Airwalk Prototype Collection – 600 + 540

When thinking of the skate culture of the early 90’s, one would reminisce about Airwalk, the skate-shoe brand that was a fashion staple among the younger generation of the time. The rejuvenated Airwalk Prototype Collection features insane design elements on the upper, using rubberized appliques on the heel and outrigger as well as use of interesting materials and graphics such as patent leather, safari-like print, and suede. Both the 600 and 540 model feature a high ankle cut but the 600 comes without the lace saver. For our younger readers, the Airwalk Prototype is actually a throwback to the brand’s late-80’s models that were truly ahead of its time. So what’s next? The Disaster, Velocity, or Enigma? The Prototype Series saw a super-limited re-release in 2009 but the entire Airwalk Prototype Collection is available now on Airwalk so continue reading for a look at all the colorways and models and let us know what you think.