Air Jordan ‘Black/Neon Green’ collection and stay tuned to Sneaker News for the upcoming culmination of the #XX8DaysofFlight lineup.

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Air Jordan XX3 “Black/Neon Green” Collection

February 12th, 2013 by | 17 comments

air jordan xx8 black neon green collection 570x425 Air Jordan XX3 Black/Neon Green Collection

The Air Jordan XX3 was a triumph of the modern era of player shoes from Jordan Brand. There was obviously a huge burden placed on the model thanks to the importance of the number 23, a burden that it managed to carry just fine thanks to the slick design that was oozing with details. The Air Jordan XX3 is brought back here for the about-to-conclude #XX8DaysofFlight series, in which each sneaker is paid homage to via the ‘Black/Neon Green’ Air Jordan collection. Continue reading for an alternate image of the shoe and reminisce with us in the comments below on the massive event that was the Air Jordan XX3.

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Air Jordan XX2 “Black/Neon Green” Collection

February 11th, 2013 by | 13 comments

air jordan xx2 black neon green collection 570x425 Air Jordan XX2 Black/Neon Green Collection

The final week of the #XX8DaysofFlight buildup is upon us, and the collection has now caught up to some of the more recent models in the post-Michael lineup. Today’s sneaker featured is the Air Jordan XX2, an angular design that ended up in a difficult spot preceding the all important 23rd silhouette from the legacy series. Check out how the Air Jordan XX2 looks with the combo of smooth black leather and a healthy dose of neon green for the lining and outsole, and let us know in the comments if this take on the pair has made you look at them at bit differently than on the first go-round.

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Air Jordan XX1 “Black/Neon Green” Collection

February 10th, 2013 by | 7 comments

air jordan xx1 xx8daysofflight Air Jordan XX1 Black/Neon Green Collection

Michael’s refined taste in vehicular transports shines through once again with the Air Jordan XX1, as the primary inspiration comes from the Bentley Continental GT Coupe. Aside from the visual breakthroughs that included the grille detailing, diamond-quilted lining, and fine leather and suede uppers, the Air Jordan XX1 debuts a tune-able cushioning system that allows one to switch between two different cushion options via a flippable pod at the heel. The Italian Red Suede would be the highlight of the Air Jordan XX1 chapter, but does the Black/Green version of #XX8DaysofFlight take the crown? More of the Jordan Brand #XX8DaysofFlight is just below.

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