Levi Maestro x Vans Vault Teaser

Levi Maestro X Vans Vault

Levi Maestro has created a name for himself on the net over the past couple years, starting off with a variety of insider looks at the world of fashion and sneakers, and now establishing himself to the point where he’s secured a collaboration with the world’s largest skate brand.  The Levi Maestro x Vans Vault teamup centers around a tonal black design pairing leather with a slanted suede toecap atop the classic Off the Wall waffle sole that looks like it could be a variation on an established lowtop chukka style like the Cuerpo, maybe a take on the veteran Old Skool lowtop, or perhaps something entirely new.  It’s tough to tell from the (likely strategized) camera angles you’ll see in the teaser video after the jump, but it also looks like they might have offset lacing to go with that toe, which would probably be enough to justify this as an entirely new model.  In either case, you can see more right now by clicking below, and be sure to stick with Sneaker News for breaking developments like the release date.

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