Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals JS Gorilla – Release Date

Jeremy Scott Adidas Originals Js Gorilla Release Date 04 570x380

For everyone out there saying Jeremy Scott couldn’t make a sneaker that wasn’t all-out wacky here you go: a pair that keeps the blocking simple with a blackout look. Did we mention it’s fuzzy and there’s a gorilla hanging off the top end? Ok we take it back, these aren’t exactly subdued what with King Kong hanging out of the tongue up there, but is a subdued sneaker really what you’re after from Mr. Scott? We didn’t think so. His latest beastly pair from the ongoing Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals team-up is almost here, with a Saturday, March 3rd release date. Stay with us after the jump to see the close up shots of this monkey business and let us know if you’ll be copping the adidas JS Gorilla from spots like Social Status this Saturday.

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