NBA Feet: Dwyane Wade – Air Jordan 16.5 PE


On behalf of the Jordan Fundamentals Grant Program, Dwyane Wade popped into Miami Norland Senior High School on Wednesday to host the ‘Layups for Learning’ event.  Five lucky students got the opportunity to sink a shot in the paint and earn some grant cash for their school.  Wade spent his day doing his part for the community but still had plenty of energy left to show off his new Air Jordan 16.5 PEs against LeBron and the Cavaliers.

In these photos, we get a good sense of how perfect the nickname ‘Flash’ turns out to be when it’s united with the Heat’s red and yellow signature colours.  Wade will likely rock the Air Jordan 2010 when it releases right after we flip the calendar, but you can get some up-close looks at what’s likely to be a standby for the next month or so, thanks to detailed YahooSports photos after the jump.

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