Converse Jack Purcell LTT Garment Dye

Converse Jack Purcell Ltt Garment Dye

The process of ‘garment dying’ involves fully dipping an item in pigment, which results in a rich product that’s predisposed to fading upon first wash.  But the Converse Jack Purcell Garment Dye probably won’t end up in your washer, this tomato red canvas lowtop far better suited to your summertime leisure activities and the inevitable ‘character’ they accrue along the way.  The initial drops a couple years back came in six different colors including a different shade of red, so we can only hope that a similar variety will follow these.  This is a perfect sneaker to make the point of wearing hard to give it a personalized look, and you’ll find more photos after the jump before you grab one at SNS.

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